Croatia Calling Card & SIM Card

When visiting Croatia using Croatia calling card or prepaid Sim card can significantly cut your calling expenses. If you are traveling often abroad and you can't imagine to be without your cell or mobile phone, don't despair, you can take it in Croatia.

You must be careful when using you cell with your original service provider. As soon as you land in Croatia, in our case, it could happen to face high international roaming charges, not only for calling but when sending or receiving text messages.

Before you start your travel, don't miss to find out with your local provider if you can use your own mobile phone in Croatia. Croatia is on the GSM 900/1800 frequency, like the rest of Europe.

If you have a GSM phone (smartphones are the best) and it is set it up for international roaming, this way of making or receiving calls, it the most expensive as you'll be charged by two companies, your home and local Croatian network.

From December 2015 roaming charges while using a mobile phone abroad, including in Croatia, will be abolished. Good news for mobile phone users in Croatia!

For avoid roaming charges, the cheapest way is contact one of local network providers and buy a SIM card and have your phone unlocked. Many providers will provide you with a SIM card, phone number and user manual.

There are several cellphone companies in Croatia but every day new companies are springing up. Among the best known are (091) (website only in Croatian), Hrvatski Telekom , Bonbon hr, Tomato network, Tele2.

I can suggest Tomato network and their prepaid tariff for 49kn + 20kn activation for which you get 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS and 1GB data for the whole month. You can buy SIM card with 20kn credit on it for 20kn on any newsstands, store, post office.

There is an essential difference when you decide which one to use. It depends on whether you are using your mobile or cell phone or not. Having a mobile phone in Croatia is absolutely required in any occasion while traveling across the country.

The main problem is that Croatia is on the GSM 900/1800 frequency which may cause  that some simple American mobile phones are not supported. Nowadays this problem has been overcome as all smartphones have been adapted to be used also in Croatia.  

Croatia Calling Card

I don't believe there are people traveling abroad who decide not to use their own cell (mobile) phone. Anyhow if you are not interested in traveling with a mobile than, Croatia calling cards are a great way to call home cheaply.

Advantages are:

  • Save up to 70% on international calls
  • You can call from over 150 countries, Croatia included
  • You can use international Croatia calling card from every phone (hotel, mobile and public phones)
  • Don't need to sign up
  • No monthly fees
  • Toll free numbers access
  • Pay in advance or pay after

Prepaid cell phones

If your cell phone is not one of 'smart' phones or you simply don't wont to travel with your phone, it' not a bad idea to buy a prepaid cell phone package from one of above Croatia network providers.

For as low as 200 to 250 HRK  you can have a mobile phone, SIM card, local phone number. The only defect of buying one, is that you can use it only while you are in Croatia and the manual is in Croatian.

Croatia calling card with unlimited
internet surfing

Croatia's WIFi coverage has been improving  year after year and you can be sure to find at least one WIFI network wherever  you go.  Most towns and its main important parts (squares, promenades and beaches) have been supplied with their own free to use hot-spots. (Here you can find a map of free-wife hot-spots in Croatia)

Today everyone is traveling with smart phones, tablets and it's easy to search for WiFi networks. If you’re planning on using your mobile device extensively for data purposes, you could also purchase a data SIM card in Croatia.

One of companies selling SIM cards in Croatia BonBon – check out their PrePaid Sim Card page for more details and where to buy.

Another one is where you can rent a pocket Wi-Fi with infinite internet   and enjoy high speed 4G during your stay in Croatia from just 6.40€ per day - RENT NOW!

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