Complete Guide to Lubenice Beach on Cres Island, Croatia

lubenice beach Croatia travel guide

If you remember, I’ve mentioned Lubenice Beach while describing the beauties of Cres Island in Croatia’s Kvarner region. Read more about Croatia’s regions here. The official name of this beach is St. John (Sveti Ivan in Croatian), but it’s better known as Lubenice Beach, named after the ancient town nearby. Lubenice, which means “watermelons,” is … Read more

Pakleni Islands: Your Exotic Escape in Croatia

secluded cove on Pakleni Island

The Pakleni Islands, an archipelago of 16 islands, lie directly across from the town of Hvar, the capital of Hvar Island. The proper Croatian name for these islands is Paklinski Otoci. Some people refer to them as the “Hell Islands,” translating from the Croatian words “Pakao” (Hell) or “Paklen” (Hellish). However, this name doesn’t fit … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Croatia’s Five Regions

Regions of Croatia

Did you know that Croatia is divided into five separate regions? While most visitors know about the coastal areas, like the Istria peninsula, Kvarner with its islands, and the Dalmatian coast stretching from Zadar to Dubrovnik, there are other regions in Croatia’s interior that are worth talking about (and visiting). Today, I will share a … Read more

Lovran, Croatia Travel Guide: What to Do & See, Where to Stay and More

Lovran Croatia travel guide

Lovran is a small, beautiful old town in Croatia, situated south of Opatija. It’s also a popular tourist destination in the country. I believe it deserves a lot more attention than it’s currently getting – so here I am, ready to right the wrongs. We’ll learn everything about traveling to Lovran: top things to do … Read more

Map Of Kvarner, Croatia

map of Kvarner Croatia

I’m here to introduce you to the Kvarner region of Croatia by sharing some maps that will make it easier for you to navigate the Kvarner Bay in Croatia and plan your holiday – or trip to this region of the country. Kvarner is the huge gulf in the northern part of Croatia’s Adriatic coast, … Read more

Complete Ciovo Island Travel Guide (Best Beaches Included)

view of Ciovo Island from Trogir

Čiovo (pronounced Chyoh-voh) is a small, yet full-of-life island in central Dalmatia, seamlessly connected to the UNESCO-listed town of Trogir and its extremely popular tourist riviera. Often thought of as a peninsula due to its southern proximity to medieval Trogir and the fact that it’s linked by bridges, Čiovo is a gem that you have … Read more

Croatian Inventions that Changed the World

Croatian inventions that have changed the world

Croatia may be a small country, but it had a huge impact on the world thanks to some of the most important inventions that helped humankind. In today’s article, I will share the most important Croatian inventors (and their inventions) that have reshaped history For a quick and brief summary, here are some of the … Read more