Best Restaurants & Pubs in Split, Croatia

To find a good place to eat in Split has never been a big problem. There are enough Split restaurants for every taste but all depends on what kind of food you are looking for.

When talking about eating while traveling, Split is not very different from any other travel destination. It all depends on what type of tourist you are?

There are those that have no time to enjoy local food, some only prefer to eat only fast food or tourists ( I’m one of these ) that like to eat only traditional local food to learn the customs of the local people and country.

Fortunately Split has plenty to offer for all types of travelers, but particularly for third ones who will discover Dalmatian food as an unique combination of local fresh ingredients, historical influences and the hidden treasures that will forever remain as an unforgettable foodie’s enjoyment.

What To Eat In Split Croatia

Knowing the Split specialties will be a great help to find the must-taste spots for food-loving visitors. Like every city Split has many regional foods that are deep-rooted through its history.

As a native of Split, I can recommend you some classic food dishes as a must-try for visitors. As a city by the sea, travelers expect to find a lot of seafood on menus across the town.

Classic foods of Split Croatia, range from inevitable seafood to some typical meat dishes, enriched with the use of raw vegetables and to finish with some delicious desserts.

When speaking of gastronomic specialties in Split, I would definitely recommend following meals to eat in Split:

  • Slices of dried Dalmatian prsut (prosciutto) are N° 1 on the appetizer list, served with olives and cheese.
  • Octopus and shellfish chop salad (appetizer).
  • Pasticada – beef stewed in red wine and prunes with gnocchi, typical Split meal.
  • Boiled beef served with homemade tomato sauce.
  • Black risotto (crni rizot) – is basically a squid risotto but it usually contains mussels, clams and other shellfish. It can not miss on restaurant menu. It’s simply a must-try.
  • Brodetto or brudet – a fish stew, made of different kind of fish but scorpion fish, is the one ‘it must be there’.
  • Grill meat under Peka – Veal and lamb prepared under a baking bell – Peka.
  • Grilled squid with Swiss chard.

Marenda – Split Delicious Food

Marenda in Split (a brunch in English) is a great meal for little money. This typical Split meal is eaten usually between 09:30 and 11:30, but it can be eaten, even in the late afternoon.

It’s a meal that has equal importance as a tee time for Englishmen. It’s more popular among the middle and older aged generation.

The brunch is served in Split’s taverns (konobe). If you want to eat in Split delicious and homemade food, many claim that they eat better in a tavern than at home.

What kind of food this brunch offers? The most traditional dishes are:

  • Tripe – tripice in Croatian
  • Pasta Fazol – Dalmatian beans with pasta
  • Polpete u sugu – meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Manistra Usuvo – spaghetti and meat sauce
  • Boiled meat – as veal shank
  • Przene girice (gavuni) – fried smelts
  • Tuna pasticada
  • Sipa s bobom – cuttlefish with broad beans (in spring season)
  • Sardela or Sardine – traditionally marinated fish.

Top marenda (brunch) taverns to eat in Split

Many things has changed in the past twenty years but a list of new taverns (konobe) has significantly increased. Below is a short insight into some of the most popular marenda taverns to eat in Split.

Tavern Trattoria Bajamonti

Among locals is known as a tavern ‘below the clock’. It’s located in the very center close to Pjaca square. The fact that this tavern has no freezer, as his owner says, they have no need, proves this tavern offers daily fresh food, mostly seafood.

You never know in advance what he is going to cook that day because the menu depends on the fishermen, the weather conditions. Marenda in Split in this tavern is based on fresh fish. My favorite ‘fried smelts’.)

Stare Grede (Old Beams) Tavern

Stare Grede means ‘old beams’, a traditional tavern only 1 km from the center, located in the 110 year-old house built of stone with rustic wooden benches, stone walls. It’s the best place for marenda to eat in Split.

Specialty of this tavern is tripe “stews” but fresh homemade (not frozen) with broad beans from 30 to 40 Kuna, or veal with peas from 30 to 40 Kuna or boiled beef from 29.00 to 39.00 KN.

Eat in Split On the go

If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you and want to grab something quick, you can do like locals and head to the nearest bakery, where you will find a variety of sweet and tasty breakfast.

