Visiting Split in October: Is It Worth It?

Although summer is officially over if you decide to visit Split in October, you can still have some very pleasant surprises if you decide to visit at this time of the year. And we’re going to share all the details in today’s article! Officially, October is in Split (and Croatia, of course) the first autumn … Read more

One Week in Istria Itinerary (7 Days Itinerary)

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How to Get from Budapest to Split, Croatia by Train, Bus or Plane

How to travel from Budapest to Split, is a question that many travelers are asking each year at the beginning of the summer season. Although the distance between the Hungarian capital and capital of Dalmatia, is only 750 km (466 miles), many travelers have difficulty finding the right info and resources before undertaking this trip. … Read more

How to Get from Budapest to Croatia (Dubrovnik etc) by Train or Bus

The questions about how to get from Budapest to Croatia I’ve have heard a dozen times. Hungary, as Croatia’s northern neighbor is a very popular tourist destination – especially Budapest, the capital. Summers can be very hot and dry in Hungary. Daily temperatures can go well over 30°C (86°F), especially in July and August. In … Read more

5 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary

Despite the fact that five days in Dubrovnik may seem too short, planning them carefully will be sufficient to make the most of every moment in the Pearl of the Adriatic. Who is this route for and why just Dubrovnik? Visitors with limited time available or for those visiting Croatia for the first time, Dubrovnik … Read more

Croatia Ferry Guide (2018 Edition)

Croatia ferry guide will be all you’re going to need to plan your travel from the mainland to the islands. At the same time, it will be a great help to find your way among numerous ferries in Croatia. Croatia ferry guide quite interlaced covering all parts of Adriatic coast. Local ferries in Croatia are … Read more