Ferries from Zadar, Croatia: All Lines Listed Here

If you want to have in one place all info about ferries from Zadar, here you’ll find sailing schedule to Zadar islands archipelago and international ferry line Zadar – Ancona – Zadar.

Zadar district makes a part of Northern Dalmatia region with 17 islands of all sizes starting from the biggest one, Dugi Otok (Long Island), Ugljan, the closest island to the mainland just opposite the town of Zadar.

As you can see on the map below, one of the biggest Croatian island is Pasman, connected with Ugljan by bridge in Zdrelac canal.

Many believe that the island of Pag belongs to Zadar County. Pag is the fifth largest island in the Adriatic, but only the southern part of the island (with Pag town) belongs to Zadar while northern part (Novalja) makes part of Kvarner gulf district.

Ferries From Zadar district schedules 2018

Jadrolinija state maritime company

401 Zadar(Gaženica) – Ist – Olib – Silba – Premuda – Mali Lošinj
431 Zadar(Gaženica) – Preko (Ugljan)
431A Zadar – Preko (Ugljan)
432 Biograd – Tkon (Pašman)
433 Zadar(Gaženica) – Rivanj – Sestrunj – Zverinac – Molat – Ist
434 Zadar(Gaženica) – Brbinj(Dugi otok)
435 Zadar(Gaženica) – Bršanj (Iž) – Rava – Mala Rava
9403 Zadar – Molat – Brgulje – Zapuntel – Ist
9404 Zadar – Rivanj – Sestrunj – Zverinac – Božava – Brbinj
9405 Zadar – Mali Iž- Veli Iž – Mala Rava- Rava

Ferries From Zadar Network Connection

It is important to point out that Zadar town has a new ferry port which was transferred in 2015 to new location, from the center of Zadar on the peninsula to the port Gazenica.

All ferry lines that have so far sailed from the city center peninsula moved to Gazenica, and in the city center remain only passenger ships and high-speed lines (catamarans).

With 24 lines a day, 15 ferries crossings and nine ships and catamaran lines, Zadar is after Split port the most important Croatia’s ferry harbor. The most of the ferry lines are handled by state owned Jadrolinija company.

Since the Zadar archipelago has a rather complicated ferry network, with all small and larger islands connections, the map above will help you to figure out the most important lines at Zadar and Sibenik sea area.

Ferry lines from Gazenica harbor

Line N°401 Zadar- Premuda – Silba – Olib – Mali Losinj
Line N°431 Zadar – Preko (Ugljan island)
Line N° 433 Zadar – Molat island
Line N° 434 Zadar – Dugi Otok (Long island), Bribinj
Line N° 435 Zadar – Iz – Rava (Dugi otok)

Ship line from Zadar to Preko (Ugljan island) – only foot passenger

Line N° 431A – Zadar – Preko (Ugljan island) NB – This is the busiest and most popular high season line.

Ferry from Biograd to Tkon (Pasman island)

Line N° 432 From Biograd to Tkon (island Pasman)

Catamaran lines from Zadar – city center harbor

Line N° 9403 Zadar – Molat (island) – Ist (island)
Line N° 9404 Zadar – Rivanj – Dugi Otok
Line N° 9405 Zadar – Iz – Rava
Catamaran 2018 prices

Sibenik ferries

Line N° 505 Sibenik – Zlarin – Prvic Luka – Sepurine – Vodice (ship)
Line N° 532 Sibenik – Zlarin – Kaprije – Zirje (car ferry)

International Ferries From Zadar to Ancona (Italy)

It’s definitely one of the most popular lines from Italy to Croatia. Jadrolinija is the only shipping company on this line with over 7 weekly crossings from Ancona – Zadar – Ancona.

Miatours Zadar Shipping Company

Over the past years Zadar shipping Miatours company performs fast ship services to local islands as well organized trips and excursions. As Jadrolinija ferries from Zadar keeps a ferry line N° 401 from Zadar, Miatours handles by fast catamaran the following line:

Line N° 9401 Olib – Silba – Premuda – Zadar from June 3 to September 4, 2016. Here is a downloadable 2018 schedule in PDF. The prices (low and high season) can be consulted from their website price page. The seats can be booked online (only in Croatia language). Important: Miatours fast ships leaves from near the Zadar city center pier, not Gazenica port (only for car ferries).

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