One of most popular is burek, popular almost everywhere along the coast. It’s a kind greasy, heavy pastry made of dough rolls stuffed with cheese or meat. If yo add to it one yogurt, it will be the best quick bite you can get.

It’s one of the cheapest meals you can get for breakfast in the city. For a price from 14 to 18 Kuna you have a good meal to start your day. If you add some fresh fruit from the Split green market and you’ve practically got a meal.

Burek is served at different spots around town but I suggest SK Burek Bar at Domaldova 13. It’s a rather hidden place but I hope this map will help you.

The number of fast food selling points in recent years has reached a huge number. Practically they are everywhere. They can be very useful for travelers on the go wishing to spend more time outside when they need of a quick filler.,16.4442127,13.75z?hl=en-US

Most of them are a traditional ones like McDonald’s replica. This doesn’t mean the McDonald is missing in Split and if you really can’t do without Big Mac burgers and sandwiches, McDonalds is inside the Joker shopping center.

Split fast food scene has something more to offer, its own special food, healthy on-the-go snacks, meals, and delicacy you’ll be happy to try.

One of these special Split fast food snacks is Soparnik – a Swiss Chard Pie. It’s a very special and rare snack.It’s an old-fashioned Dalmatian dish dating back to the time before the Turks invaded the region. It is a simple dish made by filling double side dough with Swiss chard, onions, parsley, garlic and olive oil.

If you are looking for vegetarian food to eat in Split, vegetarian travelers will like soparnik. It’s not hard to find soparnik selling points in Split. Actually there are 14 points all signed like Bakeries Keko.

Kruscic Bakerylocated behind the Split’s fish market is a unique place to find gorgeous pastries and artisan bread with gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options.

Kruscic is translated as ‘little bread’ where is prepared bread using simple ingredients such as flour, water, salt and yeast. If you don’t get to Kruscic early enough, you will not find anything.

One of the biggest hit of bakery is Emperor Diocletian’s bread, unique and rare bread, made with honey and goat’s cheese. Don’t worry here you can find also a variety collection of cakes.

‘Kod None’ – Fast Food in a local manner

If you want to eat in Split, a quick, tasty meal, None is a great choice.It’s located on Bosanska street N° 4, which goes along the western side of Diocletian Palace. It also has a few small tables.

At None (Grandma’s) you can try some local specialties like:

  • Soparnik (a thin double-crust pizza filled with spinach or blitva (chard).
  • Viska pogaca, a focaccia type pie from the island of Vis with anchovies, onion and tomato.
  • Cevapi or Cevapcici – grilled beef and pork balls with onions served in a thin bun called lepinja with ajvar (a relish of red peppers, with garlic). It’s typical Bosnian food.

Where to eat cheap in Split

The most of city’s most popular eateries are scattered inside or around Diocletian’s Palace.

The question is where to find good and healthy food at very affordable price, whether you’re just passing through Split and need to eat in Split something on the go or you are simply on a tight budget

Villa Spiza

It’s a tiny, charming restaurant located in a small alley in the old town that could be a bit difficult to find, but don’t just give up. If you get lost, just ask locals. There are only two tables for two outside and inside only a counter for 7-8 persons.

Villa Spiza – You’ll find this budget bistro down the narrow lane of Kruziceva street behind the Pjaca square.

This small bistro, particularly popular among locals after after a morning shopping trip through Split’s marketplace, Pazar. It offers really homemade menu with simple meals like for example, turkey in red wine served with oven-roasted potatoes or cuttlefish risotto.

Bistro Toc

Another low budget eatery located only few minutes from old town in Segvica street N° 1 is Bistro Toc. It’s easy to It is easy to recognize by an old Volkswagen Beetle parked outside. This bistro was once known as Black Cat.

It differs from other similar eateries in the town as beside the traditional Croatia dishes serves also international cuisine, Indian, Thai and Mexican.

Being on the way to the Bacvice beach, it’s a convenient stop for breakfast with a nice terrace. Among Split restaurants prices their menu goes from 45 Kuna.If you want to taste once in a while a spicy bite of the far east cuisine, Toc is a great place to try.

Zalogajnica Dioklecijan (Tri Volta)

Tavern Tri Volta (Zalogajnica Dioklecijan) in Dosud street N°9 is a truly special place to eat in Split. It’s located in the imperial quarters of the palace.

