Central Dalmatia Naturist Part2

A guide to Central Dalmatia naturist part2 is a continuation of naturist beaches resources which extend along the Middle Dalmatia mainland coastline.

Unfortunately there aren't too many naturist beaches on the stretch between Trogir Riviera to Makarska town. In recent years in this area has been increasingly neglected nudist tourist offer.

While in the northern Adriatic and on Istria peninsula, naturism has kept its  tradition in this area, actually there isn't even one naturist camp. The fact that 15 % of the visitors are naturalists, proves that little by little, along the Central Dalmatian coast, there is no place for naturalist.

Central Dalmatia naturist part2 - Trogir and Ciovo

If you are looking for the official naturist beaches for you vacations on Trogir Riviera, than I must disappoint you as actually they do not exist.

NudistFriends.com - the largest nudist personals site!
NudistFriends.com - the largest nudist personals site!

The only one, that is sometimes considered official, is Medena naturist beach situated near the village of Seget, 4 Km away from Trogir. Medena beach is part of Medena Hotel Resort with 650 rooms and 200 apartments in the area.

Only a tiny piece of this long beach is dedicated to the naturist with small pebble and concrete sunbathing places.

The chance of finding a wider choice of nudist beaches, are more realistic on the island of Ciovo, sometimes considered a peninsula or the southern outskirt of medieval Trogir town connected by a bridge.

Although there are no official naturist beaches on this island, there are many beaches where naturist lovers will find a nice place for them. One of them is  Mavarstica beach, located in a bay in the southern part of the island, south of Okrog Gornji village. Here is the beach on the map!

Mavarstica beach - Ciovo island
NudistFriends.com - the largest nudist personals site!
NudistFriends.com - the largest nudist personals site!

The beach is a combination of sand and fine gravel beach with a part reserved for naturist. The beach of Mavarstica is ideal for escape from the crowded beaches and it is surrounded by pine forest. On the beach there are no facilities, only a crystal clear sea.

Split City - Central Dalmatia Naturist part2

There isn't any chance you will find in Split a free nudist beach. There are several official pet friendly beaches, but no traces of the naturist beaches.

Maybe, if you search for this kind of beaches on the Net, you will find that same beaches are dedicated for the naturist. Actually two places around Split are indicated as beaches where you can practice, the nude style of bathing.

The first one is, Kasjuni beach located at the westernmost part of Marjan hill while the second one, Duilovo beach is located in the east of the beach Znjan close to the Hotel Zagreb, Duilovo.

If you really want to practice a nude swimming in Split, my advice is the give up in advance, if you don’t want to risk a fine or to have an unpleasant argue with some local fellows.

Of course, there are many hidden small coves where you can relax and enjoy in the sun without a bathing suit but as they are not officially recognized places, it's a good reason to avoid searching a nudist spot on your own. It would be better to move further south from Split, towards Omis and Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera - Central Dalmatia naturist part2 beaches

Fortunately for all naturist fans Makarska Riviera is a real paradise for this type of bathing and on Central Dalmatia naturist part2 is an area with the largest number of naturist (FKK) officially recognized along the coast.

On the map below you will find some of the best and most visited friendly naturist beaches between Brela town all the way to  Gradac village. On the total length of over 50 Km, you will find the most beautiful secluded, peggle/gravel nudist beaches.

Driving along the coastal road D8 before you enter the Makarska Riviera, you shouldn't miss, Ruskamen near Omis, well known naturist destination, with one of the oldest nudist beach on the Adriatic. Find it on the map!

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