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Sometimes writing about me is much more complicated than choosing the website concept. This particularly becomes more tricky with traveling websites where you have to create credibility in the context of travelers' trip planning convictions.

It's not always pleasant to write about yourself to so immense and unknown internet audience. It's something similar like checking a new book and the first thing is to read about the bio of the writer. 

Why should you trust to someone you don't even know? Who is the person behind this website? What makes Croatia a wise choice for your holidays? It's a quite normal approach that you want to know more about me and about  person whose site you are visiting, particularly if you are searching for important information.

Hi and welcome! My name is Pero Milos and I was born in Split, Croatia. Pero is a very common name in Croatia, particularly in Dalmatian region. Now I'm retired but traveling is and was not only my passion but it used to be  my profession. I have worked in the tourist business for more than thirty five years.

Later I started as a tour operator and a guide for other Mediterranean countries, above all, Italy (where I live today), Greece and Turkey (Istanbul town). I have dedicated almost four years guiding Egypt tours from Cairo to Aswan.

It looks like yesterday when I decided to become travel agent with only commitment, helping other travelers to make the wise decision for their holiday.

For years I was dreaming of creating a web site about this 'small country' and to give the right information about Croatia, a new independent state.

What's about? It's about the country where I was born and you are planning to visit. As simple as that! Nobody will be better guide to you when you decide to visit Croatia. It's a kind of independent online travel handbook to help you make the most of your trip to Croatia.

The first valid reason you should trust me, is my love for this country. The second one is my long experience in touring as a professional guide almost all regions of Croatia and other parts of what once was Ex-Yugoslavia.

Being passionate for traveling it is like leading a kind of nomadic life. I was always feeling as a cosmopolitan, easily adaptable and large-minded person.

I'm a Croatian by birth, born in Split Croatia, where I graduated from high school and at Zadar university I graduated in Italian and English language.

I got married in Belgrade where I lived almost fifteen years. After the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia and I moved to Italy in 1992, where I live now.

Wanna Know More About Me
And Croatiawise?

I don’t often talk about me on the net. I don’t like, as many website owners or bloggers do, going into my personal information about my life. I do love to share my own experiences and I hope you’ll find this website helpful.

It's not the first time I am writing about Croatia. In 2004 I was running a website about scuba diving and naturist (nudist) beaches in Croatia. Besides the one you are now, I have a website about Split Croatia.

The second one is Split Croatia My Personal Holiday Guide, about my home town. It is a town of my school days, from primary to high school, my first love. The first love never dies, says an old proverb.

Do You Want To Make A Travel
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Since I retired, it was time to connect my passion with business. My friends and family always asked me, is it possible to do it full time and how much effort I have to put into it in order to make it work.

Even in the case of previous website I was lucky to came across a company by the name of SiteSell. It is one of the rare companies offering me, not only the tool I needed to build a site, but what's more important an priceless educational process to build a profitable business.  


If you are interested I highly recommend to start with them. Click here to learn more about SiteSell. I'm sure you will be grateful for this advise like tens of thousands users of this program.

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Please feel free to contact me in case you have any question about me.I'll be glad to answer you.

The best way to drop me a line is using contact me page. Anyway, thanks for visiting my website and if you like you can join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google + pages.

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