Best Croatia
Honeymoon Destinations

Do you know why Croatia honeymoon destinations have become so desirable in the last few years. Some world famous fashion and travel magazines, claim that Game of Thrones filming sites, including Dubrovnik old town, have contributed Croatia to become more romantic travel destination.

That opinion is perhaps only partially acceptable as Croatia is full of sights and experiences still undiscovered. Croatia is famous for its azure sea, romantic beaches, pine forests, rocky coasts, vineyards and lots of small islands.

It's country of medieval towns, palaces, ancient walls and castles where architecture coexists with the untouched nature creating romantic settings to make your honeymoon memorable.

Rare places in the world are as picturesque and charming as the one you can find in Croatia. Croatia is a country with over 1000 islands with beautiful blue sea and archipelago lined with secluded bays and beautiful beaches.

Nine Great Croatia Honeymoon

The purpose of a honeymoon is to experience a romantic getaway where you and your beloved partner can immerse yourselves in the pure enjoyment of each other.

Imagine a resort far from the crowd of the city life, with accommodations located in the middle a lavish pine forest overlooking the deep-blue sea, boasting its own secluded beach, breathtaking sun sets,  a romantic boutique hotel in the middle of medieval old town ideal for a romantic walks or to emerge in green beauty of National Nature Parks.

Dubrovnik Croatia Honeymoon

Nobody can deny that couples in search of romance will choose Dubrovnik on the southernmost stretch of Croatia's coast as one of the most fashionable vacation spots in all of Europe.

It's an ideal place to reinforced your love bonds or even regenerate weakened relations in difficulty. This is a popular romantic travel destination town, full of museums, festivals and restaurants with a nice climate and spectacular landscapes.

Among Croatia honeymoon destinations this old city offers couples romance at its best. Enjoy getting to know each other all over again as you visit this Croatian city together on your anniversary.

Dubrovnik is a city for lovers and all those in search of enjoyment. Throughout the year Dubrovnik offers its historical charm, timeless beauty and special atmosphere to those who are in love.

Spectacular sunset spots in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is top destination for anyone who loves to watch the sunset below the sea horizon. There are many sunsets sports in Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik city walls  on evening stroll round the mighty city walls. Be smart and come towards the end of the day ( last entrance is at 7.30 PM in high summer season or 15:00 PM in winter).

Dubrovnik bird's eye view  - take this short cable car ride to get to the top of 778 meters Mt.Srdj hill to a plateau offering spectacular city view. Order a glass of local wine at Panorama restaurant and immerse yourself in sunset show. Don't worry cable car rides up to 22:00 PM.

Order a drink and a dip into sea from the Hole (Buza)  -  On the Dubrovnik's  bar list  this location hanging on the rocks below the southern walls, is one of the most magical spot overlooking the sea with stunning view on Lokrum island.

It's a perfect sunset drinks venue and if you have swimwear take a refreshing dip from the rocks. ( you should be a good swimmer)

Sunset Kayaking tour - Kayak beneath Dubrovnik's city walls on this 3-hour tour. Don't forget to bring a glass of wine while watching the sunset at the end of the tour.

Have look at these spectacular Dubrovnik Croatia honeymoon shots by Lisa, a professional photographer from Australia and founder of The Wandering Lens.

Dubrovnik romantic walks

The best place for romantic walks and leisure in general is Dubrovnik's town Placa or Stradun promenade, the most popular Dubrovnik attraction venue.

Porporela, a rocky bathing area in the Old Town

Not  less admirable is a short romance walk to Porporela (known as the lovers walk), a small breakwater (also a beach) the best place to enjoy the view of greenish Lokrum island.

It is worth to mention that another romantic stroll is Dubrovnik's town part called Lapad, including Babin Kuk area. Do you feel disoriented ? Go to Dubrovnik beaches to find where's Lapad and Babin Kuk.

Lapad bay (Uvala) is a wonderful and green nature surrounded promenade walkway with many cafe bars with personal atmosphere during the evenings. At the end of this walkway there is a beach with the same name with view of whole Lapad bay and the Elaphite islands. Here you can check all Lapad peninsula hotels .

Night swimming in Dubrovnik

Banje Beach, a trendy Saint Tropez style beach

If you are looking for something particular on your Croatia honeymoon escape than a romance activity number one is night swim on one of Dubrovnik beaches.

Whether you choose Banje , Dance or Lapad beach (Uvala) don't miss to go for a dive to discover a new world of light and plankton dance under the starry sky of Dubrovnik.

Only a night swimming can be so romantic.

Keep in mind that there's a difference between day and night swimming. I suggest Banje party beach, located in front of the eastern entrance (Ploce Gate) to the old town.

Dubrovnik romantic cruising

Whether you're celebrating your wedding anniversary or Dubrovnik will be on your Croatia honeymoon bucket list, don't miss this romantic cruising tour to Lokrum island the closest island to the old town.

