Best Beaches in Croatia

How do you choose among many Croatia beaches the right one where to go swimming in the crystal blue Croatia’s Adriatic Sea? Let me help you with this list of best beaches in Croatia.

It’s really a delicate subject, since Croatia’s 1778 km coastline and 1185 islands offer all kind of beaches that according the type of seabed can be rocky, pebbly, gravelly and sandy.

I know that the perfect beach means different thing to different people. We are all looking for the quality of the beach itself, facilities at the beach, scenery and surrounding area.

Here you will find all kind of beaches along the coast and on Croatian islands that seem to be according my opinion the best choice. It’s going to be the hardest work for me to figure out the best ones, as many of you, maybe not agree with this preference.

You can find all kinds of beaches, form crowded full facilities beaches to isolated beaches in small coves, where you can share sun and the sea with seagulls only.

To find the best secluded beaches, rent a small motor boat or kayak and start for an expedition. I personally adore these secluded beaches. Call them anyway you like, but don’t miss them. They are one of the reason why many come to Croatia year after year.

Best Beaches in Croatia

I’ve made my personal list of 20 best beaches from Istria peninsula to southern part of Croatia’s Adriatic coast. If you have your favorite beach, share your story with other visitors.

Croatia Beaches Classification

It is no secret that Croatia’s diverse scenery, spectacular Adriatic coastline stands out in the Mediterranean region as a beach explorer’s adventure land.

Hidden among indented coastline with countless islands, islets and small rocks, there will certainly be a number of beaches that will appeal to almost anyone looking for a memorable seaside holiday experience.

Croatian beaches can be divided in several categories according to personal interests: family beaches, party beaches, romantic beaches, nudist beaches, secluded or even all inclusive beaches.

Croatia nudist beaches

It’s easy to be a nudist in Croatia. Whatever you call it and whether you have been a naturist for a long time, Croatia offers many very attractive naturist beaches.

Find out Croatia’s best naturalist beaches starting from north to south. It’s time to take off those ugly wet swimsuits and go for some serious skinny dipping.

Croatia Beaches By Seabed Type

Looking for a relaxing day at the beach where children can be entertained with different activities and play safely in shallow water? Most of the beaches in Croatia are pebbly, rocky and narrow, but they have the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.

Croatian coast doesn’t abound in sandy beaches, but lack of sand ensures the waters are some of the clearest and cleanest in the world.

Still, for all of you nothing-but-sandy beach fans, who simply do not feel right without sand under your feet, I’ve prepared a list of some of the most known sandy beaches in Croatia.
What’s Your Favorite Croatia Beach?

Share your story, tip or review about the your favorite beach in Croatia that you love!

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