Your Croatia holiday?
Go To Their Secret Spots

What secrets am I talking about? The spots that only Croatians know, but will happy to reveal to the rest of the world about.

It's Croatia that some people call the 'New Italian Riviera'. It's a country of unspoiled, still uncrowded beaches and islands and you could get there for a fraction of the cost of the Italian coast and the French Riviera.

But sometimes it isn't easy to find the best values of your new holiday destination. If you really want to get to the heart and soul of Hrvatska, and find the best deals for your holiday dollar or euro, I can help you make a wise decision. Start planning your trip !

That's me!

I was born in Split Dalmatia and who knows better than me, about this small, enchanting country of heartbreaking beautiful coastlines, stunningly clear, azure waters, and glorious Mediterranean climate.

What makes this country a wise holidays destination?  Why spend your vacation here? Here are my personal reasons why you should visit my home country!

Croatia is..................

  • It's still the Mediterranean as it used to be.

Boasting more than 1000 islands, Croatia’s Adriatic Sea offers majestic views and exciting sea adventures, including yacht cruising by way of the many rental locations available for adventurous tourists, water-skiing, scuba diving and more.

With uncrowded beaches, car-free islands, and off the beaten track adventures at your fingertips, this memorable adventure will live with you for a lifetime.

The best Croatia's beaches
  • The cities of an exciting mixture of cultures.

It's complex history has shaped the elements of medieval and Renaissance architecture. Along the coast the influence is predominantly Venetian, while in the north the style leans towards the baroque.

  • Simple, friendly and open-minded people.

"Nema problema" or "no problem" is the prevailing spirit which is part of the reason naturism took off here. Croats are friendly and the guest is always welcomed.

  • A typical genuine Mediterranean cuisine.

Foodies lovers will enjoy in typically Mediterranean cuisine offering  various types of fish, shells, crabs, octopus, squid, olives, olive oil and many more. And if you're a vegan, you won't be disappointed.

  • Quiet and safe destination.

Croatia prides itself on providing a welcoming environment, where tourists far and wide can visit and explore with no fear for their safety and security.

Whether you’re traveling with children or adults, there’s a beach for you to enjoy. If you’re anxious for solitude, rest assured any of the islands or mainland locations can provide that for you.

Experience the wonders of this beautiful small country. Feast like the locals. Immerse yourself in this magical land. Plan your trip to paradise today! You and your loved ones won’t regret it!

Contact me today and let’s plan a holiday you’ll not soon forget! I’m ready to answer all your questions from costs to questions regarding passports, accommodations for solo adventures or family fun in the sun, free city tours, public transportation, and more. I can help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

This small country is a perfect holiday destination, where nothing is missing, sea, mountains, art, friendly people and good food.

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