Living in Croatia

Living in Croatia

20 Interesting & Fun Facts about Croatia

In today’s article, I am planning to share with you some interesting and fun facts about Croatia. Some of the things listed below might be more common knowledge than others, but I am sure that some of these facts will really surprise you.

The truth is that Croatia, even though one of the younger nations in Europe, has managed to influence the world a lot and the world without Croatia and things invented here would’ve been completely different today.

But we’ll cover all these – and a lot more – in today’s article filled with fun facts about Croatia. So sit back and enjoy the ride – you’re going to learn some amazing things today!

1. Croatians have invented the tie back in the 17th century. Back then, King Louis XIII hired some Croatian mercenaries to help him win battles and fell in love with the necktie that they were wearing (partly for decorative purposes, partly to keep their jackets tied).

He liked the effect they had so much that he made them mandatory for official meetings and named them “La Cravate” (since this is how they were calling the Croats). And many Europeans call the tie in a similar matter (cravatta in Italian, Krawatte in German etc)

2. Hum, Croatia is one of the smallest towns in the world. The settlement, located in the Istria peninsula, only has 30 permanent residents (as of 2011) but despite its size, it has a rich history, the main landmark being the Church which was built in 1802.

But the city itself was first mentioned in 1102, with its second most impressive landmark – the watchtower – was built in the 1500s. And this makes it even more impressive: despite its size, it has such a rich history and, believe it or not, beautiful architecture.

3. The dalmatian – the beautiful spotted dog that you might know from the cartoon 101 Dalmatians (among other things) has its origin in Croatia. Actually, this should make sense as Dalmatia is one of the country’s regions.

4. If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy eating rice chocolate, you know now who to thank for it. This interesting confectionery was invented in Croatia in 1963, in a small chocolate factory in the Pozega town.

5. The famous Mag-lite, the flashlight that astronauts and deep sea explorers use today was actually invented by Croatian native, Ante Maglica. He eventually moved to the US and made the Maglite as one of the best known US exports.

6. The first public theater in Europe was opened in Croatia, back in 1612, in the city of Hvar.

7. A very fun fact that few people know about Croatia is that the first dedicated nudist beaches were inaugurated in this country.

The measure was mainly made to boost tourism, as naturism was starting to become a thing in Germany in the 20th century. So here’s another thing to thank this country for!

8. Marin Soljacic, an engineer born in Zagreb, is the one you have to thank for coming up with the wireless non-radiative energy transfer technology. So next time you wirelessly charge your device, you know who to thank for this!

9. The torpedo was actually invented by a Croatian scientist, even though it was created by British engineer Robert Whitehead.

However, it was Giovanni Luppis who created the prototypes of the self-propelled torpedo. And even though his invention was more similar to a propelled boat filled with explosives and adapted by Whitehead into the modern day torpedo, the British scientist still credited the Croatian as its inventor.

10. Forensic fingerprinting was invented by Ivan Vucetic, born in the city of Hvar. It all happened in the 1890s, when he set up the first fingerprinting bureau in the world, in Argentine.

As an additional fun fact, he’s usually referred to as Juan Vucetich (as the Argentinians called him), but he’s actually Croatian.

11. If you’re into more abstract art in any shape or form, you should know that the Sea Organ – which creates music with the help of the sea waves – and is one of the main attractions in Zadar, Croatia.

12. The term of Psychology was coined by Croatia’s national poet, Marko Marulic, also known as the “crown of the Croatian medieval age” and the “father of the Croatian Renaissance”.

13. The white limestone used to build the White House came all the way from Croatia, from the island of Brac. The same stone was used to build other important structures in the world, from Diocletian’s palace in Split, the Parliament in Austria or the Budapest Parliament building.

14. The Parachute was created by Croatian inventor Faust Vrancic in 1616. And even though it was based on Leonardo da Vinci’s plans, it was him who actually created the thing and tested it by jumping off a tall tower in Venice.

15. You probably know about the Great Wall of China, but did you know that Croatia has one of its own? We’re talking about the Walls in Ston which are, at 5.5 kilometers long, the second longest preserved fortification system in the world, after the Chinese one.

16. You probably know already that many scenes of the popular TV series Game of Thrones have been filmed in Croatia (mainly Dubrovnik), but did you know that other famous productions were also filmed here? We’re talking about Dr. Who or Star Wars, to name just a couple.

17. The small city of Vinkovci is the oldest city in Europe, with an estimated age of 8,000 years.

18. Just like the small city of Hum that we talked earlier, Croatia also has an island with a very small number of inhabitants. Around 15 people call it home, even though it’s pretty large at 5.8 square kilometers and an important tourist attraction during the summer.

