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Complete Guide to Dugi Otok Island in Croatia

The name of Dugi Otok translated in English means a Long Island. It’s not long enough to be the longest island on Croatia Adriatic sea, as Hvar island carries the title to be the longest one.

Where is the Long Island? In a broader geographical concept, it makes part of Northern Dalmatia region while in the narrower geographical position, belongs to Zadar’s archipelago.

It’s the biggest island of archipelago, 50 km long and about 5km wide. It is quite distant from the mainland and it takes one hour and a half by ferry from Zadar.

On the the lower map it is clear that this island makes the second line after the islands Ugljan and Pasman with the island of Iz, in the middle.

What makes Dugi Otok so special?

On my Croatia islands page I’ve pointed out that each island along the coast, no matter how big it is, has something particular of its own. Therefore, what makes this island worth visiting and why it will remain in your indelible memories?

  • It remains one of those few places where you can enjoy tranquillity even in high season, ideal for tourists that will appreciate the peace and the natural beauties.
  • Long island is the closest island (Sali village) to Telascica park of nature and Kornati National Park islands paradise. Visit Croatia’s landscape page!
  • Salt lake ‘Mir’ (Peace) is located in the south-western part of the Nature Park Telascica.
  • On the open-sea side of the Telascica bay, vertical cliffs, the famous ‘Stene’ of Long Island, reaching a height of 161 on some points.
  • Long Island is home to the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic (42 meters), Veli Rat offering two comfortable apartments.

Getting to Dugi Otok

I have to admit that finding the car ferry connections from Zadar, can be quite confusing if you don’t know the right destination on the island. There are two companies that keep connections between Zadar to Long island.

Jadrolinija company (booking is possible online) runs one car ferry line and one fast catamaran line from Zadar to the island:

Jadrolinija company

  • Car ferry line N° 434 from Zadar (Gazenica port) to Brbinj (Dugi Otok). It sails daily and it takes one hour and forty minutes. It transport cars and passengers.
  • Catamaran line N° 9404 leaves from Zadar to Rivanj – Sestrunj – Zverinac – Bozava – Brbinj (Only last two ports are on Long Island). Downloadable schedule is available from here! (Warning: Don’t mix line 9404a with this one. It will take you to Iz and Rava islands)

G&V Line Jadera Zadar company – website

  • High speed line N° 9406 Zadar – Sali (Long Island) – Zaglav (Long Island) – Brsanj (Iz) and backward. Check the timetable for 2018.
  • Ship Line N° 405 Zadar – Iz – Rava – timetable from 01.01.2018. to 31.12.2018 by m/v ‘Anamarija’. It leaves from Zadar city port.

Dugi Otok Beaches

This island has so many beaches all over the island. Some of them are accessible only by motor boats or renting a sailing boats. Even this island has some best beaches. If I have to decide than, the most beautiful is Saharun or Sakarun sandy beach.

It’s situated on the wooden northwest coast of Dugi Otok, south of Soline village and near Bozava village and Veli Rat. It can be easily reached by car.

The Saharun beach is a long beach facing the open sea. It is a beautiful cove of white sand, which gives the water turquoise color shaded by pine woods. Even 200 m far from the coast, the sea is shallow only up to your waist. Lately the beach gathers young people looking for summer beach parties.

Sali Village

It is the biggest village of the island Dugi Otok. Its name derives name from the medieval salt production. I’ve selected this village as the only one close to most beautiful National Parks – Kornati and Telascica.

It is a place for a family holiday, ideal for visiting Kornati islands taking one of day tours or renting your own fast speed boat.

In august there is a famous ‘Saljske uzance‘ local fiesta, that lasts for three (sometimes 4 days) and it is celebrating on the whole island. The date of the festivity is the first weekend of August.

On Sunday it takes place, the traditional donkey races ‘Trke tovarov’, a spectacular event for all guests on the island, which takes place at Sali harbor. Donkey race is always the part of this fiesta.

C. Luciano

I fell in love with Croatia after visiting it for the first time in 2015... but from that moment onward, I kept coming back, spending more and more time in the country and its beautiful cities. Since 2018, I am the owner of this blog, in order to combine my love for the country with the pleasure of sharing with the world all my findings about it and useful information for those looking to find out more about Croatia and all its cities.

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