Ferries to Dubrovnik with Schedule and Rates (2018)

If you are looking for information on ferries to Dubrovnik, here you’ll find updated timetable to help you plan your travel to Dubrovnik Croatia.

Searching the web you’ll still find some car ferry connections with Dubrovnik from Split, Hvar or Korcula. All these information are about non existing car ferry lines. The fact is that there is no ferry that carries cars from Split to Dubrovnik.

When in 2015 Jadrolinija decided to abolish the famous ferry (car and passengers) line Rijeka to Split, Hvar, Korcula to Dubrovnik, actually there is no way to get to Dubrovnik by ferry transferring your own car.

For travelers who may not know, I’d like to to clarify the difference about car ferry and catamaran (fast speed ship).

One of the first things that distinguishes a catamaran from a ferry is that the first is capable of transporting only and exclusively the people and not goods or vehicles. The second one can transport the people and vehicles.

Clarifying this difference, there only one ferry line (car and passengers) that sails from Italy (Bari) to/from Dubrovnik.

International Ferries to Dubrovnik

If you are planning your trip from Italy to Dubrovnik, the best way is to take a car ferry connection from Bari (southern Italian town on Italian Adriatic coast) to Dubrovnik.

On this route sails a modern and comfortable car ferry ship ‘Dubrovnik’ , 130 meters long with 148 cabins with a total of 457 beds and 384 airline seat. It takes 10 hours of sailing between Dubrovnik to Bari.

Jadrolinija Line Bari – Dubrovnik – Bari (Italy)

This international ferry line N° 54 runs all the year around between Italy and Croatia from two weekly crossing in winter period up to 6 weekly crossing in high season (July and August).

Local Car Ferries to Dubrovnik

Frankly speaking you don’t need a car to visit Dubrovnik or its surroundings. In fact there are no car ferries to Dubrovnik from Split or Korcula island. On the map below , you can notice only one local ferry connecting.

Jadrolinija keeps one ship line and one car and ferry line from Dubrovnik to Elaphiti islands that consists of 13 islands but only three large islands are connected by regular lines from Dubrovnik.

Besides the three largest and only populated islands, Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, there are 10 more islands, Misnjak, Kosmec, Golec, Crkvina, Tajan, Olipa, Daksa, Sveti (St.) Andrija, Rude and Jakljan. A total of 13 islands.

All boats to these islands leaves from Gruz, Dubrovnik harbor. Ferry tickets are bought at the main office of Jadrolinija in Gruz harbor. Ferry line from Dubrovnik connects islands Lopud, Sipan, and Kolocep several times per day. In high season ferries are more frequent. Below you can check all schedules and prices in downloadable PDF format:

  • Ship line N° 807 from Dubrovnik – Kolocep – Lupud – Sipan with tariffs in Kuna.
  • Car ferry line N° 831 from Dubrovnik – Lopud – Sipan ( Note: In the port of Lopud there is no vehicles loading /unloading).
  • Car ferry line N° 832 Prapratno (Peljesac peninsula) – Sobra (Mljet island) . Note: This line belongs to Dubrovnik district.

Catamaran Connections To Dubrovnik

Although all car ferries to Dubrovnik are abolished, fortunately for its admirers, there are many catamaran fast boat lines to reach Dubrovnik. From Split to Dubrovnik there is a regular daily catamaran linking Brac, Hvar, Korcula and Mljet islands all the way to Dubrovnik.

Catamaran Connections From Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik shipping company G & V line keeps summer connections from Dubrovnik to Lastovo island.

  • High-speed line N° 9807 by Nona Ana catamaran from Gruz harbor from Dubrovnik – Luka Sipanska – Sobra (Mljet) – Polace (Mljet) – Korcula – Ubli (Lastovo).

2018 Fast Catamaran Line from Dubrovnik to Central Dalmatia Islands

Even in 2018 Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija will run a catamaran fast-line, connecting Central Dalmatia popular islands with Dubrovnik.

Jadrolinija will introduce a new catamaran route Dubrovnik – Korcula – Hvar – Bol (Brac), which will connect the popular islands with Dubrovnik. The new route N° 9811S will start on 1st June that will operate until 1st October.

According to the announcement, ‘Novalja’ catamaran will leave Dubrovnik on the southern Dalmatian coast at 7:00 AM every morning, from Korcula at 9.15 AM, Hvar at 10.50 AM and arrive in Bol on the island of Brac at 11:40 AM ending in Split at 12:55 PM.

On return the catamaran is scheduled to leave Split at 16:15 PM for Dubrovnik. It will arriving in Bol (Brac island) at 17:15, Hvar town at 18:20PM, Korcula at 19.55 PM before arriving in Dubrovnik at 22:10 PM.

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