Croatia Family Holidays

Croatia family holidays part2 will add more children activities and some useful suggestions  to find all the things to do in Croatia with kids.

Croatia Family Holidays Part2
Sandy beaches

I'm sure your kinds would like to make sandcastles or to play volleyball on a sandy beach.  It's true that the most Croatian beaches pebble, some rocky and not too many sandy ones.

Sandy beaches in Croatia are sometimes difficult to find, but there are a lot of these beaches scattered all along the Adriatic coast. The best way to find them is to ask the locals where to find one close to where you are staying.

Maybe you have already heard that you need to pack your water shoes when you go to Croatia. Many visitors complain about sea-urchins that can be a problem and beach shoes with a rubber sole are essential.

But still Croatia offers some beautiful sandy beaches too where it is possible for children to play on the sand without fear. Here is my list:

  • Dugi Otok (Long island) - Sakarun sandy beach situated on the wooden northwest coast of Dugi Otok . It is a beautiful cove of white sand with very shallow seawater level, ideal for children of all ages. Let me help you find the best accommodation on this island !
Saharun is one of Croatia's loveliest sandy beach but less known spots!
  • Kukljica Ugljan island sandy beaches -  It's true that Croatian coast doesn't abound in sandy beaches. But if you are for nothing-but-sandy beach, I propose Kukljica village, the most developed seaside resort on the island of Ugljan  with three sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity of the village.  Find out 4 best hotels and private apartments based on visitors reviews !
Kostanj sandy beach near Kukljica village on Ugljan island!
  • Nin Lagoon Beach Shallow Sandy Lagoon North Of Zadar Croatia - Nin Lagoon beach close to Zadar, will be a great discovery for all those looking for a sandy pleasure under the feet. Particularly this beach and many other sandy beaches around Nin town offer the best conditions for families with children of any age.

Top hotel accommodation near Nin Lagoon beach

4 stars Hotel Laguna Privlaka
5 stars Falkensteiner Hotel&Spa Iadera - Petrcane
  • Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaza) on Rab island near Lopar village - Does the name Paradise beach Croatia really fit in with this beach? The only way is to be there. If you are looking for a hundred percent sandy beach, than you can't go wrong. With 22 sandy beaches this island is a great choice for families with kids. Search hotels around Lopar !
Paradise (Rajska beach) near Lopar on Rab island
  • Korcula island sandy beaches - Bilin Zal and Przina beaches, are located near the seaside town of Lumbarda, 6 kilometers east of Korcula town. Przina is a longer beach and in the summer it gets early filled with tourists and locals. In whole area you can find few good quality hotels, luxury apartments and private rooms.
  • Sucuraj Hvar Town Beaches - Looking for Hvar island beaches? Sucuraj town is the only area with the largest number of sandy beaches. For families with children , Sucuraj  town offers the best sandy beaches on Hvar island. Perna and Mlaska are two popular sandy beaches with the shallow sea bottom, suitable for small children.
Perna sandy beach!
Mlaska sandy beach

Vis island sandy beaches - The rugged coast around the Vis island is spotted with stunning coves, caves and a couple of sandy and pebble beaches. Two of these sandy beaches stand out: Zaglav and Stoncica sandy beaches. Here are some accommodation deals near these beaches !

Zaglav sandy beach!
Stoncica sandy beach!
  • Velika Plaza (Big beach)  - 26 km southeast of Split town in Omis, popular seaside resort, under the steep mountain ridge, you'll find 800 meter long sandy beach Velika Plaza. Find apartment rentals near this beach !
Omis Velika Plaza (Big beach)

Croatia Family Holidays Part2
Kids Snorkeling

Looking for a relaxing day at the beach  where children can be entertained with different activities and play safely in shallow water?

Most of the beaches in Croatia are pebbly, rocky and narrow, but they have the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. Kids snorkeling will enhance your holiday by enjoying undersea life.

Just bring your own gear or rent it at your vacation spot in Croatia. Share the joy of finding under water fish, plants and coral in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea.

You and your children will love snorkeling in Croatia, because it’s easy (anybody can do it!), it’s family-friendly, and it’s relatively cheap (you can do it anywhere, and with a simple gear).

As the sea in Croatia is very clean and clear, the underwater visibility is perfect what makes snorkeling very safe in Croatia. Don't worry about sharks or whales. The only creatures you can run into are dolphins in the Adriatic.  Island Losinj and Rovinj are the most popular sites for dolphins. Book your place  on  Losinj bottle-nose dolphins tour!

Best places for snorkeling in Croatia:

Croatia Family Holidays Part2
Whitewater Rafting

For those who want an active holiday, rafting in Croatia is one of the most exciting outdoors adventures for everyone from 7-77 years of age.

Rafting on the rivers of Croatia is a wonderful way to get in touched with the unspoiled Croatian nature. All the rivers are with typical karst landscape all along the way, adorned by green banks and deep canyons.

