5 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary [2023 Update]

Despite the fact that five days in Dubrovnik may seem too little, planning them carefully will be enough to make the most of every moment in the Pearl of the Adriatic. I am here to help you make sure that you enjoy the best that this city has to offer by sharing an updated itinerary … Read more

Map of Croatia (Updated 2023)

map of Croatia featured image

If you are looking for a map of Croatia, you are at the right place! This is exactly what I am going to share with you in today’s article and include some bonus details and more in-depth maps of this beautiful country, to make navigation as simple as possible. You don’t necessarily need to have … Read more

Croatia Currency Guide: Kuna (and Switching to Euro)

Croatia Kuna

Until recently, the official currency in Croatia in Croatia was the Kuna, but things are going to change soon, because Croatia is officially switching to Euros. The switch to Euros will take place on January 1st, 2023. Today, we’re going to focus on the currency situation in Croatia, what to expect from the country switching … Read more

Is It Worth Visiting Split, Croatia in September?

September is a great month for visiting Split! The temperature is warm but not too hot, the high season madness is over and you can experience a more relaxed Split during the first official month of autumn / fall. For those who want to visit Split for its beaches, I have great news also: they … Read more

Istria, Croatia Map

This map of Istria, Croatia will help you to get familiarized with this peninsula  situated only dozens of kilometers from Italy and bordering with the Republic of Slovenia. Being very close to Italy, Istria has a strong Italian flavor. Most locals speak Italian fluently – all while Italian tourists love the area as well, coming … Read more