BEST Guide to Train Travel in Croatia: All You Need to Know

Croatia train travel guide

Traveling by train in Croatia isn’t really the top choice of travel here, where the more popular choices are taking a bus or even a ferry. Also, since the Croatian train network is limited (and there are plenty of islands), there are many touristic destinations that can’t be reached by train. Also, compared to traveling … Read more

Visiting the Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia [Full Guide]

visiting Diocletian's palace in Split

The Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia, is one of the most important attractions in the world and by far the best thing to see in Split. Today, we’ll learn everything one should know about visiting Diocletian’s Palace. This staggering symbol of history and culture, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979, the Palace … Read more

Discovering Porec, Croatia: Things to Do, Where to Stay & More

Porec Croatia travel guide

Sprinkled along the shores of the Adriatic Sea, Porec (Parenzo in Italian) firmly stands as the most developed tourist hotspot, not only in the Istria region but across the entire Croatian landscape. The entire Porec area is devoted to summer tourism, so if you decide to stay anywhere in the region, you will be treated … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in Croatia

diving in Croatia

Scuba diving in Croatia is perfect – you have the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, sunken shipwrecks and various other important underwater landmarks and historical sites, as well as beautiful fish and other underwater life forms that every diver would enjoy. Today, I’m going to go more in depth about scuba diving in Croatia, sharing … Read more

Croatia Nudist Beaches Guide & Vacation Spots

Croatia nudist beaches guide

In today’s article, I’m building up a guide to help you discover all nudist beaches in Croatia. Fortunately, it is very easy to be a naturist in Croatia as there are plenty of dedicated beaches, as well as secluded ones that can be used. It’s incredible that such a small country still has over 1,000 … Read more

Best Central Dalmatia Naturist / Nudist Beaches [Full Guide]

best beaches for nudists in Central Dalmatia

Although the naturist tradition in Central Dalmatia is as so long as it is in Istria and Kvarner bay, the islands in Central Croatia and its coast line are the right place where you can find not only official nudist resorts and beaches, but those hidden and secluded small bays for naturists. Like in other … Read more