Travel Guide to Vrboska, Croatia: Best Beaches & Top Things to Do

Visiting the island of Hvar, many tourists do not plan Vrboska village as a must see destination. They are mistaken because it is one of the most romantic places of an indescribable charm and beauty. This tiny village on the north coast of Hvar island, lies at the bottom of narrow curving fjord with several … Read more

Crikvenica, Croatia: Best Beaches and Best Things to Do

When planning you vacations in Croatia, probably Crikvenica Croatia won’t be the first place on your bucket list. Tourists usually seek out for top Croatia’s destinations such as Dubrovnik or Hvar. Rare are those who consider smaller coastal towns for their holidays , neglecting the fact the smaller towns can be more affordable, offering a … Read more

Guide to Shopping in Split, Croatia: Best Places for Souvenirs and more

If you are planning to visit Split Croatia, this essential shopping in Split guide, can be of great help and at the same time, a great fun. Split city, with almost two hundred thousand inhabitants, has a wide range of shopping options from shopping malls, open markets to small shops selling basically everything. One of … Read more

Travel Guide to the Zadar Archipelago: Northern Dalmatia’s Jewel

The group of over 100 islands, called Zadar archipelago in Norther Dalmatia, represents the real paradise of unspoiled nature, far from the mass tourism like those in the south. Although more numerous but in relatively limited area, often bare, mostly semi abandoned islands, boast with beautiful bays, beaches and lush inland scenery. Most of these … Read more

Hvar Town, Croatia Travel Guide: Everything about Visiting or Moving to Hvar

It’s not rare that sometimes travelers wrongly identify Hvar town Croatia with the Hvar island. This town is the top destination on the Hvar island for many reasons. It’s considered the most fashionable and chic place after Dubrovnik. It’s a place to see and to be seen. It’s also the most expensive tourist destination, together … Read more

How to Spend an Amazing Vacation in Zadar on a Budget

If you want to stay in Zadar on a budget, there are some very affordable places where anyone can find suitable budget-friendly accommodation. Zadar isn’t different from other Dalmatian cities, for example, Split and Dubrovnik where prices tend to climb higher and higher by approaching the high season (July and August). A modern traveler, particularly … Read more