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Getting to Dubrovnik is one of information, many travelers are looking for. People also ask questions like:

  • Is there a train station in Dubrovnik?
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  • How far is it from Dubrovnik to Zagreb?
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  • Which airports fly direct to Dubrovnik?
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Although being the favorite Adriatic target, located on the extreme south of the Croatia  Dubrovnik has some disadvantages in terms of transport conveniences. Dubrovnik is about 42 km to the Montenegro, Debeli Brijeg crossing border and only 11 km from the nearest Bosnia border Brgat crossing.

Dubrovnik on the map of Croatia

Looking at the above map getting to Dubrovnik may can be time consuming and expensive. Not all transportation means are available to travel to Dubrovnik. One of them is the lack of trains that is an answer on above question. It means that Dubrovnik has no train station, or any kind of train connection.

The nearest train station to Dubrovnik, is Ploce (100 km) but unfortunately the legendary train line from Sarajevo to Ploce, has been suspended in December 2016.

Getting To Dubrovnik By Ferry

If you planning to reach Dubrovnik by sea, it would be normal to expect to be the best way. But it isn't so.

When in 2015, Jadrolinija state naval company revoked the only coastal ferry line from Rijeka (Kvarner region), docking to Split, Hvar (Stari Grad), Korcula, and Dubrovnik, there is no internal car ferry connection.

If you are  traveling from Split to Dubrovnik, there is no car ferry connecting two cities, except passengers fast boats (catamaran). On Split islands hopping page you can find more info!

International ferry connection Bari - Dubrovnik - Bari

The only international ferry to Dubrovnik is from Bari (Italy). To reach Dubrovnik, it is easy and fast to book online for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Bari-Dubrovnik-Bari.

Bari to Dubrovnik

How To Get To Dubrovnik By Bus

Croatia Distance Calculator

  • Zagreb - Dubrovnik 600 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Split  228 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Zadar  348 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Trieste 680 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Sarajevo 236 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Mostar  147 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Medjugorje  131 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Tivat (Montenegro) 70 Km
  • Dubrovnik - Belgrade 498 Km

Bus service in Croatia is excellent way to travel around Croatia regions and coastal towns. You will find regular bus connections almost everywhere, even on the smallest islands and inland villages. 

Traveling by bus is the cheapest way to move around Croatia. If you want to know more about traveling by bus, on can read more about getting around Croatia by bus!

Getting to Dubrovnik by bus:

  • Bus from Zagreb to Dubrovnik – there are several daily buses from Zagreb main bus station  (Zagreb bus Terminal). It takes from 10 to 12 hours on this 600 km long route, with one or two short breaks (for food and drinks). Get all info at Zagreb bus station!
  • Bus from Split to Dubrovnik – To get to Dubrovnik by bus, from main Split bus station (located in Split harbor, next to train station) it will take you about four hours. Find bus schedule at Split bus station!

Flying To Dubrovnik

After all advantages and disadvantages, it seems that taking a flight to Dubrovnik is the fastest and in some cases, the cheapest mean of transportation.

If you enter in Croatia via Zagreb, Croatia Airways offer very cheap flights. For example, flying (60 minutes) on Sat 3 Jun 2017 from Zagreb to Dubrovnik ticket costs per person € 68,24. Use Croatia Airlines planning  and booking form to book your flight to Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula.

Direct International Flights

Getting to Dubrovnik by plain is the fastest and the most convenient way to start your Croatia's holidays just from Dubrovnik as the starting point.

Dubrovnik airport (DBV) has excellent flights connections with almost all European countries. Most of these flights are direct flights connecting Dubrovnik in high season. Here are  the airlines that fly to Dubrovnik airport!

If you would like to know more about Dubrovnik airport, on this page you'll find detailed information about Dubrovnik airport,  location, route maps, live departures and arrivals etc.

Dubrovnik has the best connections with UK from May to October by low-cost carriers from:

Getting To Dubrovnik From Split


One of the best ways to visit the most of Dalmatia is to  take one of the most popular tours from Split descending slowly from Split all the way to Dubrovnik.

These trips from Split to Dubrovnik are most popular in July and August, combining  traditional sailing tours or for travelers that like more active holidays, sailing/bicycle tour through Split, Jelsa, Stari Grad and 12 other destinations.

Important 2017 Catamaran Notification

On of the most pleasant news,  I'm bringing you, regards 2017 catamaran (only on foot passengers) schedule to help you getting to Dubrovnik from Split.

Finally Jadrolinija company has announced a 2017 timetable from Dubrovnik-Korcula-Hvar-Bol. The year the route starts on 9 June and runs until September 18 but now it runs as far as Split. (last year run only to Bol (Brac).

You can download the 2017 timetable and prices from Dubrovnik to Split. It will sail every day from Dubrovnik at 07:15 AP arriving at Split at 12:30 PM and from Split 15:45 PM arriving in Dubrovnik (Gruz port) at 21:00 PM.  One way ticket costs 200 Kuna (€ 27 or $ 29).

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