Accommodation in Croatia

Usually after deciding how to get to Croatia, finding a right accommodation in Croatia, will be your second important problem to solve.

From my own long experience, if we talk about hospitality in Croatia, in general we talk about good welcoming spirit, not about super starry luxury hotels. In spite of all, Croatia offers a stylish suggestions, sometimes reaching levels of absolute quality and prestige.

With my  help you'll find various types of Croatia accommodation  - hotels, villas, private accommodation, hostels, campsites...even lighthouses!

Hotel Accommodation In Croatia

Hotels in Croatia are classified into categories from one to five stars. Bad hotels in Croatia are really very rare and I would say one star hotel category don't even exist.

If you are looking for the most reliable hotels than 3-star hotels are are the most numerous (often privately owned)  offering many services needed for your pleasant stay.

In the recent years Croatia offers a large number of 4-5-stars hotels, some of them very luxurious ones. You don't have to be a millionaire to afford the very deluxe accommodation and sometimes at a very affordable prices. Here is my list of the 10 best hotels in Croatia. Read more.

Private Accommodation in Croatia

Croatia has a very long tradition in this type of accommodation. Staying in private accommodation is a unique experience to enjoy Croatian traditional hospitality offering a good value  for money.

From my experience , the most popular accommodations are private apartments, private rooms and villas, especially along the Croatian coast. Sometimes in high season (mid July and mid August) can be the only available lodging you can find if you decide to go in this period without prior reservation. Read more!

Croatia All-Inclusive Resorts

Knowing what you’re spending before you go, all-inclusive resorts are the perfect choice when planning your holidays in Croatia. Along the coast there are a lot of resorts offering comfortable accommodation, activities, food and beverages.

These resorts are particularly welcomed among families with children as all-inclusive package holidays include various facilities and entertainment to keep the adults and children busy. Read more!

Hostel Accommodation In Croatia

There are not many so called 'official' youth hostels in Croatia, but in past years on the Croatian tourist scene have appeared a large number of private hostels.

Particularly, some top destinations as Split Croatia offers great number of hostels as a friendly budget accommodation, suitable for young people, backpackers and also for tourists of all ages. Read more!

Camping accommodation

It's a very popular accommodation in Croatia. There are a great number of camp sites spotted along the Croatian coast. Istria region is particularly rich with camping sites of all sizes and kinds. Read more here! - the largest nudist personals site! - the largest nudist personals site!

Along the coast there are also many nudist camping sites (marked FKK) and those in Istria  are among the best because of their sheltered positions ensure peace and quiet.

Croatian Lighthouses Accommodation

If you have ever dreamed about owning your own castle - like accommodation, this may be your chance. Croatian lighthouses on the Croatian islands and promontories are special places for a unique holiday. Book here your Robinson Crusoe holidays!

Crusoe Lighthouse Grebeni (Reefs) Dubrovnik

If you are ready for something completely different, take the opportunity to run away from stressful everyday life in oasis of the peace and quite where it seams like the time has stopped. Chose one from 12 most beautiful lighthouses along the Adriatic coast!

Choose a lighthouse in the vicinity of tourist centers or a lighthouse in the open sea as your own "paradise" far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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