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Bol Croatia is a small town located on the southern side of the island of Brac, facing the island of Hvar on the other side. It would be like many towns on the Croatia's islands, if it doesn't have something that makes it one of the most attractive destinations.

You are wrong if you assume that you will find, a kind of city walls or the palace from the the Roman period, or fascinating cathedral, none of that. It's just a beach but not any kind of beach.

Simply, it's the most beautiful pebble beach in Croatia, a top star in all those 'Visit Croatia' posters. It's name is Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) or Golden Horn.

Discover Zlatni rat near Bol Croatia

It's created by a deposition of fine golden pebbles around the underwater reefs extending like a tongue, up to 500 m into the sea. This beach is almost 800 meters. The very top of the beach, under the influence of winds, waves and sea currents, constantly changes its shape making it different every time.

The area of the beach  is protected natural area, a favorite place of wind-surfers and kite-surfers from around the world. The beach is only 2 km from Bol town. The beach can be reached by car or on foot (a pleasant 20 minute walk along the sea).

In summer every half hour to the beach drives a small tourist train and tourist boats that depart from the port of Bol.

Paradise Beach Villa Retreat

Beachfront Stone Villa Nestled Among Vineyards

Are you looking for a paradise beach retreat is historic Adriatic cliff-top stone villa above spectacular beach, than this one is for you.

Perfect if you like to enjoy empty 100m beach and holiday without crowds.

Bol Croatia - Active holidays destination

If you decided to spend active holidays in Croatia, this town is an ideal destination for you. All lovers of active holidays will find something for themselves here.

This destination is particularly attractive for windsurfing  enthusiasts as it's recognized as one of the most attractive surf destinations in Croatia, where every year in May, they can take a part in world competition in freestyle. Find out all things to do on Brac island!

If you are a diver, or you want to learn something about this sport, you will again find very quality offers here. More details about services that you can find, check my partner diving center Big blue club in Bol town, for more details. They organize very interesting diving holiday packages.

Tennis fans will be delighted with 20 earthy tennis-courts, which they can rent with coaches, and they can also enjoy in tennis tournament Bol ladies open, which is taking part here every year. Read this article about Bol Open 'WTA is coming back to Croatia after 10 years'.

Tennis in Bol Croatia got a great encouragement after Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon in 2001. Goran has chosen Bol Croatia for his summer home. Thanks to him and his investments Bol has become a popular headquarters not only of tennis in Croatia but also all over the world.

Cycling fans, can easily rent a bike or to take a part in organized cycling tours on Brac island. Mountain biking from Bol all over the island Brac in Croatia is an unforgettable experience.

Bike through the hundred year old olive groves, wine yards and thick pine woods all the way to to the highest peak of all Adriatic islands, Vidova gora. If you want to start your biking tour from Bol, contact Big Blue Sport.

Climbers and heights admirers will find great spots for climbing, marked paths for walking and jogging on Vidova gora (780m), mountain above the town.

Of course I haven't forgotten some other sea water sports, particularly fascinating sea kayaking as the best way to experience the island, exploring hidden bays, beaches and small picturesque villages. Contact agency Big Blue Sport to book your kayak tour.   

Bol Croatia Town And Nearby Places Attractions

Dominican monastery is a well worth place to visit situated at the edge of the village that houses a treasure of paintings and old church relics.

The greatest attention in the valuable monastery's gallery paintings  is the Tintoretto's altar painting of Madonna with Child and Saints.

Bol Monastery from 15th century!
Tintoretto's painting of Madonna with Child and Saints

Don't miss the museum in the monastery that contains collection of prehistoric items, numismatic collection, collection of underwater archeology.

If you enjoy climbing, take a day excursion to Vidova gora (780m), mountain above Bol. Climbing to the highest peaks in the Dalmatian Islands, enjoy the unforgettable view to the town and to the famous Golden Cape beach. Don't forget to bring sufficient supplies of water with you.

During you stay in Bol there are some interesting nearby places to visit. The first one, only 5 km from Bol on the west immediately above Murvica bay is Drakonjina Spilja (Dragon’s Cave).

It’s called so because of the mysterious relief of a dragon found inside. The dragon was carved by unknown monk in the 15th century, when the monks lived and even built a chapel there.

Another place 20 km from Bol (near Sumartin ferry port), it's worth visiting a small village Selca. It’s well known that Brac island stone quarries are the symbol of the island.

Visiting a small village Selca, you can see quarry-men at work. It’s the same place where Romans extracted stone blocks for Diocletian palace construction.

From here Romans loaded the solid blocks onto ships at the port of Pucisca to be transported to Split port.

Discover all the secrets of culture, food and art on Brac island, in a small group tour led by an expert local guide. You will enjoy wonderful island surroundings and hidden old villages recognizable by small stone houses and white roofs. Get inside tips from locals during the walk in Skrip and Donji Humac.

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Weather in Bol Croatia

Weather in Bol is typical Mediterranean with mild winter and not too hot summers. Bol is just a half way between the equator and the North pole which makes this it the most ideal spot with excellent weather conditions. Bol boasts the average annual temperature of 15° C and 25°C summer average.

Thanks to daily maestral (mistral) wind blowing in summer, Bol is not so hot place during the summer nights. This gentle breeze coming from the sea, regularly freshens up the hot summer nights.

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