Private Croatia Vacation Rentals

Private Croatia vacation rentals or better known in Croatia as a private accommodation, has a long tradition from the period when Croatia was a part of the former Yugoslavia.

Today Croatia offers thousands of private vacation properties as  a fully furnished property, such as a holiday villa, apartment, houses or just a single family style room.

From my experience this type of accommodation is the most popular and the one that your budget will permit. Private accommodation in Croatia is sometimes the only possible accommodation in high season when everywhere is overbooked like in some  well-trodden destinations, like Hvar or Dubrovnik.

How to choose the best Croatia vacation rentals accommodation?

A good question. Is it? Don’t worry I have a key to this answer. There is only the embarrassment to choose the right one among more than twenty thousand private accommodation unit spread over Croatia.

Private apartments and villas are the most sought. Here are some general advises how to search online the best one before booking definitely:

  • Start booking in advance if possible from March to late May.
  • The important things to look for in private accommodation are cleanliness and a comfortable bed.
  • If you want a double bed, check to make sure it's a true double bed and not just two singles put together.
  • If you are looking for two rooms’ apartment, be sure to get two separate rooms not one room and other bed in the dining room or what’s worse, in the kitchen.

How to avoid the rentals delusions

Some travelers avoid Croatia vacation rentals of fear to get 'Significantly Not As Described'. Sometimes a property that looks like paradise in the photo, upon the traveler's arrival may be a great delusion. To reduce this risk here are some suggestions: 

  • Read carefully users' reviews. Don't risk if there is none!
  • Check the property on the map!
  • Check the distance of the property from the sea.
  • What's the type of the nearest beach. Read more about beaches in Croatia!
  • What's the walking distance to nearest beach.
  • Accessibility to accommodation by car.
  • Parking space.
  • Distance from the nearest ferry port.
  • Distance from the nearest airport.
  • Distance from the nearest exchange office.
  • Distance from the nearest petrol station.
  • Distance from the pharmacy.
  • Distance from the markets or food shops.
  • Distance from the center of the city.

Below is an example of one beautiful villa in a small village of Donji Humac on Brac island. You'll find many luxurious villas there but if you want to be close to the sea than you'll find that there is 7 km to the nearest beach. 

A stone villa rental in Donji Humac, Croatia on Brac island!

Finding Croatia Vacation Rentals Online

If you prefer to book your accommodation online in advance, there are plenty of options around internet. Keep in mind that many private rentals owners list their properties on a different sites, so it can happen to run into the same property. 

Good old Booking com has a huge database including rooms and apartments all subdivided by cities, regions, islands. airports, landmarks and district. Don't miss to explore their Croatia villas offers. is my favorite site with original world wide vacation rentals including a wide range of Croatia apartments and villas. I like this site as you can use all parameters when searching a right property limiting a risk to get SNAD (significantly not as described).

Vacation rentals by regions

Croatia vacation rentals by city


  • Hvar: Apartments, Houses & More
  • Brac: Apartments, Houses & More
  • Krk: Apartments, Houses & More

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