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I know how difficult can be to plan a perfect Croatia itinerary, if you aren't familiar with your new travel destination or if you have limited time. That's way I've decided to give you a little help to know everything you need to make your Croatia travel planning more easier. 

Before we start planning your visit, first of all ask yourself - What is there for me?  Visiting Croatia (Hrvatska) can reward you in many ways but you will definitely run into situations you would not face at home. This specially regards USA tourists. Here are some points to consider when you think about visiting Croatia.

Prior any planning of itinerary around Croatia, take some time to examine some crucial facts that will be a great help to obtain necessary information. First of all, interrogate what is the best period to go in Croatia?

No less important are the reasons why Croatia is on your 'bucket list'. If you are coming only for swimming and sunbathing to get a tan, then your itinerary will focus on coastal regions from Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia (Northern, Central and Southern Dalmatia). Maybe island hopping  will be right choice for you!

Second factor but not less important will be which entrance point you are getting in Croatia from. You might land in Zagreb airport or from coastal airports like Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

Many travelers are coming by car from Italy or taking a ferry connections from Italy (Ancona or Bari) to Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik towns.

How much time do you plan to stay in Croatia?  The less time you have, the itinerary will be more restrictive. For example, in three days you can visit only Dubrovnik, in five days you can add Split as your extra destination, combining one half day tour to Mostar or Montenegro (not both).

What king of transportation you have in mind?  Croatia itinerary can be done entirely by public transportation. Bus service in Croatia is extremely efficient. Buses connect all, even the smallest villages. Croatia car hire service is effective and seriously consider occasionally hiring a car for the day (e.g. to explore green Istria's peninsula hilltop towns, a day trip to Mostar, Montenegro or Krka national park from Split).

How easy is it to drive in Croatia? Driving in Croatia can be pleasantly convenient or totally stressing.What you should know about driving in Croatia no matter if you are driving your own car or renting one!

What are the prices in Croatia? It's important to establish a budget as early as possible,  even before travel dates or itinerary. Croatia is generally cheaper than Italy or France, but there are ways to save everywhere: travel in the off-season, pick private budget accommodations, plan a shorter trip.

Before you start planning, get your copy of Croatia Travel Guide with up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you.

Croatia travel guide - 9th Edition April 2017

Best Croatia Itinerary

In the country with so many to see and a little time available, it will be a challenge to decide on best itineraries. Depending on the length of your trip, taking geographic distances into consideration and the point of entry in Croatia, here are my recommended preferences.

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  • Itinerary 14 days - This is the most popular Croatia Itinerary. Starting point Zagreb ending point Dubrovnik. Type of transportation: public transportation (bus) or car rental, combined with ferry and catamaran connections.
  • Itinerary 10 days - starting in Zagreb and ending in Dubrovnik. This itinerary works equally well with a car or public transport.
  • Itinerary 8 days - staring point Split ending point Dubrovnik (or vice versa). Type of transportation: car&passenger ferry or catamaran only passenger. 
  • Itinerary 7 days - target Istria peninsula. Starting and ending point Zagreb or Pula. Transportation bus&car rental.
  • 7 Days Romantic Itinerary - one-week itinerary from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa) to enjoy the romance of ancient towns and islands.
  • Itinerary 5 days in Dubrovnik - starting point Dubrovnik, ending Dubrovnik. Suggested transportation: organized tours, public transportation (bus) or car hire.
  • Seven days itinerary in Split visiting islands, Krka and Plitvice Parks

Seven 'Pro' Reasons To Plan Croatia Itinerary

  • If the historical background is something you are interested in, Croatia is definitely for you - many Greek and Roman traces along the coast.
  • If you prefer to immerse in another culture, trying everything from local foods, visiting local grocery, open-air markets, take walks in unusual places, experience festivals or local traditional ceremonies, Croatia is the right place for this.
  • When planning your Croatia itinerary, for some vacationers, it’s all about the food. I am sure you will like the Croatian cuisine, specially the one along the coast, a typical Mediterranean, very similar to Italian.
  • Dream Destination - perhaps Croatia has not jet become your dream destination but if you want to visit a 'New Tuscany' or a 'Small Venice' on the other side of the Adriatic Sea than you should visit Hrvatska.
  • Wonders of the World - Visiting Croatia you will not see any of New 7 Wonders of the World but you will be definitely delighted by Croatia’s Wonders like Dubrovnik 'The pearl of the Adriatic' , Diocletian Palace in Split , Trogir and Sibenik cathedral, Pula’s amphitheater, Saint Donate in Zadar.
  • Travel Cost - If you asked me this question 5 years ago, the answer would be 'Croatia is not expensive'. Despite the price increase Croatia is cheaper than destinations like Italy, France or Spain. Food is still cheaper then elsewhere and even better. You will find that rates for a holiday in Croatia are very reasonable and more economical at this time than in other places in the world.
  • Safety  - It is quite safe to travel all over Croatia and robbery and thefts are not a problem. You can safely walk in any town at night, but use your common sense, as always.

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