Where To Find The Best
Croatia Travel Deals

Finding the best Croatia travel deals are no different from any other travel destination. All is a matter of timing. It can sometimes be a problem when a deal forces you taking a plane in 24 hours. Not all travelers can do this!

On the other hand most deals start a few months ahead of your scheduled holiday date, leaving you enough time to plan your schedule. Many travelers are looking first on flying deals and then they figure out how the rest of the plan works.

We are all looking out for deals, not matter what they refer to. If we can save on anything, we are more than happy. But how it works in the case of Croatia?

Let's take a peek into where to go for deals, tips or an expert advice. There are many people who focus only on this aspect of travel and I'm one of them but only regarding Croatia as your next travel destination.

Flight Croatia Travel Deals

When you start looking for a flight deals to Croatia it will not be very easy to find them, especially if you are coming from the United States. I must immediately underline that there are no direct flights to any Croatia's destination.

Unlike the others I prefer reliable CheapOair as a good first stop in checking for cheap flights to Europe. Zagreb Croatia as a Croatia’s main airport and the most important hub, runs all domestic and international flights.

British Airways and Croatia Airlines both fly direct to Zagreb from the UK. When looking for flights to Zagreb you can find and compare the best deals on flights with Skyscanner that helps you filter flights based on what’s important to you: price, departure time, or number of stops.

Cheap Flights to Croatia

The best Croatia travel deals referring to flights you can find in period between mid and high season (from May to September) when many low cost companies make available plenty of flights.

Below I present you some flight Croatia travel deals starting from March 2018 from different European cities to Croatia's destinations along the coast. This list covers flights up to 3 rd of August but it will be regularly updated.

  • Frankfurt - Pula
    March 26 - Ryanair
  • Frankfurt - Zadar
    March 26 - Ryanair
  • Frankfurt - Rijeka
    March 27 - Ryanair
  • Zurich - Dubrovnik
    March 30 - Edelweiss
  • Rotterdam - Dubrovnik
    April 05 - Transavia
  • Dubai - Dubrovnik
    April 10 - Flydubai
  • Nice - Split
    April 22 - Volotea
  • Ljubljana - Brac
    April 28 - Adria Airways
  • Brussels - Split
    April 28 - Brussels Airlines
  • Frankfurt - Zadar
    April 28 - Lufthansa
  • Frankfurt - Zadar
    April 28 - Condor
  • Frankfurt - Rijeka
    April 29 - Condor
  • Dusseldorf - Split
    April 29 - Condor
  • Hanover - Split
    April 29 - Condor
  • Dubrovnik - Munich
    April 30 - Croatia Airlines
  • East Midlands - Dubrovnik
    May 03 - TUIfly
  • Newcastle - Dubrovnik
    May 03 - TUIfly
  • Warsaw - Dubrovnik
    May 03 - LOT
  • Zagreb - Dublin
    May 03 - Croatia Airlines
  • Split - Copenhagen
    May 05 - Croatia Airlines
  • Copenhagen - Pula
    May 05 - TUIfly
  • Bern - Brac
    May 05 - SkyWork Airlines
  • Zadar - Memmingen
    May 08 - Ryanair
  • Rotterdam - Brac
    May 12 - TUIfly
  • Brussels - Zadar
    May 12 - Brussels Airlines

By courtesy of Ex-yu Aviation

  • Zagreb - Dublin
    May 03 - Croatia Airlines
  • Split - Copenhagen
    May 05 - Croatia Airlines
  • Copenhagen - Pula
    May 05 - TUIfly
  • Bern - Brac
    May 05 - SkyWork Airlines
  • Zadar - Memmingen
    May 08 - Ryanair
  • Rotterdam - Brac
    May 12 - TUIfly
  • Brussels - Zadar
    May 12 - Brussels Airlines
  • Zurich - Zadar
    May 12 - Germania Flug
  • Manchester - Dubrovnik May 13 - Thomas Cook Airlines
  • London Gatwick - Split
    May 14 - Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Athens - Zagreb
    May 14 - Aegean Airlines
  • Luxembourg - Brac
    May 19 - Luxair
  • Riga - Split
    May 21 - airBaltic
  • Athens - Zadar
    May 22 - Aegean Airlines
  • St Petersburg - Pula
    May 27 - S7 Airlines
  • Bergamo - Dubrovnik
    May 28 - Volotea
  • Bergamo - Split                 May 29 - Volotea