The river Cetina is one of the most popular spots in Croatia for outdoor enthusiasts. River comes out of 5 strong wells at 380 m above the sea, under two mountains, Dinara and Gnjat, few km northern from town Vrlika, from where it flows south-east through the fields of Sinj, town Trilj to Zadvarje, where it turns west to Omis where it joins the Adriatic Sea.

There are many local agencies organizing rafting trips to Cetina River. However, the best way to book it is through some of the large agencies offering adventure tours all over Croatia, like Raftrek, and Huck Finn.

Take your kids to Croatia National Parks

On Croatia family holidays part2 Croatia’s national park system, Plitvice Lakes National Park is among the mandatory destinations. Croatia offers 6 national parks and 3 parks of nature but Plitvice with the series of turquoise waterfalls and lakes, is a top recommended children destination.

Tips for kids visiting Plitvice lakes

  • Avoid the crowds - skip busiest months July and August
  • Visit in off season - June and September are ideal months to visit the park as the weather is steady and the entire park is flourishing with vegetation.
  • Don't forget the proper footwear -  bring good walking shoes as you'll be walking on a lot of boardwalks and stairs, mostly are wet and slippery.
  • Respect the rules - to preserve the fragile ecology of Plitvice lakes, swimming is not allowed, fishing is severely forbidden, walking out of marked trails, littering and picking the plants or disturbing animals......
  • Food and Drink - even during the high season you'll find a lot of food stalls and restaurants I advise to bring and extra bag with water and sandwiches.

Zip Line Adventures

When just sunbathing and swimming is no longer enough, some Croatia adrenaline adventures can enhance your holidays in Croatia.

I would never suggest any Croatia adrenaline adventures tours that are not 100% safe. These can be high adrenaline charged adventures, but the safety is always on the first place.

If you ever wanted to ride a Zip Line (including kids) than the Zip Line in Omis is a right place for you. The Zip-Line company has 8 zip lines which cross the Cetina River Canyon, 3 km out of Omis town. Read more about Cetina Canyon zip line !

Cetina river zip-line adventure!

Take A Swim Under Waterfalls

While swimming at Plitvice lakes is  strictly forbidden, you can actually take a swim in the lakes at Krka National park, under Skradinski Buk waterfalls.

This is a unique massive natural pool for swimming, under three waterfalls.

In spite of the fact that it's rather crowded in high season and the entrance fee, this will be a great fun for families with children.

Warning: In order to protect the Krka National Park environment local authorities will limit to 10,000 visitors at a time due to concerns over safety and damage to the landscape.

Visit Croatia Game of Thrones locations

If you love watching Game of Thrones, Croatia is a right place to find all the best filming locations of this popular series. According some studies, Dubrovnik Croatia, 250.00 tourists visited Dubrovnik between 2012 and 2015 due to Game of Thrones.

According to these sources, 60.000 people have visited the Dubrovnik and its surroundings annually, merely because the series was shot there.

Bokar Fortress - Part of the King's Landing walls.
Minceta Tower - The House of the Undying in the town of Qarth!
Seaside Walls - Used as the King's Landing walls!

Here are best known Game of Thrones locations in Croatia worth visiting:

  • Dubrovnik
    – King’s Landing
    – The Gardens of Red Keep
    – Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor
    – House of the undying
  • Trsteno (near Dubrovnik)
    – The Gardens of Red Keep
  • Makarska (Biokovo mountain)
    – Journey to Meereen
  • Split Klis fortress
    – The City of Meereen
    – The Slave Rebellion
  • Trogir
    – City of Qarth
  • Sibenik and Krka falls
    – House of Black & White
    – Countryside and back drop scenes (waterfalls)
  • Wanderu propose to visit all filming locations in Croatia for just $90.

See all game of Thrones film sites in Croatia, putting historic Dubrovnik and Split into central roles as filming locations.

Windsurfing At Golden Horn Beach

Windsurfing at Croatia family holidays part2 is one of the most important summer outdoor activities. Whenever I talk about windsurfing, the first place that crosses my mind is magnificent pebble beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) in Bol town, on island of Brac.

Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) Bol town beach!

No sport other than windsurfing in Croatia can give you the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open, gliding smoothly over beautiful, clear Adriatic sea waters. There are many windsurfing destinations along the Adriatic coast.

Croatia Family Holidays Part2
Sea Kayaking

If I tell you that sea kayaking in Croatia is the perfect way to explore Croatia's unspoiled coast and islands, it must be a reason for it.

Unlike the Pacific Ocean, the North Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic sea is calm, warm, clean and tide changes are almost imperceptible.

Croatia offers a large number of sea kayaking destinations from Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar island, Split Marjan hill kayaking, Zadar islands and many more. 

Istria Peninsula Sea Kayaking

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