Cruises In Croatia Where Your Hotel Room Travels With You

Cruises in Croatia, chartering one of the many comfortable gullets is your best holiday option where you can decide where and how to spend your time.

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Chartering a gullet gives you the freedom, a cruise liner or a hotel cannot offer you. There are no fixed itineraries, so you are free to go where and when you please, visiting ancient sites and ruins, swimming in clear water and isolated caves, dressing as you like and eating what you imagine.

The things that count on a cruise the most are not huge cabins, wide screen TVs with DVDs and Jacuzzi in every cabin or on deck. It is cool to have them, but when you are on cruise, you normally never use it.

If you are looking for a very special adventure and a different way to enjoy your vacation, cruising the Adriatic in Croatia in restored antique ships is for you.

The closest thing to this experience is being on the Windjammer in Maine, USA.  But, instead of sailing on the rough Atlantic Ocean, you are sailing on the calm blue waters of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

What Makes Gullet Cruises In Croatia So Irresistible?

  • Imagine sailing, without moving a finger (let crew do all the work).
  • Imagine yourself in your own private hotel on water, with your friends only.
  • Imagine yourself in turquoise water without any worries in your mind.
  • Imagine your captain takes you to different bay every day.
  • Imagine extraordinary food, your crew prepares for you every day.

The crew is on your service, just for you. Have as much fun or tranquillity as you want and when you want it. But that's only the half of it. If you don’t know what a gullet is , here you will find more information.

For Whom Is A Gullet Cruise?

According your interest gullets offer different type of cruising  - families cruising, student party cruise. honeymoon or wedding cruise, cruising for seniors, cruising for naturist, gay cruising, diving lovers cruise, business cruise.

Many cruising companies propose some of suggested itineraries but  you can choose your own route. If you wish to visit a quiet cove or a small coastal town, a national park or a church, you can count on special tailored itineraries.

Family cruising on a gullet

If you are considering going on a gullet cruises in Croatia with children or teen-ages, you can find gullets that are specific family-related or kids/teens programs. They are usually held at spring break or summer vacation time.

But even without special programs most of the gullets are wonderful for families if the activities focus on nature and wildlife.

The main benefits of family cruises in Croatia are a privacy as it's a private charter, the only people on board is your family and a crew. You'll be much closer to your children and  family routes, are designed to assure 100% safety for small children on board.

The crew on board will be happy  to teach your children fishing, water skiing, diving and more. You can in advance modify the route and food menu completely by your wishes. One family can organize a trip with more families together on the same gullet so children will have fun together.

Seniors gullet cruises in Croatia

There are variety of cruises specially designed for '55 +' senior groups. These cruises are composed of special itineraries, cuisines and events that are most appropriate.

The best thing on these cruises is that it is a private cruise, where the last word is yours. If you will have a desire to do something completely different, it can all be arranged. It's ideal travel to many ports-of-call without the hassle of packing and unpacking and without the stress of making multiple plane connections.

Cruising is safe. Travel and dine in safety and comfort while visiting even the most remote ports-of-call. Cruising offers non-stop activities. Do as much or as little as you want. Service is number one priority. You will be treated like royalty.

You and your friends can choose from a range of super luxury to low budget gullet cruises. You can choose cruises to fit every budget.

Gullet cruise holidays are different then renting a villa going to hotel or renting a sailing yacht or a motor yacht. I will give you five reasons why I believe gullets are the most amazing way of spending your holidays.

Gullet's romantic cruises in Croatia

If you are traveling as a couple on romantic cruise, you will never be short of sea and romance! You can go swimming at any moment and in every place. Imagine sailing through the Kornati islands on a private sailing charter, perfect weather, magnificent boat, trustworthy crew, fabulous food.

If you chose gullet cruises in Croatia as your honeymoon venue, it will be a spectacular adventure filled with sailing, swimming , sleeping, sunning, eating and love.

And can you imagine a more romantic evening than being on the deck of a boat under a starlit sky, surrounded by luminescent plankton? Have you ever try to swim with your loved one at night? Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you haven’t been on any of gullets sailing charters I assure you without hesitation this is the best way to share your romantic moments and you will wish to come again.

Business cruises in Croatia

Lately many big companies have been organizing business cruise for their employees and their families. There are two main reasons to organize gullet cruising as a part of incentive program.

On the first place, it's a good idea to reward your good performers or maybe you as the owner of the company would like to motivate the whole team.

According to studies when productivity drops, it is time to intervene and benefit the team. A cruise holiday is one of the best ways to reward your staff. It is also becoming very popular as a mean for team-building and for a management retreat.

What others say about gullets cruises in Croatia - Peter Sommer's story 'Cruising the Dalmatian Coast from Split to Dubrovnik' or Gabriella Le Breton, a travel writer story 'Croatia by gullet a gentle cruise around the Dalmatian coast'.

Your employees will appreciate the fine Dalmatian cuisine, high level service and the many activities on board. You, as a company owner will appreciate the price because cruises in Croatia holidays are getting cheaper, offering special deals.

How much do gullets cruises in Croatia cost?

When it comes to gullet charter prices you have to know this is not the only cost you will have during your cruise. Charter/rental price is just one of the costs you will have if you rent a gullet.

Your price will be a combination of these items:

  • Rental price, which includes charter of a gullet on weekly basis, crew, gullet insurance and fuel
  • Food (half board or full board), calculated per person/week or per day basis
  • Drinks, which you consume on board of gullet
  • Port taxes
  • Tips
  • Transfers from airport to gullet and back. (only if you ask for it)

When we talk about cruises in Croatia on one of the gullets, prices are calculated in different way than for example in Turkey, Greece or in Italy.

In Croatia the most of the gullets owners will include fuel for 4 or 5 hours of cruise/day in rental price. Guests will be able to choose between an half board and a full board option. You will be able to buy drinks from ships bar.

Port taxes will cost you extra around 350 – 650 € per week/per gullet what depends on your cruise route and the size of the gullet. Tips are welcome but not compulsory and not crucial part of the cruise.

My personal advice is - never and I mean never select gullets only according to the price! First of all, determine which things are important for you on a cruise and then according to this decide for your  itinerary cruises in Croatia and a gullet that will make your wishes come true.

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Top 10 Gullets for cruises in Croatia

Here's the  list of 10 gullets from Croatia that offer the best value for money. This is not a deluxe list but it presents gullets from standard to luxury category, where you will get the best  service for your holidays.

All gullets are not perfect for all type of groups. Some gullets are perfect for families with small children, some are great if you have teenagers  while some are best for seniors or couples with no kids.

Dolin Gullet
Gulet Nostalgija
Agora Gullet
Gideon Gullet
Loupan Gullet
Nautilus Gullet
Gullet Anna Marija
Gullet Angel
Gullet Cesarica

Gullets categories

Economy gullets cruises in Croatia

Renting a gullet is the same, as renting your own floating hotel with a crew, in which you can go sailing along any part of the Adriatic coast with your family or friends.

And the best news is it does not have to be expensive. All gullets, even the cheapest one, are equipped with own professional crew, every cabin has its own shower and toilets and windows, overlooking the sea.

  •  Economy cruise is suitable for different groups, such as families, divers, naturists, friends, students, gay cruises, seniors or any other special interest groups.
  • Price range from 799 € to 1486 € and it does not depend only on the quality of the ship, but also on the season you are traveling.
  • In low season (May,October) , you can already get very nice gullet, for groups from 8 and up to 16 people or more, for less then 700 euro/person/including food.

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