Top 8 Summer Destinations in Croatia for 2024 [Hidden Gems]

best summer destinations in Croatia this year

Croatia is more than Dubrovnik, and today I want to share the top 8 hidden gems in the country – destinations you should definitely put on your “to visit” list if you’re planning a summer holiday here. Croatia has so many amazing spots to offer that you could literally be exploring the country for years … Read more

Best All Inclusive Resorts in Croatia for Summer 2024

best all inclusive resorts in Croatia

The quality of the all inclusive resorts in Croatia is on par to what you can expect in premium destinations like Turkey, Egypt or the Dominican Republic, but usually at a better price/quality ratio. In 2024, with prices being at all time highs all over the world, we need them to be affordable, as well … Read more

Travel Guide to Ugljan Island, Croatia: Beaches, Things to Do & More

Ugljan island view from Zadar

Did you know that Ugljan Island is known as The Green Island, but it actually has 80 kilometers of spectacular sandy beaches? You know now, so if you are planning to visit Northern Dalmatia, Ugljan Island is the perfect destination for a memorable summer getaway. Nestled within the Zadar archipelago and directly across the popular … Read more

Guide to Milna and Dubovica Beaches in Hvar, Croatia

Milna to Dubovica Beach on Hvar Island

Milna and Dubovica are two small villages on the Southern side of Hvar Island, Croatia. And today, I want to talk more in-depth about the beautiful beaches between these two villages. The truth is that you will encounter a range of several beautiful pebble beaches in and between Milna and Dubovica, for a perfect day … Read more

Croatia Island Hopping Itinerary 10 Days – Starting from Split

Croatia Island Hopping Itinerary

There are over 1,000 islands in Croatia, with just 47 of them inhabited full time. This means that we have plenty of hidden gems and amazing islands and islets to visit – and this is what we’re talking about today. This is the best island hopping itinerary for Croatia. Spanning over a period of 10 … Read more

Tipping in Croatia: Who and How Much to Tip

tipping etiquette in Croatia

If you are wondering how to tip in Croatia – especially who should you tip and who shouldn’t be tipped, as well as how much to actually tip, you’re at the right place! This is what we’re going to talk about in today’s article. Croatia is a country where tourism pays an important role in … Read more