Top Dubrovnik Attractions You Should Check Out

If you try to list all Dubrovnik attractions, the list will be quite long and all are located within the city walls. To visit all of them, will depend how many days you have available. If you are time limited, you can do all of this in a day, but I don’t recommend it. In … Read more

Best Hostels in Zagreb, Croatia

Are you looking for Zagreb cheap accommodation? If so, Zagreb hostels are the best place to see the city on a budget. Accommodation in Zagreb spans from hostels to luxury hotels. In recent years there has been a blast of Zagreb hostels that offer excellent value for your money. Most are modern, elegant, suitably located … Read more

Zagreb Nightlife Guide: Best Clubs in the City (Jazz Clubs Included)

If you are wondering what’s Zagreb nightlife entertainment looks like, you can be sure you’ll never be bored in Zagreb. Zagreb has a solid and animated nightlife which revolve around several distinguishing and relaxed clubs, pubs and discos. Most of the activity takes place between September and late June as some of the clubs shut … Read more

Best Zagreb Tours to Explore the City and Its Surroundings

Taking one of Zagreb tours is the good opportunity to get to know the region in the vicinity of Zagreb city area that extends from the Slovenian border to Varazdin town on the north. This green and hilly region known as Hrvatsko Zagorje o Zagreb’s Zagorje covered with pastoral villages, medieval castles and thermal springs, … Read more

The Best Adrenaline-Filled Adventures and Holidays in Croatia

When just sunbathing and swimming is no longer enough, some Croatia adrenaline adventures can enhance your holidays in Croatia. Lot of people like to include at least one of outdoor adventures on their vacation. For most travelers the word ‘holidays’ is a synonym for relaxing on a beach with a refreshing drink, and cooling yourself … Read more

Best Beaches in Makarska Riviera, Croatia

Makarska Riviera beaches are the stretches of beaches that have become one of the most popular and attractive spots for holidaymakers in Europe. Most visitors to Dalmatia go straight for the islands, neglecting Makarska Riviera on the mainland coast between Split and Dubrovnik, missing the main attractions of this Riviera, its beaches. One of the … Read more

Best Beaches in Kukljica, Croatia: Sandy Beaches in the Country

Kukljica Croatia is a picturesque tourist and fishing village on the Ugljan island, just couple of nautical miles from Zadar Croatia, the capital of Northern Dalmatia region. It isn’t by chance that I have chosen this small settlement. It’s true that Croatian coast doesn’t abound in sandy beaches. But there are visitors that are just … Read more