Guide to the South Croatia Naturist Beaches: Korcula, Mljet & More

If you are looking for Southern Croatia naturist beaches, this guide will help you discover some of the most beautiful ones in the region, which are perfect for those looking to connect with nature during their stay in this beautiful country. In spite of the fact that on the entire South Dalmatia region there is … Read more

The Best Interesting & Fun Facts about Croatia

In today’s article, I am planning to share with you some interesting and fun facts about Croatia. Some of the things listed below might be more common knowledge than others, but I am sure that some of these facts will really surprise you. The truth is that Croatia, even though one of the younger nations … Read more

Central Dalmatia Naturist / Nudist Beaches Guide

Although the naturist tradition in Central Dalmatia is not so long as in Istria and Kvarner bay, the islands in Central Croatia and its coast line are the right place where you can find not only official nudist resorts and beaches, but those hidden and secluded small bays as well. Like in other regions, there … Read more

Traveling by Train in Croatia: A Complete Guide

Traveling by train in Croatia isn’t really the top choice of travel here, where the more popular choices are taking a bus or even a ferry. Also, since the Croatian train network is limited, there are many touristic destinations that can’t be reached by train. Also, compared to traveling by bus, trains are much slower … Read more

Traditional Croatian Food: Fritule Recipe (Croatian Donuts)

Fritule is a festive Croatian pastry made particularly for Christmas. And for today’s article, I decided to change things up a bit and share with you some real Croatian flavor and tell you how to make Fritule like a Croatian The Fritule, also referred to as “Croatian Donuts” are some of the best Croatian foods … Read more

Traveling Around Croatia by Bus: Cheapest, Fastest Option

Traveling around Croatia by bus is definitely the best and the cheapest way for travelers and even those spending more time in the country. It’s not the fastest way (if you compare it with planes), but sometimes it’s the only way to move from place to place… and one that comes with its advantages. For … Read more