Brac Island Apartments

There are many reasons why I recommend Brac island apartments rental if you are planning your holidays on this Croatian island. Without doubt, the first reason is its proximity to the mainland and Split Croatia as the main starting point.

The second reason lies in Croatian long experience in renting out rooms and apartments and amazing selection of all types from apartments, villas or guest houses. You'll have more space than in a hotel room making it an unbeatable choice for families.

Next but not less important reason is how to save money on accommodation. Hiring  an apartment on Brac island will cost you less than for example, renting two hotel rooms.

From my thirty years of experience as a travel agent, keep in mind when booking this type of accommodation that the owners of private accommodation in Croatia are willing to lower the price the longer you stay (not less than five nights). On contrary, many will impose a 30% surcharge on short stays. The longer you stay, the less you'll pay.

Hospitality and simplicity of the local people will be the trilling experience of any visitor. Don’t worry about the language barrier, because the most, especially younger apartments or villas owners speak good English, German and Italian.

How To Book Brac Island

There are plenty of websites available for making apartments or villas reservations. I personally always book through, because I trust it with my money. I'm sure you're wondering, why a visitor would book through them and why not elsewhere?

Let’s go over some beneficial features others may have just missed.

  • This super safe booking site offers free cancellations on most rooms. That’s a great benefit, essentially giving you greater options when it comes to any last-minute changes.
  • This booking website offer a small but growing number of hotels, that will guarantee your reservation without a credit card.
  • Prices offered on this booking website are quite competitive and you’ll often find little markup compared to prices by your hotel/apartment when booking directly.
  • With reviews from real users, you’ll get a better idea of the property, instead of relying on the property own general description.
  • To make things easier for users, they offer its own mobile app, for an easier way to search, book, and keep yourself updated on your booked accommodation.

Brac Island Apartments Map

When planning your holidays on Brac island,  you shouldn't  ignore the fact how you are getting on the island.  This primarily refers to those getting to Brac by car and less to so-called foot visitors. Only few visitors consider to get to the island by plane (Only from Zagreb by Croatia Airline).

The fact that Brac island is reachable only by two ferry car connections, the shortest one from Split to Supetar  and alternative from Makarska to Sumartin, renting an apartment to Bol or Milna, means you will have another 35 km from Supetar to Bol and 20 km to Milna. In any case, Brac island is covered by excellent bus line network.

On the above map you can see that the northern side of Brac island (the part facing the Split coast line) is more populated with Supetar as the island capital.

From the west of Supetar there are popular destinations like Mirca and Sutivan, while from the east you can see settlements like Splitska, Postira, Pucisce and Povlja.

Milna is a beautiful old Mediterranean village located on the west side of Brac island, while the small village Sumartin will be your first contact with eastern Brac island coast, coming from Makarska.

On the southern part of the island (the part facing the Hvar island), Bol town is the most visited part of the island with its famous Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) pebble beach, considered the most beautiful beach on Croatia Adriatic coast.

Bol Island Apartments in Bol Town

I selected a few partnered websites where you can search for apartments in Bol, island of Brac (Brač). If you’re looking for perfect Brac island apartments accommodation and want to compare prices be sure to check each site and see where you can find the best offers ! is one of Croatia’s leading websites for booking private apartments. It enables you not only to search by destination, but you can also filter apartments by various features and amenities such as distance from sea, free wi-fi, air conditioning, etc. is an accommodation search engine which searches hundreds of hotel and hostel websites all at the same time, providing you with the most extensive results, while also enabling you to compare prices and find the best one.

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