The Best Adrenaline-Filled Adventures and Holidays in Croatia

When just sunbathing and swimming is no longer enough, some Croatia adrenaline adventures can enhance your holidays in Croatia. Lot of people like to include at least one of outdoor adventures on their vacation.

For most travelers the word ‘holidays’ is a synonym for relaxing on a beach with a refreshing drink, and cooling yourself off with an occasional swim.

For those who prefer to add a dose of adrenaline to their ‘monotonous’ holiday vacations, I have prepared some daily or a week tours with unforgettable experiences in a unique natural setting.

Visiting Croatia, particularly Adriatic coastal destinations, you are less than an hour’s away from the most unique natural destinations and exciting outdoor activities.

If you decide to escape for a day into the intact nature of nearby mountains, islands and river’s canyon, than just follow my adventure suggestions:

Try Rafting Croatia Adrenaline Adventures

Experience the thrill of adrenaline adventures on whitewater rafting tours only 30 km south of Split near Omis, on the river Cetina or Zrmanja river only an hour away from Zadar. Cetina and Zrmanja rivers rafting are one of the most exciting outdoors adventures for everyone from 7-77 years of age.


You can check out our dedicated rafting page where you’ll find all rivers in Croatia where you can add a day or a week, practicing this thrilling adventure.

Rock Climbing

Croatia is a paradise for rock climbers in general, because of so much rocks all around and great climatic conditions particularly in summer period.

When you ask where’s the most interesting place for free climbing in Croatia, many climbers will answer, Omis. Actually a day trip to this rock climbing destination has the possibility to combine a tour of the sea, Cetina River rafting&canoeing and rocks climbing.
Omis near Split, top rock climbing destination!

The most distanced climbing location is only 5 min drive far from city center and the nearest one is just above the roofs of the old town.

It is possible to reach many climbing locations by road which is a significant advantage, especially for small and bigger groups.

Deep Water Soloing

Deep-water soloing is a form of solo rock climbing, practiced on sea cliffs at high tide that relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from falling from the generally high difficulty routes. There is practically no danger from practicing this climbing .

Deep water soloing over the years has become one very popular way for climbers to do a good training without sweating due to high temperatures in the summer time.

Dalmatia is one of the best destinations for this type of activities with numerous locations for practicing this way of climbing.

The most famous and most visited locations for this extreme activities are Split town locations, Katalinica Brig, Sustipan, Kasjuni and Ciovo island.

Sustipan hill is the oldest Deep Water Solo area in Croatia. It is located in Split, near the city center. Sustipan cliffs are mainly 6 to 10 meters high and the routes are usually overhanging (or very overhanging) with large holds-pockets. Right now there are about 25 routes.

Another deep water solo area is Kornati National Park. The famous “crowns” (steep cliffs) of Kornati are a characteristic feature of most of the islands of the archipelago that face the open sea. The highest ‘crown’ in the Kornati National Park can be found on the island of Klobucar (rising 82 meters above the sea). The longest ‘crown’ (above the sea surface) is on the island of Mana (1350 meters long).

Omis River Canyon Zip Line

I would never suggest any Croatia adrenaline adventures tours that are not 100% safe. These can be high adrenaline charged adventures, but the safety is always on the first place.

If you ever wanted to ride a Zip Line (called also aerial runway, aerial rope slide or flying fox) than the Zip Line in Omis is a right place for you. The Zip-Line company has 8 zip lines which cross the Cetina River Canyon, 3 km out of Omis town.

More adrenaline tours to Cetina river canyon:

Extreme Canyoning on Cetina River from Split
Basic Canyoning on Cetina River from Split

Can you imagine crossing the canyon at the speed of 65 km/h, 150 meters above the ground? The total length of all wires is 2100m. The longest wire is 700m long and it is situated 150m above the ground. Now that has all it takes to fill your body with adrenaline!

Skydiving in Croatia

If you decide to experience some new Croatia adrenaline adventures, the skydive is a perfect one. This jump it’s a kind of adventure you’ll remember throughout your whole life.

Skydiving in Croatia is unique because of the beautiful terrain you free fall and glide over in some right location I’ve picked for you.

  • Skydive the Croatian capital Zagreb and enjoy the beauty of a panoramic flight over the town.
  • Skydive Zadar, a beautiful city on the coastline with exceptional history and rich cultural heritage.
  • Hvar Skydive the sunniest island in Croatia, from June to September every summer.
  • Skydive Istria the largest peninsula in Croatia and enjoy free falling over the Vrsar or Medulin town.

Bungee Jumping

In Croatia, there are two bridges for bungee jumping. Both are located in Northern Dalmatia region. Bungee jumping is one of these Croatia adrenaline adventures with the highest dosage of adrenaline.

Do you need more adrenaline? If so than bungee Jumping from bridge in Croatia, will take your breath away.

ATV Quad And Jeep Safari in Croatia

It may seem an normal adventure but ATV Quad bike or Jeep tour will give you unique way to explore and learn more about breathtaking inland of Dalmatia.

Jeep tour is a unique ride with jeeps Land Rover Defender through the Dalmatian hinterland where you will enjoy in the magnificent views of untouched nature.

ATV Quad bike adventure will give you the chance to get in touch with your ‘wild side’. It is adapted to all age groups, you do not need any previous knowledge.

Kozjak mountain safari adventure
ATV Quad tour from Split

Best tours:

Quad Adventure Tour with Transfer from Split and Lunch
Jeep Safari Kozjak Tour from Split

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