Feel Like a Game of Thrones Character by Visiting the Dubrovnik City Walls

Visiting Dubrovnik city walls will be without any doubt your ultimate Dubrovnik experience. It’s unthinkable to come to Dubrovnik, without taking a walk across the beautiful walls that surround the Old Town.

It’s like to be in Rome without visiting Roman Colosseum! They are the main tourist attraction and the best way to appreciate Dubrovnik’s history and architecture. These walls have protected the freedom of the Dubrovnik Republic for centuries.

The characteristic position of Dubrovnik old town demonstrates that no other city in the world has medieval walls so perfectly designed which were one of contribution of Dubrovnik’s inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1970.

The walls offer outstanding views of the inner part of the Old Town, its red-tiled roofs, Stradun (Placa) the main street artery, the Old Port with the nearby island of Lokrum.

Dubrovnik City Walls Map

The above map shows walls circumference that surround the entire old town of Dubrovnik, indicating the complex system of forts, bastions, towers and two standing apart forts.

City walls of Dubrovnik form an irregular quadrilateral ending at each corner with strong forts. Starting from the north, we notice Tower Minceta ( built in 1319) the strong fort facing the mainland.

Proceeding to the eastern part of the City, stands detached fortress of Revelin (built in 1463).

On the south-western part of Dubrovnik city walls, stands Bokar fortress (built in 1463), standing on a high rock built to protect the Pile Gate.

On the south-eastern side of the old city port, stands the fortress of St. John (built in 1346) as the key point of the harbor defense system.

The fortress Lovrijenac (built in 1301) is the second stand alone fortress built for the defense of the western part of Dubrovnik on the 37 meter high rock overlooking the sea. This fortress is known as ‘Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar’

This fortress was several times a popular filming location in scenes of Game of Throne, particularly in Game of Thrones Season 2 and 3.

When you decide to visit Dubrovnik city walls, on the above map you see three entrances Pile Gate, Ploce Gate, and Peskarija Gate (fish market).

Pile Gate is the main entrance to Old Dubrovnik walled city. This gate consists of inner and outer city gates.

The main entrance to the city walls is situated at the beginning of Placa street (Stradun), entering through the inner Pile Gate.

Once you enter there is an office on your right side where you can purchase tickets for city walls tour and stairs that lead to Minceta Fortress.

How long is the city wall of Dubrovnik and how long does it take to walk the city walls of Dubrovnik? It’s 1940 meters long and it will take you at least one hour but if you take photos (highly recommended), you’ll need up to three hours.

The short guided Dubrovnik city walls tour, usually lasts about two hours with important information about historical landmarks, such as the Revelin Fortress, Minceta Tower, Lovrijenac Fortress, and more.

Dubrovnik City Walls Working Hours

A visit to old city walls is available all year round. During the high season (July and August) because of the heat, I highly recommend to skip walls visits from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM.

No matter when you decide to visit Dubrovnik walls, it’s a good idea to bring something to drink as the two kilometer circuit contains many steps and can get quite tiring, particularly in hot weather.

Working Hours:

  • 1 January – 28 February:10.00 AM – 3.00 PM
  • 1 March – 31 March: 9.00 AM – 3.00 PM
  • 1 April – 31 May: 9.00 AM – 6.30 PM
  • 1 June – 31 July: 8.00 AM – 7.30 PM
  • 1 August – 15 September: 8.00 AM – 7.00 PM
  • 15 September – 31 October: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
  • 1 November – 31 December: 9.00 AM – 3.00 PM
  • Entrances: Pile gate, Fort St. Johns and Fort St. Luke.

Entrance fee:

New Attractions at Dubrovnik City Walls

After two years of reconstruction Minceta Tower, the highest point of Dubrovnik’s defensive walls has been opened again to the public. The view from the top of Minceta Fortress is one the most popular in Dubrovnik for tourists.

RUN THE WALL – Are you interested in running over Dubrovnik walls. If yes, on April 28, 2018 starting at 10:00 from Stradun street, you’ll have a chance to take a part of race track (2,5 km) – Stradun – Dubrovnik City walls – Stradun.

Once a year they is the track field to a very tricky 2,5 Km race. Upstairs, downstairs, slippery ancient stone, magnificent view that makes this race unforgettable but also dangerous.

Believe it or not, there is a beach just within the walls, ideal for young couples in search of romance and adventure. The beach does not offer any natural shade but its attractive bar is a great place for refreshments during the day. It’s a place only for good swimmers.

Buza beach (A hole) – While scrolling the city walls, don’t miss two unique hidden holes on the exteriors of the walls, not clearly marked, but not difficult to find, which will take you to bathing spots on the rocks below the walls.

This beach is usually used as a tanning spot and it’s recommended for experienced swimmers as the water is deep and waves can sometimes be high. Buza beach can be easily reached by using any of the streets behind the Dubrovnik cathedral.

Game of Thrones Filming Location

Dubrovnik was the main filming location in Croatia for King’s Landing, a fictional city in Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik city walls had an important role in order to play the fortified port city of King’s Landing, a stronghold of the Lannister family.


  • The Bokar Fortress was included in seasons two of Game of Thrones and is perhaps best seen when Tyrion and Lord Varys planned the defense of King’s Landing while looking out to sea.
  • Minceta Tower was used as the exterior of House of Undying in the town of Qarth. Daenerys Targaryen visit to the House of Undying in season two where searching for her stolen dragons.
  • Seaside Dubrovnik city walls can be seen in many scenes of Game of Thrones. Who can forget the iconic battle of Blackwater Bay in season two, where the green wild fire ripped apart the attacking fleet of Stannis Baratheon.
  • Fort Lovrijenac was used as the Red Keep in King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Lots of the scenes are filmed at this fort including the tournament in honor of King Joffrey’s name in season two.

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