Direct Flights To Split 2017

It's never too early to start exploring all direct flights to Split Croatia as landing on Split airport will be the quickest way to reach Split or any of Central Dalmatian islands.

The total number of passengers on Split airport in the period 2013 to 2016 has increased from 1,5 million in 2013 to over 2,2 million passengers in 2016. In some summer months like for example in August 2016 Split airport has largely surpassed by the number of passengers, Dubrovnik and Zagreb airports.

Each year number of flights to Split have constantly been increasing but it seems like 2018 might be a year of the absolute record. Some airlines have decided to introduce new direct connections to Split airport from almost all European destinations.

There are not many direct flights during the low season but in period from April to October there are quite a few low-cost flights. In this period you will find several carriers that fly directly to Split.

The most of tourists are looking for direct flight to reach the capital of Dalmatia. Below I've presented some results of research, who's flying to Split, and from where.

I haven't neglected the equally important offers of some international connections not directly to Split, but including also connecting flights.

Local Direct Flights to Split

Local flights are related to non-stop connections between Zagreb and Split. If you are landing to Zagreb airport the best deal is to take a flight to Split airport.

The shortest transfer time is by plain between Zagreb to Split airports. It may seem strange but Croatian airline company, often has cheap deals between the two airports. Prices are sometimes on a par with the price of the bus and train.

Flights are very frequent. The time-consuming is the additional travel from/to the airports, as well as check-in times. I’ve found generally very regular flights between two airport.

Below you can see some daily flights starting from early one at 06:30 to the late evening at 22:00 with the best round trip prices:

Best tickets deals from Zagreb to Split

Find the cheapest flights from Zagreb to Split and then book only your non-stop flights from Zagreb.

The price of one way ticket goes from € 92 to 113. To see all offers and to book a seat online visit Croatia-Airlines website.

Direct Flights to Split from UK

The most frequent flights are from UK to Split. The flying time from the UK to Split is between two and two and half hours, depending on where you are flying from. 

The flights from UK airports are operational only in period from April to Mid October 2017 depending from where they are flying from.

Who is flying to Split from UK airports


One of the carriers with the highest number of direct flights to Split is Easyjet. British EasyJet, Europe's second largest airline, has put 400,000 tickets for 2017 campaign. The promotion applies to flights during the period from February 1 to July 5, 2017 where flights to Split airport have been also included.

Jet2 offers you direct flights to Split at low fares from five UK airports  - East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted and Manchester.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air, the largest low fare, low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, flies to and from Split airport and offers cheap flights to London.

You can use their  hotel and car rental offers to have a wide selection of cheap hotels and car rental to make your trip complete.They offer car rentals for as little as 8 Euro per day.

Wizz Air had three flights per week from London Luton to Split from mid June to mid September. Check here their direct flights to Split!


Norwegian airline flights from London Gatwick to Split (SPU)

The old/new carrier is Norwegian airline (present since 2013 on this market) offering flights once a week (on Saturdays) from London Gatwick to Split from early April to the end of October.

Prices start from 35,00 GBP like Saturday 14 April 2018. Visit their low fare calendar for more flights deals!

All prices refer to one-way direct flights from London Gatwick (LGW) to Split and include taxes and charges.

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