  • Nantes - Pula
    May 30 - Volotea
  • Birmingham - Split
    May 30 - Jet2
  • Katowice - Dubrovnik
    May 31 - Smartwings
  • Warsaw - Dubrovnik
    May 31 - Smartwings
  • Toronto - Zagreb
    June 02 - Air Canada Rouge
  • Katowice - Split
    June 03 - Smartwings
  • Oslo - Zadar
    June 19 - Norwegian
  • Geneva - Pula
    June 23 - Swiss
  • Aarhus - Split
    June 24 - SAS
  • Milan - Pula
    June 25 - easyJet
  • Basel - Pula
    June 26 - easyJet
  • Venice - Dubrovnik
    June 26 - easyJet
  • Bari - Dubrovnik
    June 26 - Volotea
  • Palermo - Split
    June 27 - Volotea
  • Berlin - Zadar
    June 27 - easyJet
  • Stavanger - Pula
    June 30 - SAS
  • Bremen - Zadar
    July 02 - Ryanair
  • Bergen - Pula
    July 04 - SAS
  • Eindhoven - Rijeka
    July 05 - Transavia
  • Amsterdam - Zadar
    July 07 - TUIfly
  • Paris - Dubrovnik
    July 14 - Air France
  • London Southend - Pula July 24 - easyJet
  • London Southend - Dubrovnik
    July 27 - easyJet
  • Liverpool - Pula
    July 29 - easyJet
  • Berlin - Pula
    August 03 - easyJet
Business Class Deals

Accommodation Deals


Hotel Croatia Travel Deals are rather hard to find and mostly aren't convenient for everyone. I suggest to search for the rates on particular hotel website to  book directly, as there is usually a lower rate.

There are a lot of hotel websites  I’ve tried many over the last few years  but looking for best Croatia travel deals for cheap accommodation, Booking.com and Agoda are just the best resources that have the largest selection of results.

If you search these two companies, you’ll always find the best hotel bargains in the 1, 2  or 3 star category.  Booking com comes out with 44202 properties found all over Croatia for 2 and 3 stars properties. 

Getting Around Croatia Travel
Deals And Tips

Getting around Croatia has become far more convenient in the last several years. Using local transportation in Croatia can be the best way to save money and time.

Bus Croatia Travel Deals

One of my favorite getting around Croatia travel deals is using the bus service. This is the most economical and most convenient way to travel. Buses cover all destination even the smallest and isolated villages and islands.

For example, 224 kilometers between Split and Dubrovnik, a bus ride takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes and it costs only 17 Euro (21 US$), offering spectacular sea views along the way.

Ferry Croatia Travel Deals

When it comes to travel between the mainland and Croatia's islands, you can hardly find cheaper Croatia travel deals than ferries . This is the most pleasant way to travel, but also the slowest. For example, two hours ferry crossing from Split to Stari Grad (Hvar island) costs little more than 5 euros. 

Rental Cor Croatia Travel Deals

Travel your way – find the best price on one-way  renting  car in Croatia

This mode of transportation offers the most flexibility as it allows you to stop frequently and explore some of the beautiful coastal villages along the way. I must say hiring a car in Croatia is very convenient.

Most car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, and Europcar charge an additional 1-way return fee for rentals in Dubrovnik with returns in Split (or vice-versa). I recommend Rentalcars.com.