19. Croatia has one of the most unique beaches in the world: the Zlatni Rat beach in Bol. It constantly changes its shape depending on the wind, but also its color.

20. Last, but not least, one of the most important minds in all history, Nikola Tesla, was actually born in Croatia, in the Smiljan province. He went on to provide some of the most important modern inventions, from the famous Tesla coil to the alternating current and even the radio (although he’s not credited for the latter).

These would be the Croatia facts that I wanted to share with you today. If you know other interesting ones, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting below.

Either way, you are surely now more versed with your knowledge about this small EU country and you can surprise friends and family with these trivia tidbits next time you meet.

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Living in Croatia

Croatian Women Guide: How to Find a Nice Girl in Croatia and Avoid Scammers

Even though most people come in Croatia to enjoy the nice beaches and the sun during the summer, many end up falling in love with Croatian women.

And today we are going to talk exactly about this: the ladies in Croatia and how to know if the one you have met is genuinely interested in you and not just after your money.

The truth is that writing a guide to Croatian girls and women is pretty difficult to write, as I am sure is the case of all countries out there: there are bad seeds all over the world and generalizing is very difficult to do… but it has to be done as it’s better than nothing!

So today I am taking on the epic – although really challenging quest – of answering many questions about Croatian women: how are they like, how and where to meet them, what to know about being in a relationship with a lady from Croatia and how to avoid potential scammers.

Because, yes, it’s just as possible to find your true love in our beautiful country as it is to find somebody who only wants to get as much of your money as possible before moving on.

But as I said, we’ll have everything covered in today’s guide on Croatian women, so let’s not waste time and instead let’s find out everything about them!

What are Croatian Women Like?

I have a pretty clear mind when it comes to your average Croatian girl: she’s at least a 7 (out of 10) if you prefer this otherwise immature ranking system.

What I am trying to say is that Croatian ladies are truly spectacular and one of a kind: they are generally beautiful, with strong, yet feminine features, but also really smart and with great personalities.

Remember that Croatia is a small country that had its fair share of problems in the past. So there are things that still make people living here a bit bitter… but without going over the top.

Your average Croatian woman will look at everybody with objectivity and won’t be judgemental. These ladies are smart and independent, but also well educated: the school system in Croatia in very demanding, so expect everybody there to know quite a few things about history, geography… and most other subjects that you learn in school.

Another extremely important thing about your average Croatian lady is that she will be very correct. I mentioned objectivity before, and that’s exactly what you’re getting: a straightforward, direct and genuinely correct person.

They don’t generally enjoy small talk or gossip or things that are puerile. They don’t like dishonest people: they offer their entire soul when starting a relationship and they expect the same. And rarely will they offer a second chance, so don’t try to mess up with a Croatian girl!

They have strong personalities and love their independence, but at the same time they still prefer the masculine type over everything else. They need to feel protected and usually being a manly man gives you an advantage.

And even though they are open minded, don’t expect them to just go out looking for casual one night relationships! Especially in the more touristic areas, they know that people are coming and going and they’re generally not bothering too much with the tourists.

In this matter, the Croatian women are still a bit old fashioned, preferring a real relationship that begins with the prospect of durability and not just a “holiday flick”.

Of course, as I said before, there are all sorts of ladies out there and the same goes about Croatia, so if you’re only looking for casual relationships, you can still find girls interested in that. But usually, the ladies here are looking for more serious stuff.

What do Croatian Women Look Like?

Croatian ladies are known for their beauty. They have the same beautiful features as most balkan girls out there, so if you like Eastern European or Balkan girls in general, you will also love the ladies here.

However, they also have a darker skin tone in general, with a Mediterranean complexion: a constant natural tan and a slightly olive skin.

Obesity still hasn’t made a big difference here, so most of the Croatian women you will see on the streets will be fit and nice, with long beautiful legs and impressive shapes.

They are that type of person that cares about how they look and know what has to be done to maintain their natural beauty.

You will easily notice that here, mothers look really good as all older women age well and still care about their looks after they get married, have kids and grow older. This is something I really appreciate!

And the best part is that even though Croatian women are extremely beautiful, they are not investing all their time and money into maintaining that beauty. They’re more about natural beauty than various enhancements, which is a win-win situation in my books.

Usually, your average Croatian girl will have long, straight, black or brown hair and brown eyes. They are tall and feminine, with their natural beauty striking you constantly.

As I said, they generally look like other girls in the region, but this does not make them less beautiful and impressive.