'Karaka' ship romantic sunset cruise

Get a feel for Dubrovnik rich history by cruising around Dubrovnik in a traditional karaka (carrack) ship replica.

Romantic dinner while sailing next to one of Adriatic's most beautiful destinations will be an evening to remember.

Luxury Croatia Honeymoon Island Hopping

Luxury Cruise
Enjoy seven unforgettable days cruising on the southern Adriatic Sea from one island to another with the small ship cruiser. Relax and let the captain, the crew and our tour manager, take care of you.

Best Dubrovnik Croatia
Honeymoon Hotels

1. Villa Dubrovnik - The most romantic lovers retreat. This five-star Dubrovnik hotel built into a cliff with a view without comparisons.   

Its stupendous rooftop Prosciutto & Wine Bar is for savouring quality local wines at sunset cocktails that will remain in your memories for ever.

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2. Villa Orsula - this small boutique hotel, housed in a white stone villa dating from 1939, is a truly romantic retreat. If Elizabeth Taylor once stayed there as a guest than it's your turn.

With breathtaking view on Old Town and top service, makes it ideal nest for couples in love.

Villa Orsula, lovers retreat!

3.  Pucic Palace  - Looking for a romantic wake-up in the old city center? This old town has an abundance of romantic places where many couples will crown their love.

You can expect a true boutique hotel experience here, with plenty of history around you. There’s no pool, no beach or spa. But in compensation it offers the use of the hotel’s two motorboats for private excursions, plus free sun-beds at the nearby Banje beach club, just outside the town walls.

Hotel Excelsior - The 5-star luxury hotel Excelsior, a historic Dubrovnik hotel after complete reconstruction has 158 luxury accommodation units, including two presidential suites and 15 deluxe suites.

With unique views of Dubrovnik's medieval walls rising from the sea, it's built into a hillside above the coast, overlooking the deep-blue sea and the pine Lokrum island.

Croatia Honeymoon On
Odyssey Island

Leaving Dubrovnik by catamaran, after only 90 minutes, you'll come into view of an island that many describes it  'the last paradises in the Mediterranean'. It's name is Mljet island.

Welcome to Mljet island, the most beautiful and most forested island of the Adriatic. It's one of the most attractive pearl of the Mediterranean. The rich vegetation of the island, assigned to Mljet Park a name of a Green Island.

Mljet island sunset

Where to stay! Mljet has only one hotel, the three-star Hotel Odisej  but a good alternative is a vast choice of apartment rentals in Saplunara and Pomena.

Croatia Honeymoon With

Luxury Dalmatian Voyager
Each time I travel by boat from Dubrovnik to Korcula Croatia I'm so fascinated with its charm and beauty and its similarity to Dubrovnik.

Did you know that the famous Dubrovnik has a twin called romantic Korcula 'A Little Dubrovnik'. This small romantic town is on the same name island offers the same medieval charm that his older and more famous brother has.

Narrow streets and old stairways, old churches, mighty walls, cannon protected fortress, romantic small restaurants, red roofs and secluded beaches all you need for your next destination on Croatia honeymoon itinerary.

Romantic Korcula Sunset

You can walk romantic streets of old Korcula town, watch magnificent sunset or you can enjoy hills and valleys of the interior, and nearly 200 unspoiled coves and beaches. 

Korcula Sunset
Have a look at the latest video of Korcula sunset shot in the late afternoon in Korcula Town, in vicinity of Sveti Nikola Church and Monastery.

Perfect for swimming and underwater diving. Korcula island is ideal for an active holiday including romantic strolls through pine woods and many caves. Windsurfing and sailing are the best activities.

The best way on your Croatia honeymoon exploration is walking around this old town. It wont take you too much of your time but this magical city with eight Renaissance palaces and numerous narrow winding streets and squares, will show you the best of its famed elegant Venetian architecture.

Best Korcula Town Croatia
Honeymoon Hotels

Lesic Dimitri Palace  -   This boutique hotel seated in a restored 18th-century Bishop’s Palace in the heart of Korcula town.

This hotel with a separate apartment on each of the six floors, each with four bedrooms is considered a high-end apart-hotel with restaurant and spa, situated next to the house of Marco Polo. This hotel has been featured in 2009 among ’20 of the world’s most romantic retreats. Read this The Observer article about Weddings Abroad!

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Hotel Korsal - four star hotel centrally located just a few minutes walk from Korcula’s Old Town. Hotel offers only 10 very comfortable rooms with a large terrace that overlooks the beach promenade.

Hotel is situated in a car-free zone, 250 meters from Korcula’s marina, the bus station and the ferry dock to Split and Dubrovnik. Prices start from € 80.

New arrivals - Defora Sun Gardens and Mediterranean garden.

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