Top Northern Dalmatia Attractions

Located at the very center of the Adriatic Sea, Northern Dalmatia with a number of islands, ‘as there are days in the year’ is a paradise for boaters and all searching to experience the beauty of unspoiled nature and millennium history. Thanks to its location at the junction of geographically different Croatian regions here as … Read more

Best Beaches in Rabac Croatia

Rabac Croatia is an attractive tourist resort on the eastern coast of the Istria peninsula, 40 km north of Pula capital, facing Kvarner Bay. Thanks to its location, nested under the slopes of high rising mountain, enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate but it’s also one of the drawbacks of this small town. Being set below … Read more

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik to Eat at Reasonable Prices

Restaurants in Dubrovnik are usually expensive! Considering that Dubrovnik is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the top Croatian brand town, sometimes high prices can justify this title. Many restaurant owners in Dubrovnik, sometimes count on fact that many tourists are just passing through (like the cruise passengers) and will not return to increase … Read more

Best Cheap Hotels in Dubrovnik (and Nearby)

When you are looking for most affordable Dubrovnik accommodation, it’s embarrassing how many possibilities visitors have at their disposal. To find the cheap accommodation in Dubrovnik is rather difficult task, specially if you travel on short budget as the most young travelers do. Dubrovnik has become a top Croatia destination but it keeps a record … Read more

Top Places to Do and See around Zadar, Croatia

Missing to visit some great places in Zadar surrounding areas, will be a great mistake, which are considered as the very top of the Croatian tourist offer. With particularly indented coast with archipelago of 24 bigger and about 300 smaller islets and rocks, is a main challenge for many boaters to this region. Should we … Read more