Plus, I always believe that looks don’t matter that much (especially if you’re looking for a long term relationship) and the ladies here do round things up perfectly with their amazing personality.

More things to know about Croatian Women

There are a few things that you should consider when it comes to dating Croatian girls and starting a relationship, and we’re going to talk about them all here.

I would first want to focus on the city aspect: if you’re going to be in one of the touristic cities in the country – from Dubrovnik to Split and everything else near the sea, things will be a bit more different than they would be more inland.

It’s pretty obvious for everybody that tourists usually come to a place for having fun and not starting a family and the local ladies living in those areas know that – and most of them don’t really have a thing for this.

If you’re looking to meet a Croatian woman in the resorts, you will probably have a bit more luck with the younger crowd: so girls between 18 – 25 are more approachable and open to more casual relationships.

But don’t expect them to just go home with any stranger they meet in a club or anywhere else!

As a tourist, being in Croatia for a limited amount of time, you’ll have a slight disadvantage generally, because as I said before, the ladies in Croatia are generally looking for a more long term relationship – even the younger ones.

With a Croatian lady as your partner, you’ll feel like every day is Christmas

The second important thing that influences the dating culture is the age of the ladies: as I already said (but now applied to the entire country), the younger ones are not necessarily looking for a potential long term relationship, but most ladies over 25 are.

So having a one-night thing with a Croatian woman that’s over 25 is a bit more difficult and usually the older they get, the less they are interested in this and more looking for starting a family or at least looking for the security of a real relationship.

But no matter what type of relationship you’re looking for, it’s generally easy to start talking with girls in Croatia and they will be very straightforward with their intentions:

If the girls are not interested (maybe they don’t like you, maybe they already are seeing somebody), they will always say it and won’t play the game just to tell you no later.

Usually, when rejecting a guy, Croatian girls are still polite and stylish so you won’t feel bad or made fun of.

The best places for meeting women are the various clubs, pubs and restaurants in the city. Approaching girls on the street doesn’t work that well, though.

Mobile apps like Tinder are a thing in Croatia, so if you’re not lucky meeting a girl you like in a restaurant or club (or you’re too shy to approach them), remember that technology makes everything easier now.

But don’t forget: Croatian ladies, although independent and with very well defined personalities, will rarely take the first step and you’re expected to be the one who takes the initiative.

You’re also almost always expected to pay for her drinks – it’s just the way it goes and usually doesn’t have to do with anything else. This is how things were done and are still done.

And although asking to slip the bill or suggesting that she pays for what she had is usually frowned upon and not very well received by the ladies here, you can still expect them to sometimes decide to pay the entire bill themselves.

This is absolutely normal, so don’t feel offended if they want to do this after a few dates! But until then, don’t even ask how they want to pay – just say that you’re taking care of it!

And another important thing to have in mind: make sure to look your best when interacting with the girls in Croatia.

It’s not like they are superficial, but looks do matter a lot: not only that they usually prefer manly men (not necessary lumberjacks with beards and huge biceps, but still manly), but they also consider looks to be important.

And since you can’t do a ton about that, you can change their perception a little bit and improve things (even if you are extremely beautiful) by always wearing some good clothes, smelling nice and being clean.

This really matters and between a guy who wears some dirty sneakers with a pair of worn out cargo pants that are 2 sizes larger and one with some clean shoes and a well fitted pair of jeans, they will always take the second.

And I wanted to give this example to show you that you don’t need to show off and seem rich to be considered attractive, just be well groomed and smell nice!

Things to look out for when starting a relationship with a girl from Croatia

Even though most of the ladies in Croatia are really nice people looking to start a relationship without looking at your finances, there are some bad seeds out there which might only want you for your money.

And now I am going to share with you a few warning signs to look out for when starting to date a girl here – if she has those, it’s very likely that she’s not really interested in your person, but your money.

Remember: Croatia, although growing every year, is still a relatively poor country, with low salaries compared to Western Europe, for example.

This means that the prospect of a wealthy tourist or just a wealthy Westerner coming to live in Croatia is very appealing to some ladies out there.

But the good thing is that these gold diggers are easily-identifiable and below I am sharing some warning signs to look after:

1. The over-enhanced diva

They seem to invest a lot of money in their presentation: their looks, their clothes and accessories and they’re well above your grade.

Remember that I said all Croatian girls are at least a 7? Well, if she’s a 10 and you’re a 5, yet she’s still interested in you, she most likely doesn’t like your personality, but your money.

Croatian girls are usually naturally beautiful and they know it. Those who dress to impress and attract all the eyes in the club, then accept you instantly even though you feel that you’re way under their standards, might probably be looking just for monetary gains.

