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Buzet Croatia is another north Istria’s hilltops town, one of the most famous medieval Istria region towns, first mentioned more than 1800 years ago.

It was inhabited in prehistoric times and during the time of the Romans was called Pinquentum. After the Byzantine period , this area was inhabited by Croats and Slovenians.

Like other towns in Istria, Buzet was a part of the Venetian empire which was the longest period of reign that lasted up to 1797. The Venetian style is visible on the most of Buzet's monuments and palaces, particularly between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Buzet Croatia Map

Buzet is situated in the very north of Istria near the border with Slovenia. Its historic core, dating from the Middle Ages lies on 150 meters hilltop above a fertile valley of the Mirna river.

Buzet is located about 50 km from major cities such as Rijeka, Porec, Trieste in Italy, Koper in Slovenia and 90 km from Pula.

If you are heading to Istria by car from the west ( Slovenia or Italy) , you'll have to cross one of the three border crossings between Slovenia and Croatia). I suggest to use Pozane – Socerga border (since it is not so busy during the heavy traffic in high season).

If you prefer traveling by bus, Buzet has very good bus connections with Rijeka, Pula, Porec, Umag, Trieste, Venice and Zagreb. I recommend Autotrans bus company !

You can reach Buzet even by train. About 4 km north of Buzet, there is the railway station Buzet. From here trains run to Pula and Slovenia. More info can be found on Croatia Railway website !

If you coming by plane, the nearest international airport is Pula airport. Others are   Rijeka (Island Krk), Zagreb (Pleso), Ronchi dei Legionari near Trieste (Italy) and Ljubljana (Brnik)

Things to do in Buzet

This small medieval town at first glance will not look as Istria's most fascinating town but it's certainly one whose old city core is the quietest and the most charming.

If you visit Buzet Croatia, you'll notice that the old center seems to be nearly deserted as most of town residents moved to new part of town at the foot of the hill.

The most notable monuments are from the period of Venetian rule from the city walls, gates, palaces and squares. The old town of Buzet has two city gates, Vela (Great) and Mala (Small) and four town squares connecting the three main streets. Vela (Great) gate represents the entrance to the old town and the beginning of the city walls that surround the old town core.

Buzet Vela Vrata (Great gate) built in 1547.
Buzet Mala Vrata (Small Gate) built in 1592!

Buzet thanks its present appearance mainly for the Venetian period of its history. Town's streets are mostly narrow and cobblestone streets with many palaces and houses that give the impression of the Renaissance and Baroque town.

While walking around Buzet's streets you'll notice many buildings decorated with coat-of arms of Venetians captains and noble families like Parish palace, Bembo palace, De Virtiis palace or Bigatto Palace built in 1639, today Buzet Regional Museum

Buzet walls
One of Buzet town squares

Buzet Croatia surroundings

Located on a 150 meters high hill overlooking the fertile river Mirna on one side and the wooded slopes of Cicaria mountains on the other, hides in its vicinity several picturesque old villages, deserved to be visited.

Hum - the smallest town in the world

Fourteen km southeast of Buzet Croatia, lies Hum the small town with  population of only 17 people. It holds the Guinness World Record as the smallest town in the world.

This tiny town was first mentioned in documents in 1102, called Cholm which is derived from the Italian name Colmo. The western part of Hum is encircled  by walls where dominates Hum’s bell and watch tower built in 1552 as part of the town’s defense.

What makes this small town famous for?

  • The 'Glagolitic wall writings' preserved in the St. Jerome church. They are one of the oldest examples of Croatian Glagolitic literary culture in the Middle Ages. The town museum displays a few Glagolitic writings.
  • Hum Biska - Authentic Istria brandy with mistletoe and other medicinal herbs, prepared according to a 2000 years old recipe. Every year in October takes place the festival Istria Grappa (brandy) in Hum.
  • Glagolitic Alley – Seven  km long Glagolitic road that leads from Roc to Hum, with 10 monuments dedicated to the Glagolitic alphabet.
  • Hum Frescoes - are a unique work of art in Istria painted in the second half of the 12th century today visible  in the Roman Chapel of St. Jerome on the cemetery in Hum
Famous Hum Briska brandy (Rakija or Italian Grappa)
Hum frescoes

On the map below you'll find some 'must visit' Buzet Croatia highlights towns: Vrh , Kotli, Roc, Hum, Sovinjak and Petrapilosa castle.

Buzet Croatia Events

Giant omelet with truffles

Since Buzet was proclaimed the 'City of Truffles' in 1999, every year in the second weekend of September, before the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Day of the City of Buzet – traditional Subotina), a giant omelet (fritada) with truffles is prepared on Fontana square.

This omelet of over 2000 eggs and 10 kg truffles is prepared in a pan of about 1000 kg, measuring 2.5 m in diameter. This traditional event indicates  the beginning of Truffle Days in this truffle area.

The season of white truffles lasts from September to the end of November, which is the ideal time for your palate to taste this delicacy. Black truffles are harvested from January to September.

Subotina - an old traditional folk festival

Tourist info center Buzet
Address: Setaliste Vladimira Gortana 9
Phone: +385 52 662 343

Subotina is an old traditional folk festival which is regularly held in Buzet. It takes place in September depending on the feast of the Virgin Mary (8th of September). Since 2002, this event has been enriched with the program 'Subotine by the Antique', which is held in the Old Town core.

Subotina is program of cultural tourism revitalization of the Old Town, which includes several segments of cultural, entertainment, food,ethnic and other offerings - designed in a way that presents the entire life of the old Buzet.

Where to stay in Buzet Croatia?

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