Croatia Honeymoon Part2
The best-kept secrets in Croatia

Croatia honeymoon part2 is a natural continuation of Croatia honeymoon itinerary that we have undertaken together from Dubrovnik Croatia stopping on our way at Mljet island, a green oasis and Korcula island  with its capital, the birthplace of famous Marco Polo.

Now it's time to keep on heading to new romantic places along the coast to discover more quiet and relaxing places which are perfect for your romantic escape.

To deciding which place is more romantic among them can be too personal. To choose the best destination possible, you also have to consider what else you enjoy and what kind of traveler you are.

Sometimes just a small restaurant, a lookout from the hill, breathtaking sunset, a quite place on a secluded beach or a long walk through the nature park, can be decisive to decide which destinations add on your Croatia honeymoon bucket list.

Guided by common sense I've decided to propose more destinations as a part of Croatia's most stunning destinations giving you all the reasons you should visit them and helping you where and when to plan your stay.

This romantic itinerary includes Lastovo island, Vis island, Hvar town (the best beaches destination), Trogir Croatia ( 'the small Venice'), Zadar Croatia (a town with the most beautiful sunset) , Pag island, Rab island and Opatija Riviera.

Discovering best-kept secrets in Croatia, Croatia honeymoon part2 will inevitably include Istria as magical land, tagged as 'the new Tuscany' with Rovinj Croatia (the most romantic town on Istria peninsula) and the hilltop medieval towns above river valleys like Motovun, medieval Istria's poster or Groznjan, the town of artists.

Finally for nature lovers, Plitvice Lakes National Park, the land of the falling lakes, will be the crown if you decide for lakes honeymoon destination.

Lastovo  Island
Croatia Honeymoon Part2

Croatia's second most distant island, Lastovo, considered a paradise at the edge of the world, is ideal for summer getaway  in heavenly solitude.

If you are looking for holidays based on private accommodation, which includes abundant offers of fish and lobster, vegetables grown in private gardens offered by generous local house owners that this island, is the right place for you.

This island is designed for couples and yacht owners. 

If you decide on this island, do your planning earlier as island has only one hotel - 3 stars Hotel Solitudo .

Lastovo island paradise!

Hvar Town Croatia
Honeymoon Part2

This time I decided to go further west to the islands that belong to the Split archipelago. Among the four largest islands I decided on island Hvar and island's capital, Hvar town.

Are you ready for your magic moments? Follow my advice and charter a sailboat  for a week or two. The yacht charter price (if divided with the number of the board crew) usually does not exceed the price of an accommodation with sea view room in a 4 star hotel.

You may be surprised with my idea of Hvar as a top place for a calm island getaway in Croatia. Many consider Hvar (town) only as a fashionable center of celebrity visitors with numerous cocktail beach bars and private luxury beaches.

But they are wrong! Hvar is the sunniest (more than 2724 hours of sunshine) town on Adriatic coast with pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich vegetation of palms, aloes, pine trees, laurel, rosemary and lavender and peaceful coves and islets.

Vis Island
Croatia Honeymoon Part2

Vis town sunset

Vis island another isolated island 90 minutes by catamaran from Split Croatia is a typical destination for lovers of Robinson Crusoe vacation style.

Rising out of the sea as a crown, Vis island  has all the charm of romantic and secluded hideout for lovers of the cleanest sea in the Mediterranean, gourmet delights and above all the tranquility.

It’s one of the last havens that from 1945 to 1992 for almost 40 years was a military bunker, an island off limits, isolated and inaccessible to foreign visitors. Only from 1992 after Croatia was proclaimed  as an independent state, Vis finally opened the doors to visitors.

As Croatia Honeymoon part 2 Vis island is highly recommended destination as one of the most romantic places in Central Dalmatia. Both Vis island towns, Vis and Komiza offer few exceptional romantic hotels.

  • Casa Nono or Villa Nonna - is a charming, two storey townhouse situated in a tiny courtyard just off Ribarska ulica - Komiza's main pedestrian walkway.
  • Apartments by the sea - charming little historical cottage with wonderful sea view. Nice little balcony and big patio only a few steps away from a quiet pebble beach in Vis town.
  • The Hotel San Giorgio,  a family-run hotel in Vis town surrounded by a lush green garden with palm, lemon and orange trees with modern rooms with a spectacular view over the harbor.
  • Villa Kate - Vis town. Great apartments for a few days in Vis. Only a short walk to the center and great views from the balcony.

Croatia Honeymoon Part2
Trogir The Taste Of Venice

Trogir street

Romantic Trogir Croatia is one of the Dalmatian coast's wonders. It is a small island just north of the major city of Split, separated from mainland by a canal.

The entire island has been built up like an old fortress, surrounded with high walls and towers. Did you know that Trogir is nicknamed the Adriatic’s Venice!

Don’t expect to find any channel, only an island that’s connected to the coast by a bridge. I can hear you asking what they have in common.

Zadar street

They both have a labyrinth of narrow streets bounded by old buildings and palaces, splendidly  decorated as a testimony of Venetian origins.

Just be careful when wandering through the city’s winding old streets paved with a local white stone, you might not find you way out!

Walking along every street (calle) (Venetian name for ‘streets’), you’ll find little architectural treasures like Gothic houses, courtyards with stoned stairs and minor but high-quality palaces.

Every inch of Trogir is amazing. One of the most beautiful parts of the city is its waterfront stroll called 'riva' you should visit during the hot summer nights. It is a right place for a nice cup of cappuccino or a tasty Italian pastry. 

Trogir has to be on your Croatia honeymoon part 2 list if you are traveling along the Adriatic coast. To enjoy Trogir's romantic atmosphere here are 10 best romantic hotels in Trogir.

