Best Cheap Hotels in Dubrovnik (and Nearby)

When you are looking for most affordable Dubrovnik accommodation, it’s embarrassing how many possibilities visitors have at their disposal.

To find the cheap accommodation in Dubrovnik is rather difficult task, specially if you travel on short budget as the most young travelers do. Dubrovnik has become a top Croatia destination but it keeps a record as one of the most expensive.

Budget lodging in Dubrovnik could be a good alternative for travelers who want to be right in the middle of this beautiful city, specially those who are on a budget like students or seniors. I tried to provide a selection of great hostels, rooms and apartments that will fit your budget and your expectations.

Instead to stay in hotel which sometimes might turn to be a huge disappointment, either for the price you have to pay and for the position, too far from the main town’s attraction (walled old town), I suggest you to stay in some worth your money alternatives, like hostels, private apartments or simply in private rooms (sobe).

If you are a traveler who is not ready to go around Dubrovnik looking for sobe (rooms) signs on houses which could be seen everywhere along the Croatian coastal towns and villages, than take the opportunity for private accommodation on the web specially if you are visiting Dubrovnik during the high season (July and August).

Benefit from travelers mistake, visiting Dubrovnik in high season without booking their accommodation in advance or making so called last minute reservation to find lodging in some secluded and few miles distant hotel. Believe me, many have experienced this unpleasant reality.

Best Cheap Dubrovnik Accommodation in the Old Town

It’s normal that the most of the visitors prefer to stay inside the old city walls area. It’s the best way to immerse into the magical atmosphere of this unique walled city.

Booking your Dubrovnik accommodation here, you’ll be within easy reach of best Dubrovnik restaurants, top old town nightlife or to all Dubrovnik attractions, museums and cultural events.

There is an excellent variety of Dubrovnik accommodation properties such as private rooms and apartments for rent in old town (Stari Grad) but unfortunately old town offers only four hotels inside the walls and Hilton Imperial hotel, which is a step away from Pile gate, western entrance to the city.

Among these four hotels, stands out 5-stars Pucic Palace, a real splendor in a beautifully restored 18th-century baroque palace on Gundulic square.

Stari Grad is 4 stars hotel with only 8 rooms. It’s rated as hotel with a best view over old town. To enjoy this hotel, book it few months in advance!

Prijeko Palace is set in the 16th century architecture palace, decorated in a different style, alternating between modern and Baroque elements.

St. Joseph is 4 stars boutique hotel, set in a fully renovated historic house dating back to the 16th century. Stradun promenade is just a minutes’ walk away.

Best Cheap Hotels Outside the Old Town

If you still haven’t decided what type of Dubrovnik accommodation is right for you , some of Dubrovnik’s best hotels and accommodations are located in neighborhoods outside of the Old Town.

Dubrovnik’s bus system is very good, which makes staying in Dubrovnik’s less touristy locations straightforward. All buses run from nearby areas to the old town.

On the map above you can see the most popular adjacent zones where you can find excellent hotels and budget choices for apartments, B&B and guesthouses. Let’s begin with the areas closest to the Old Town:


If you decide to stay in Dubrovnik Ploce neighborhood is as convenient as staying inside the Old Town. This area is just east of Dubrovnik’s Old Town (Stari Grad), within walking distance. (Ploce Gate Entrance)

Ploce area is a step away from city walls reachable by a short and very scenic walk and most hotel rooms have a breathtaking view of the walled city. Most of hotels have rocky private beaches.

Ploce is located under the slope of Mt. Srd and it offers less private accommodation as private properties rise steeply from the road and it’s difficult to reach them. Generally it will demand a good level of fitness and mobility as many accommodation properties will involve access down to the Old Town via several stairways

But despite the location you will be rewarded by the breath-taking views of the fortresses and the Old Town harbor. Ploce area is lacking of parking places.

If your hotel booking doesn’t include a transfer from Dubrovnik airport, you can book in advance your arrival and/or departure transfer which will take you directly to your hotel.

Babin Kuk

Babin Kuk, located at the northern end of Lapad peninsula (only 4 Km from the Old Town) offers a variety of hotel accommodation. It’s one of the greenest areas of Dubrovnik with numerous walking paths and promenades.

It’s a great destination to find Dubrovnik accommodation, perfect for families with children and seniors where you can find the longest gravel beach Copacabana beach.

If you decide to stay in Dubrovnik, Babin Kuk offers a great choice of hotels from Valamar chain hotels where stand out, 5 stars Hotel Valamar Dubrovnik President, with its beautiful pebble beach to 4 stars Valamar Lacrome with 385 modern furnished rooms and 16 suites.

Babin Kuk has excellent bus connections to the Old Town (Pile Gate). Either bus lines 5 and 6 leave from Pile Gate to Babin Kuk area.

Lapad peninsula

Lapad is a large residential area that lies about 3 Km northwest of the Old Town. This is the area with an immense number of accommodation of all kinds including hotels, apartments and guesthouses.

Lapad can boast as a friendly walking area with a lot of pedestrian zones where you can walk calmly from the beach to a restaurant to your hotel to a cafe-bar or even all the way to the Old Town. This is also area with a lot of parking places.

To reach this peninsula from Dubrovnik Old City you can take a bus from Pile Station (Libertas company), bus number 2 or numbers 6 or 4. The number 4 bus is particularly useful as it connects the Hotel Palace and other Lapad beach hotels with Pile.

Most of the hotels that are located at the Lapad bay have private beaches which are partly open to the public.

The most attractive part of Lapad area is the Lapad bay (see the map above) with numerous hotels and many beaches ideal for families with children as the whole area is a car free. Lapad bay includes several beaches, as a part of hotels:

  • Adriatic beach as a part of 2 stars Adriatic Dubrovnik is suitable for those who don’t like sand or pebbles, because it’s a rocky beach. It is very pleasant and truly romantic small beach.
  • Beach Vis is a beach right next to the Adriatic beach, close to 3 stars Vis Hotel. It is a pebble beach. You can find a beach restaurant and a coffee bar on this beach, and cocktail parties are organized on the beach almost every day. For those who like kayaking, there are kayaks and beach canoes for rent.
  • Splendid beach is the part of 3 stars Splendid hotel with a very small and attractive pebble beach with concrete parts. There is also another part of Splendid beach, the rock and pebble part, for those seeking privacy.
  • Villa Beach – When you pass beach Splendid you will come across this beach . It is an attractive sandy beach, especially for younger. It’s close to 4 stars Boutique Beach Villa Wolff hotel.

Dubrovnik Accommodation Near Gruz harbor

Gruz neighborhood is Dubrovnik’s ferry port and main bus hub for national and international bus connections.

Gruz is the only car ferry port for ferry from Italy (Bari) and local ferries point to Elafiti islands. All catamarans to Split sail from this port. It’s located only 2 Km from the Old Town.

Gruz port has also very good connection with the other parts of Dubrovnik (bus number 7 drives to Lapad, buses number 1A and 1B drive to the Old Town.

In Gruz there is also the biggest Dubrovnik open market on which every day you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and various fresh fish.

This Dubrovnik’s neighborhood can be a good choice to stay in Dubrovnik, particularly if you’re planning island cruises and other day trips.

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