This restaurant has been here for 40 years. There are no fancy signs and only very few tourist come in. It’s know as Tri Volta (three windows arches) looking at Riva promenade.

Food is simple and homemade, it is an excellent place to taste a working class Dalmatian plates. Dishes start from 40 kuna and among Split restaurants prices are the lowest you can find.

Honestly speaking besides outdoor terrace with the best view on Riva, this tavern hasn’t got many positive Tripadvisor’s reviews.

Romantic restaurants to eat in Split

Split has many romantic restaurants with a great sea view, especially when you are in a company with your beloved. Here is my selection of some most outstanding mostly located along the Split promenades and close to Split beaches.

Kadena restaurant

My first recommendation is Kadena restaurant located in eastern part of Split, at Zenta bay. It’s considered as the best Split restaurant.

I’ve chosen this restaurant mainly because of his position and if you go there, ask for a table on the terrace, overlooking the Brac and Solta islands.

The food is a typical Croatian and Mediterranean. They have an extensive wine list and an excellent menu.

Prices are reasonable maybe even little less then on the other restaurants of this kind in Split, but its highly romantic impact makes overall impression very good and this place is worth visiting to eat in Split.

Re di Mare – Spinut Marina

This is one of the most popular local restaurants to eat in Split among local families and local business people. It will be hard to find it as it’s located on the other side of Marjan Hill, in the quiet settings of Spinut Marina.

This restaurant is right by the sea, overlooking the Kozjak mountain and Kastela bay. On their menu you can find local classic dishes as famous meat platters and exquisite grilled fish.

Summer nights on restaurant’s terrace makes it one of the most Split romantic restaurants. Reservation is highly recommended!

Stellon restaurant – Bacvice beach

Stellon restaurant located on one of Split’s most beautiful and popular city beaches, Bacvice beach is only a walking distance from the old town.

It’s a favorite meeting place for young citizens of Split, artists, sportsmen, artists and tourist, ideal for romantic spring and summer dinners to eat in Split.

The restaurant with a large summer terrace overlooks the sandy beach and has a pleasingly modern and elegant ambiance, creating relaxed surroundings with fantastic views of the sea and islands, for enjoying a good meal. Be sure to reserve your seat during the summer!

F De Mar – restaurant looking at Riva promenade

Among the new opened places to eat in Split, it’s worth mentioning, F De Mar, a new pearl on the western part of Split waterfront promenade.

Restaurant is owned and operated by the local tourist giant, the “F-Group”, and their slogan is there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

With fabulous waterfront views to the marina, open sea and old town is a great place for a romantic dinner or lunch.

Professional staff is at your service and will be glad to recommend you the best from the menu and wine card.

Vegetarian and Vegan food to eat in Split

Split has some nice places where fast food has been replaced by vegetarian and vegan food, sugar free, organic, and low-fat. Below I suggest some cafe bars and vegetarian restaurants for everyone at very reasonable prices:


A vegetarian/vegan cafe opened in October 2011 prepare meals of whole, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. Their natural kitchen does not support the use of pesticides or additives. Prices go from 15 kuna to 35 for a stew.

Try some of these:

  • Stew – a complete meal with vegetables,whole grains and legumes.
  • Tofu, seitan and tempeh sandwiches of whole grain.
  • Veggie and vegan Pancerotas.
  • Hemp burger.
  • Baked vegetable pancakes with cheese.
  • Natural desserts.

Even this restaurant is not in very center, it’s worth 10 minutes walk to Domovinskog Rata street N° 29a.

Makrovega – vegan haven

This is the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant to eat in Split. This hidden gem is hard to find but it is totally worth the trouble. It’s located in Lestina N°4 street. Open Mon-Fri 9-21h, Sat 8-16h.

The vegetarian restaurant in Split was open in 2003 with the aim of improving healthy diet, particularly vegetarianism and macrobiotics and to improve the quality of life, social development and environmental protection.

Vegan snacks (burritos, sandwiches, pizzetas etc.), Greek salad with chickpeas gluten free, Makrovega salad vegan (gluten free option), Vegan cake with agave syrup and many more.

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