Guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Adriatic Pearl

If you are planning to visit Croatia, without visiting Dubrovnik Croatia, is like visiting Italy skipping Rome or Florence!

If the Stendhal syndrome is more appropriate to Florence, it’s easy to face it even here as this entire city is a magnificent work of art. This is a town of a long tourist tradition, ready to meet the most sophisticated requests of its visitors.

The town of museums and festivals, the town of taverns and restaurants, the place of a mild Mediterranean climate and wonderful landscapes, that will convince you to come back again.

The words of famous Irish writer Bernard Shaw ‘Those who look for a paradise on earth should come to this town’ are a sufficient reason to set off to Dubrovnik to verify his statement.

Do you really need to have a map of Dubrovnik while visiting Dubrovnik? Considering the richness’s of cultural monuments concentrating on the relatively limited surface among the mighty city walls, I would say that having a map would be essential.

Useful tips when visiting Dubrovnik

This city boasts of a cosmopolitan tourism. It’s an aristocratic and elite destination. Hotels are more sophisticated, and more expensive on the Adriatic coast.

For all of you who are not fans of the crowds, visit this city museum in off season. The real tourist season runs from Easter to late October.

The most gorgeous months to be here are from May to August, but particularly July and August, may sound like a dream, but only until you hear the prices. To stay in Old Town, some hotels go above 450 € a night (3.500 Kuna).

There are less expensive options but you should stay 20 to 30 km from the Old Town or on Elafiti islands, is a wise alternative. If you want my advice, the best periods are March – May or September – November.

It will be a good idea to read some others blogger travelers about survival guide of this town.

More detailed guides to visiting or living in Dubrovnik

We have written various extra guides dedicated to this star city in Croatia (and we will write more). You can check out the guides by clicking on the links below. We’re including a short description of what to expect, in case the title isn’t enough.

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Best Hotels in Dubrovnik: In the town you can find all types of accommodation from budget hostels, apartments to 5 stars hotel of high class.

Best Places to Eat in Dubrovnik: It is hard to choose the most romantic restaurant in this town as almost all of them have a magnificent setting.

Best Bars and Clubs in Dubrovnik: Are you ready for a crazy night in this town? Start with a stroll along Stradun, visit Cafe Bar Buza and finish in one of the many other places that we have recommended in this article.

Best beaches in the city: There are several nice beaches around the town one can enjoy, from centrally located Banje Beach to Buza or Porporela …

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