The Way Of Getting Around Croatia

Getting around Croatia may seem complicated due to its geographical position and unusual form. Examining the map of Croatia the country has a form of the letter U with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the middle.

This particularly refers  to certain part of Croatia, like Dubrovnik , the southernmost point of Croatia, that will require either a long drive along the coast, driving through the territory of nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina or flying from Zagreb.

Until two years ago, memorable ferry connection from Rijeka (Kvarner region) to Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik operated by Jadrolinija, ingloriously has ended its career, abolishing this popular crossing due to economic reasons.

Croatia's coast with over 1000 islands is (66 inhabited islands) the main tourist destination. All islands , even the smallest ones are connected with very indented ferry network. When planning to visit one of the islands, it's very important to focus on the local ferry schedules that  vary depending on the season.

If you are planning island hopping it can be pretty tedious in lower season rather than in July or August, when the number of ferries triples, sometimes with additional  night crossings.

In general transport network in Croatia is satisfactory. You can move around with any means of transport, flying, driving,  traveling by bus, train and ferry.

Getting Around Croatia

Getting around flying

Getting to Croatia by air to Zagreb, you have a lot of regular flights to all important airports along the Croatia’s coast like Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka (Krk island) and Brac island.

Croatia’s official carrier is Croatia Airlines. In almost every bigger place you will find their office and they accept all major credit cards. For more info about prices and timetable schedule, please visit their web site.

Getting around by bus

Bus service in Croatia is excellent way to travel around Croatia regions and coastal towns. You will find regular bus connections almost everywhere, even on the smallest islands and inland villages. 

Traveling by bus is the cheapest way to move around Croatia. If you want to know more about traveling by bus, on can read more about getting around Croatia by bus!

Getting around by train

There are not  many trains in Croatia. Trains in Croatia are slower but less frequent than buses and about 15% cheaper and more comfortable. The problem is that trains don't cover all coastal destinations.

For tourists the main lines of interest run from Zagreb. See more on trains in Croatia and the best trains to reach the coastal cities.

Getting around by ferry

It's the must way of traveling in Croatia if you are visiting any of Adriatic sea islands. Ferries are more comfortable than buses but a bit more expensive. Local ferries connect all bigger island with the mainland.

The most of Croatia ferries are manage by the national carrier, Jadrolinija and most are car ferries planned to provide a link between Croatian islands and the coast.

There are also some other companies that keep catamaran connections with the islands. You can find here more on ferries in Croatia. 

Getting around Croatia driving

There's no particular problem with driving in Croatia. If you decide to drive around, don't forget to have  an international  driver's license and green card.

Read more about driving in Croatia and useful information on some traffic rules, speed limits, road assistance, highway network and many more.

Renting a car in Croatia

I have been asked many times if it's worth renting a car to travel around. Renting a car in Croatia is a great way to get around. My advise is to book your car online as you can take advantage of special rates.  See more details on Croatia car rentals

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