Best Central Dalmatia Naturist / Nudist Beaches [Full Guide]

Although the naturist tradition in Central Dalmatia is as so long as it is in Istria and Kvarner bay, the islands in Central Croatia and its coast line are the right place where you can find not only official nudist resorts and beaches, but those hidden and secluded small bays for naturists.

Like in other regions, there are only a few naturist camping sites that are entirely dedicated to nudists.

In fact, on the whole area along the Central Dalmatia coast line – and also the islands – there are only two official naturist camps. But at least it is better than none – and we’re going to learn about them all in today’s article.

I’ll share with you many other natural naturist beaches, beaches that are not officially recognized as such but are well known and it has been verified that the local people know and accept them as naturist.

Here you’ll find the list of most popular nudist beaches scattered on the islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis and the Makarska Riviera.

However, whichever island or part of the coast you choose in this region, you can be sure there will be a plenty of naturist possibilities – even though not all of them are official.

My intention is not to talk only about these well known Central Croatian naturist beaches, but to point out the so called free Dalmatia beaches that might be of your interest, many of them reachable only by a boat, where you can enjoy total privacy or meet other naturists.

Central Croatia: Map of Naturist Areas

Most of the naturist beaches and the few nudist campsites are located on the islands in Central Dalmatia.

On the map below, you can find the most popular naturist beaches on the islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis – I’ve marked them to make navigation as easy as possible, but don’t forget to read below to find out even more details!

Brac Naturist Beaches

Paklina FKK beach

On the southern side of the island, near the village of Bol, the world famous paggle beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) is located. This is where you can find various naturist friendly beaches, in the nearby coves and bays.

One of the most known is the Paklina FKK beach. It is located at the western end of the famous ‘Golden Horn’.

The naturist section is pebbled, but walking to the west there are more nice small pebble and rocky coves visited by nudists where you can set up camp yourself.

Mutnik – naturist beach

Along the coast, between the Postira and Sutivan villages, on the northern side of the Brac island, you can find dozens of small bays and coves with beautiful scenery and natural beaches.

One of them, a small and hidden cove called ‘Mutnik’, is located not far from the small village of Mirca, reserved for naturist sunbathers. Make sure to visit it if you’re in the area.

Hvar Island Nudist Beaches Guide

Due to its mild climate and rich subtropical vegetation, Hvar offers the larger number official naturist beaches and two naturist camping sites at least in the Central Dalmatia area. But we’ll focus on the ones that you must see!

Jerolim – naturist beach

On the island of Jerolim, directly opposite of Hvar town, there is a well-known and long-established naturist beach, equipped with showers and a shop, but further away, you can find many isolated places if you need some solitude or you prefer staying away from prying eyes.

A boat runs several times a day from the Hvar harbor to Jerolim. Boats are leaving at about every half hour from 9 AM to 01 PM, returning at half hour intervals between 4 PM and 6 PM.

Stipanska and Mlin naturist beaches

These beaches are located on the island of Marinkovac, part of the Paklina archipelago. Both are reserved for naturists, equipped with showers and a shop.

A boat runs several times a day from Hvar harbor to Mlin and Stipanska.

Palmizana bay – naturist beaches

Paklina archipelago
Paklina archipelago with naturist beaches marked with yellow

Palmizana bay is a part of the Paklina archipelago on the St. Klement, the largest island among Paklina archipelago. Bathing season lasts there from Easter to November.

On Palmizana, you can freely cast your clothes away, as nudism has a tradition here, where you can be undisturbed in one of the island’s many lonely coves.

Milna naturist beach

A beautiful naturist beach (pebbles / rocks) is located in the vicinity of Milna, a small village on the southern coast of the island with about 20 households and 90 inhabitants, just a few kilometers away from Hvar.

Milna is a popular excursion spot, where you can enjoy the pebble beaches, with several restaurants and taverns in the area, as well as with some good deals to be had if you’re looking for private accommodation.

Central Croatia Naturist Camping Sites

If you are traveling by a motor-home in the Central Dalmatia region, you’re definitely interested in camping sites.

As I said earlier, in this area, there are just two nudist-friendly camping sites and you can find out more about them below.

The first one is simply called Kamp Nudist, and it is situated near the idyllic village of Vrboska. It’s nested directly on the coast, surrounded by trees overlooking the nearby island of Brac. With a 800 meters long stony beach, it’s reserved exclusively for naturists.

The nudists can enjoy a number of sports facilities in the immediate vicinity and within the campsite there is a playground for children. It is just a two-star rating camp, but it offers decent quality.

The second one, much smaller, is situated in the eastern part of the Hvar island near Sucuraj village.

It’s called camping Mlaska, positioned near famous Mlaska sandy beach, one of the most beautiful and rare sandy beaches on the Hvar island.

The main feature of this camp is a combination of textile and naturist so everybody’s welcome. Make sure to double check though before taking your swimsuit off.

Jelsa and Stari Grad naturist beaches

In front of Jelsa town, only 15 minutes by taxi boat ride, there is an entire naturist friendly island, Zecevo. This island is open in high season only for naturists, offering several pebble beaches covered with pine trees to provide shade.

Stari Grad is one of the oldest European towns and the oldest town on the island of Hvar. Due to its specific position, located at the bottom of the five nautical miles deep bay, it offers many naturist beaches.

Your best choices are the beaches on the right side of the Stari Grad’s bay where the naturists can find a lot of small free nudist beaches, between two caves – Tiha and Zavala. Both caves are ideal places for lovers of nautical tourism.

Naturist beaches on Vis island

The Vis island is situated 24 miles away from the mainland, in the west. You don’t have a lot of options here – but even one is better than none, right?

We’re talking about the Ruda naturist beach, which is situated near the Rukavac village, on the southeast part of the island. You will find there even more beautiful regular beaches, raw nature and the famous ‘Green cave’.

This is a pebble and rocky clothing optional beach mostly used by naturist couples and families.


This would be my guide to FKK beaches in Central Croatia. I am sure that with so many options listed above, you will find your favorite and enjoy your stay better now that you have all this info.

Also, if you’re looking into other areas in the country, read on my articles about naturist places in Istria and Southern Croatia.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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