Croatia Honeymoon Part2
Zadar Croatia

Since Zadar Croatia in 2016 has been declared Europe's best destination, this charming town will be inevitably a part of your Croatia Honeymoon part2 destination.

Exploring the city layout you can not help but notice, how Zadar is extremely easy city to walk around. Everything turns around the main street called 'Siroka ulica (Calle Larga - Kalelarga)', the most popular Zadar street (considered older than the city itself); it stretches in the direction east-west, from People's Square (Narodni trg) to the Roman Forum.

As all the major cities along the Adriatic coast, Zadar has some important landmarks you should visit walking around.

Greeting to the sun!
  • Riva promenade - In most Croatian towns that face the sea, for example like Split or Opatija, Zadar's Riva is one of the most beautiful Zadar attractions.
  • Zadar sea organ - Zadar organ is a musical instrument played by sea, seventy meters long with thirty-five organ pipes built under the concrete situated a few steps from the Ancona-Zadar ferry dock.
  • Greeting to the sun - At the very end of the Zadar peninsula, next to the famous Sea Organ, stands the the latest of Zadar attractions, a Greeting to the Sun sculpture, made by architect Nikola Basic.

Pag Island More Martian
Than Mediterranean

Strasko beach!

Opposite of the most islands of lush Mediterranean vegetation, Pag island is a great surprise of Croatia. As soon as you approach this island you'll be fascinate with its bare, pale hills, a scenery so silent and magical as any desert.

But still, this island connected with the mainland by a bridge 70 km north of Zadar, represents a clearly different romantic getaway in Dalmatia.

If you ask someone what makes this island famous, it is certain that the response will be related to four nouns - lamb, salt, cheese and lace.

Besides its capital , the pocket-sized Renaissance Pag town built on salt and lace, island is famous for its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches.

Have you ever heard about Croatia’s party beaches? Few years ago, Ibiza Spain was considered the world's party capital, without competition. But lately Zrce beach has become one of the most popular party beaches. It's probably the only beach in Croatia with Ibiza sense.

Boutique Hotel Boskinac, Novalja only 12 minute walk from the beach!

Looking for an unique place to stay? Than Hotel Boskinac a small, stylish hotel among vineyards is the place for you.

'Hotel Boskinac is about three things: rest, wine and food. So if you are looking for a quiet time under the setting sun with a glass of wine in your hand while enjoying the delicious dinner - that's your place'.

'The location in quite extraordinary. It feels like Provence at the hotel, but Pag is surreal. The food is worth the visit in itself as it is inspired and the service is excellent as well. I have never seen a more extraordinary breakfast'.

Rab Island For A Romantic Beach
Holiday Without  The Crowds

Rab town

If you approach Rab island  by boat, from a distance you'll have the feeling that you are approaching to the huge ship with four masts.

It's called a happy island. With 30 sandy beaches Rab is a really a happy island. Rare are the islands with so many different beaches scattered all round the island  from sandy to pebble ones.

You can't go wrong  if you choose Rab island for a romantic break. If in 1936, King Edward VIII and his American lover, Wallis Simpson spent their romantic rendezvous, swimming naked in Kandrola beach, so everybody can do!

August 1936 is the official beginning of naturism in Rab when the English King Edward VIII  and his wife got permission from Rab’s authorities to experience Croatia naturally. - the largest nudist personals site! - the largest nudist personals site!

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Best harbor overview!

For a comfortable and romantic hotel in a historic waterfront take in consideration Arbiana Heritage Hotel within the Old Town of Rab.

Opatija Riviera
For Belle Epoque Romance

Once the playground of Viennese aristocracy, Opatija Croatia and its Riviera, has become as a destination for stylish weekend breaks with modern spa treatments.

Opatija Croatia presents the same what Nice means for French or Monte Carlo for Italians. This genteel coastal town perched on the sea's edge with a string of charming nineteenth-century villas is the most elegant Croatia's tourist Riviera.

Opatija top local sight is a famous coastal promenade that stretches from Volosko to Lovran. Officially named the Franz Joseph I Promenade, but it's still in use the common name Lungomare.

Opatija 12 km promenade!

Get the celebrity treatment with world-class service at Design Hotel Navis a five-star spa hotel with sea views.

 Istria Croatia For Rural Romance
And Countryside Cuisine

Istria peninsula, tagged as 'the new Tuscany' is a new romance destinations only few steps from Italy and central Europe.

Divided in 'blue' and 'green' part with seaside towns and internal hilltop medieval towns, Istria is a real terra magica (magical land). Discover the best of Istria itinerary


Discover Rovinj Croatia, one of the most beautiful Istria towns, on the west side of the peninsula, a favorite tourist destination or places like Motovun, medieval pin-up, or nearby Groznjan, a village of artists.

Rovinj Croatia

For your romantic stay chose:

Romantic Boutique Hotel Kastel in Motovun hilltop town!
Boutique Hotel San Rocco, thr rustic-chic spa hotel in Brtonigla, near the coast!

Plitvice Lakes Honeymoon

Plitvice Lakes turquoise waters

When talking about lakes honeymoon destinations, most couples have in mind Niagara Falls or Lake Tahoe as a perfect post weddings  destination paradise.

Name of Plitvice Lakes may not be familiar to you (particularly for first time visitors) ,  you won’t be able even to find them on the map but you will be overwhelm by their beauty and unique romantic scenery, you will never forget it.

The Plitvice lakes are Croatia's most famous national park and among the most beautiful sights in Europe.

It consists of 16 connected lakes and numerous waterfalls, surrounded by dense forests, many trails, small, wooden bridges, built just above the calm waters.

Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Ethno House a modern chalet style hotel very close to Plitvice National park.
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Plitvice Lakes
Villa Verde has everything you need for a nice rest if you want to visit Plitvice Lakes. Perfect location close to the entrance!
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