Croatia Travel Deals
Special Offers

Many local agencies are competing among themselves to offer the cheapest Croatia deals. I chose for you two most reputable agencies:

Adriatic.hr offers special deals for apartments, holiday houses and rooms with discounts of 20 %. Their last minute opportunity is ideal for all travelers who can be flexible with the dates of their vacation. These discounts go up to 15 %.

This agency (located in Split Croatia) offers also the properties from the program Best Buy, including accommodation with the best price-quality ratio. I particularly appreciate their recommending program where you can recommend your friends and in return your friend takes advantage of 5 % for their first time booking.  

Adriatic.hr is only agency that proposes a free refund of rainy days in case of damages and will compensate you up to 50 % of the booking amount. Not bad, indeed!

Adriagate.com is also located in Split Croatia. It offers similar Croatia travels deals using last minute offers that can save you up to 50 %. They have also introduced first minute 2018 offers but I think their condition to book your accommodation 180 days in advance to have only 10 % of discount, is rather too long.

Sailing Croatia Travel Deals On The
Adriatic In Dalmatia

If you are looking for a very special adventure and a different way to enjoy your vacation, cruising the Adriatic in Croatia in restored antique ships is for you.

The closest thing to this experience is being on the Windjammer in Maine, USA.  But, instead of sailing on the rough Atlantic Ocean, you are sailing on the calm blue waters of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Dalmatia has a very mild climate. Winters are short and mild, and summers are long and hot. Due to Dalmatia geographical position there are often very pleasant winds. On average, every other day in Dalmatia is sunny and bright. All of these characteristics make Dalmatian climate one of the most desirable on our planet and cruising in Dalmatia the most popular vacation choice.

For this experience, you have to be fit, agile, adaptable, and enjoy meeting people from all over Europe. These ships have tall sails, but mostly run with motors as the wind is seldom and unpredictable.  The capacity of these small ships is for a mere twenty-eight or so people. The cabins are basic and small and not sound-proof, reachable by narrow steep stairs.  Some ships have private bathrooms for each cabin, while others are shared.

These adventures are for vacationers who love to swim, sunbathe, and snorkel, which can be done right off the ship as it anchors in beautiful spots. If you like camping, don’t require much privacy, and are comfortable with informal living, than you are a good candidate for this holiday adventure.

Each evening your ship docks at either islands or the mainland, to enable you to socialize and enjoy local food and shops before returning to the ship for the night.

No need or space for a fancy wardrobe or many suitcases.  This is a trip for tee shirts, swim suits, a few towels with lots of sun lotion in a small suitcase.

Croatia Island Hopper from Split - Classic Standard Below Deck

Each ship has its own chef who prepares home-cooked meals with local produce, meat and fish daily in the informal dining area. Passengers share meals as they get to chat, make new friends, and learn about Croatia as they sail.

Cruising in Croatia is one of the best Croatia travel deals, chartering one of the many comfortable ships is your holiday option where you can decide where and how to spend your time. Hopping from one to another island, visiting secluded coves and small fishing villages and admiring the natural splendor of the Adriatic coast.

Top Sailing Croatia Travel deals 2018

Contiki - Best of Croatia and Balkans

If island hopping around Croatia doesn't tickle your fancy, then we don't know what will. Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik, and many other hot-spots of the Dalmatian coast will keep you well entertained and soaked in sunshine.

Award Winner sailing by Koda Sail company

Start and end in Split! With the sailing tour Dalmatian Voyager, you have a 8 day tour package taking you through Split, Croatia and 7 other destinations in Croatia. Dalmatian Voyager includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

Busaboat Croatia Sailing Tours

There are a lot of sailing tours along the Croatia Adriatic sea and the most of them will be a great fun. But if you are looking for a party, want to hang out with a gang of other young travelers, this boat is definitely for you. Read NomadicMatt's experience on Busaboat 'Plomin' boat sailing tour.

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