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Croatia TripAdvisor offers thousands of reviews and opinions about hotels, restaurants, maps, venues and places of interest all over Croatia.

TripAdvisor is unquestionably the privileged platform to find the best solutions by giving visitors a precise idea of what to expect even before they get to desired destination.

But, it's not the only advantage of this travel platform. Its mission isn't only to help travelers around the world plan and book the perfect trip but also to be able to help travelers through sharing their experiences and passions with others.

If you do love to travel as I do, using TripAdvisor writing reviews about a hotel, restaurant or an attraction, can be a pleasure to know that somebody's travel can be better also thanks to my or other fellow travelers advice.

How travelers use Croatia TripAdvisor?

Generally travelers, no matter where they are traveling,  like to read reviews. Usually travelers read at least 6 to 12 reviews before selecting a hotel, restaurant or attraction.

How travelers use the reviews? I think that 60 % of travelers would not book a hotel with no recessions. But how do travelers interpret the reviews?

Examining  how travelers use TripAdvisor some interesting things emerge: sometimes photos and prices can be dominating in booking a hotel and extreme comments are ignored.

Sometimes  travelers are more interested in photos posted by others as they can help in choosing a hotel or a restaurant. Travelers also are more likely to book hotels that received one or more rewards from TripAdvisor.

The importance of reviews is not limited to hotels: even restaurants need it. According to some researches, more than 40 % of travelers will avoid trying out restaurants that did not have reviews.

The importance of hotels or restaurants managers' responses. How do you react when you see a proper manager response to a negative review?

The majority of travelers agree that when they see responses from the hotel 'makes it more likely to book that hotel (compared to a similar structure that does not respond )'. On contrary missing to respond to a negative review 'makes it less likely to book that hotel'.

Above is an example of negative review of a Guest House Riviera Hotel in beautiful Pula town. Regardless of the manager's answers and all efforts to answer the complaints of the guests of this hotel, I don't think this hotel will be on your 'bucket list' if you plan to visit Pula Croatia. 

Trip Offers By Croatia TripAdvisor

If you are planning a trip to Croatia TripAdvisor offers a wide range of the newest reviews about the most popular destinations, where  you can find hotel deals with suggestions what to do and which attractions to visit.

If you fly to Croatia you will find cheap airfares to Croatia, arriving in Zagreb or direct flights to coastal towns like Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

If you have already selected your Croatia destination, Croatia TripAdvisor presents detailed best travel offers city by city, things to do and things to see like museums, churches, attractive places to visit and beaches.

You can read travelers reviews of every hotel and restaurant supplied by useful maps with all travel information. If that's not enough, Croatia travel forum and forum of all important destinations, let you ask questions and get advice.

Post your question in Croatia forum, travel experts and travelers like you, will be glad to help you. Below is one example of questions!

Popular Croatia TripAdvisor Destinations

Planning A Trip To Croatia By TripAdvisor

Croatia is a rather diverse country with two completely opposing parts, the internal and the coastal. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to plan any itinerary that covers all its important places without leaving out some 'must be seen'.

When you are in the planning stage, Croatia TripAdvisor can be of great help if you follow my personal advice starting from one of these three principal points.

I’ve subdivided itineraries into three parts, depending on entrance point in Croatia; itinerary for those who enter the country at Zagreb, and routes for those who start in Dubrovnik or Split.

All depends how you are arriving in Croatia! If you are flying to Croatia directly from North America, chances are you will land in Zagreb. Depending on your budget, the first thing will be to book your hotel. Here is a list of top luxury hotels in Croatia.

If you are traveling on budget, Croatia TripAdvisor offers a wide range of cheap private accommodation, usually classified as Croatia B&B accommodation.

If you are traveling with friends or with a family, you can chose one of the many all inclusive hotels or some of the most attractive top Croatia family resorts .

If you need more specific kind of vacation properties, you can pick one of villas along the coastal part of Croatia, using Croatia's rentals and reading travelers reviews.  

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