I am not saying that they will expect to be paid for anything, but they will make you pay: presents, dining out at fancy restaurants, new clothes and jewelry and everything in between. Watch out for this!

2. Nothing but single ladies (model lookalikes too!)

If there’s a group of single ladies – all beautiful and tuned up as described above, then you have another warning sign.

Usually, when people go partying in Croatia in larger groups, there will rarely be just girls in the group: even more so if they all look like models. You can imagine that these girls are extremely sought after, so at least one or two should be in a relationship.

So if you see a group of 5 Victoria Secret’s lookalikes, they might be nothing but gold diggers looking for their next victim, so exercise caution!

3. High maintenance

Your regular Croatian lady is beautiful and well groomed, but not high maintenance

Now we’re moving to things to look after once you have already started dating. I have to say it: the signs above might not mean that she doesn’t really like you, as it doesn’t mean that she’s a gold digger if she does everything on this list.

But most likely she sees you as an investment, the more things on this list happen.

And one of them is being high maintenance. Some girls are genuinely so and you will just pay more to keep them happy… but most Croatian girls are not like that.

In other words, if she starts asking (or giving you very serious hints) that she needs a new perfume, that she falls in love with a new skirt, wants a new phone or stuff like that… she might be in it for the money.

Even when you go out, if she’s only buying the most expensive stuff on the menu and never ever tries to at least pretend to want to pay for her share (or the entire bill), then she might be in this just for the money.

4. Unexplainable luxury

If you get to know her better and you know that she’s from a modest family and/or doesn’t have a really well paid job, but she sports the latest iPhone model and drives the latest BMW – maybe even lives in a very luxurious apartment, you’ve probably found yourself a gold digger.

While girls in Croatia like expensive stuff, they won’t go in debt just to get a new phone or a car that they don’t really deserve.

So unless there’s a really good explanation for her affording things she would normally not afford, then you should be extremely careful!

5. No time for you

If she insists to go out with her lady friends only, it should be a warning already.

While it’s absolutely normal for people to need some away time and even go out without their significant other, in Croatia it’s usually very common for people to go out in larger groups, with lots of girls and guys present.

So her not wanting you around could be a warning sign, especially if it happens constantly.

Even more, if she can’t talk or “doesn’t hear” the phone when you call her… gets home late or just ignores you for a longer period of time, these could all be signs that she’s not really interested in yourself, but more in love with your money.

Croatian women are usually extremely honest and loyal, so if they don’t want you to meet their friends or spend hours away from you without a proper reason… things might not be as good as you’d like them to be.

6. The Prima Donna syndrome

If she acts like she’s a trophy, like something you don’t deserve, but she’s kind enough to offer, then again she’s most likely not into you, but your financial capabilities.

She will always remind you that it’s your win to be with her and as a result she will always act bad, expect gifts from you and won’t really accept to do things your way. She will be high maintenance and openly uninterested in what you have to say.

And, even more, she will always find an excuse to go intimate or cuddle. Even though we definitely all have our bad moments, when in a relationship, a Croatian lady is usually extremely passionate and loving and will just enjoy spending time with you – outside and inside.

7. She asks for money

Finally, the biggest warning sign is if she asks you for money directly. This is not something that a Croatian girl will do under normal circumstances and especially not to somebody that she has just met.

Sometimes, she could come with very sad stories of sick relatives or unexpected accidents or anything similar and she might not even ask for the money directly but tell her story in such a way that it would be obvious she would expect you to give some.

In this case, unless you’ve already been seeing each other for a longer period of time (maybe months already) and you know her well, it is probably nothing but a scam and her trying to get some money from you before disappearing from your life completely.


All in all, I would have to say that most Croatian girls and women will never try to scam you or get in a relationship just to take advantage of your money.

They might be more interested in foreigners at some points as opposed to fellow Croatian men simply because they seem more interesting and maybe even more exotic, but that would be all.

For example, I’ve heard many Croatian ladies telling how much they like those tall, handsome blond guys, which is simply because most Croats are not like that. But at the same time, many don’t like that type simply because they’re not really used to seeing them.

But one thing is clear: when you manage to get into a relationship with a girl from Croatia, you can consider yourself lucky. They are usually dedicated 100%, they are loyal and amazing people to spend time with.

As we saw already, they are also very beautiful and remain beautiful as they get older, offering and demanding loyalty, honesty and respect. In other words, they make up a perfect life partner!

But what do you think about the Croatian women? Do you have a story (pleasant or not) to share? Let us all know by commenting below!

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