Travel Costs And Prices in Croatia (2023)

prices in Croatia

What are the prices in Croatia in 2023? – this is the question that all travelers are interested to find the answer for and for all the right reasons, because it makes planning your upcoming trip to Croatia a lot easier. And in today’s article, I will help you by providing an updated answer by … Read more

Men in Croatia: What Are They Like in a Relationship?

men in croatia guide

Although Croatia has become more popular than ever thanks to Game of Thrones (some of it was shot here), men in Croatia are fortunately nothing like Joffrey or the like. Today we’re here to talk about men in Croatia – and for this, I decided to ask expat Joyce to write the article (I am … Read more

Croatia: Cost of Living in 2023 (Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split Etc)

The cost of living in Croatia has grown steadily over the past few years, mainly influenced by the country’s economic growth, boosted mainly by tourism and good usage of European funds. And in today’s article, I will help you understand what is the cost of living in Croatia in 2023 – no matter if you … Read more

Traditional Croatian Names for Girls (and Their Meanings)

croatian girl names

If you have a baby daughter on the way and you’re looking to give her a Croatian name, or you are interested in knowing the meaning of the name of a Croatian girl you like, this list covers the most popular traditional Croatian girl names and their meanings. Giving your baby girl a Croatian name … Read more