Guide to Zrce Beach: Croatia’s Ultimate Party Haven

Zrce beach, 4 km from Novalja village on the island of Pag is a popular summer resort which hosts probably the only beach in Croatia with Ibiza sense.

It is also known as ‘the party island’ or the ‘Croatian Ibiza’ due to its non-stop parties going on during the summer. This long, stretched, white pebbled beach with crystal clear sea is without exaggerating, the sexiest party beach along the Croatian coast.

The beach has numerous facilities and three popular open-air clubs offering never ending entertainment until ‘small’ hours. It’s a place of popular party beach festival taking place each year.
<h2>Zrce Beach Festival Calendar</h2>
<h4><em>Zrce events and festivals</em></h4>
<li><em><b>Zrce Spring Break Europe</b></em>
Zrce Beach – Aquarius club &amp; Kalypso club. 31 May – 03 Jun. This is Europe’s biggest spring break music festival</li>
<li><em><b>Hard Island Festival</b></em>
Zrce Beach – Aquarius club &amp; Kalypso club.02 Jul – 05 Jul . The summer holiday gathering for hard-style and hardcore fans.</li>
<li><em><b>Fresh Island Festival 2018</b></em>
Zrce Beach – Aquarius, Kalypso &amp; Papaya.10 Jul – 12 Jul. Europe’s number one urban beach festival.</li>
Zrce beach has numerous facilities and four popular open-air clubs that handle all beach events:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”><em><b>Aquarius</b></em></a> (famous club <em><b>from Zagreb</b></em>) is superbly equipped. It has places to eat, drink and dance, aerobics, homemade ice cream and also a fun pool. Often there are theme parties, bubble parties, live concerts, resident and international DJ’s playing hippies house music.

<a href=””><em><b>Papaya </b></em></a>is arranged in exotic style and it offers bar, restaurant, VIP area, pool, water slide, Jacuzzi, after beach parties, cocktail parties, foam parties and dancing all night. Varied music styles are played by resident and international DJ.

<em><b>Kalypso</b></em> is a beach sport bar offering sand volley, darts, badminton, cocktails, Internet access, fast food, but also all kinds of other fun events including Miss and Mister competition and of course good music until morning.

<em><b>Noa Beach Club</b></em> is located on the sea just next to Papaya and consists of several islands, which are interconnected with bridges. The club combines dance floors, pools, bars and relaxing areas with Techno, Minimal, Trance and House music. Several sunbeds invite you to have some drinks in the shade the whole day.
<h2>Getting to Zrce beach</h2>
<h4><em>By air
The nearest airport is <a href=””><em><b>Zadar airport</b></em></a>. It’s only 60 km from Novalja, the nearest town, only 4 km from the beach. Zadar airport is regularly connected with <a href=””><em><b>Zagreb capital</b></em></a> by Croatia Airline flights.

Ryanair has chosen Zadar airport as a main hub for all flights from UK. During the high season there are direct <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”><em><b>flight to Zadar from the UK</b></em></a> .
<h4><em>By bus
There are several bus lines from Zagreb or inland to Novalja, but some of them operate only in tourist season. However, Zadar is 60 km away from Novalja, and it’s connected to it via bus. Use the Autotrans search engine on the right to find buses to Novalja from Zadar and other cities in Croatia.
<h4><em>By car
If coming from Zagreb, take the A1 highway and follow the direction Split. After two over 5 km long tunnels <em><b>Mala Kapela</b></em> and <em><b>Sveti Rok</b></em>, take exit <em><b>Pag/Novalja</b></em> . According <a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”><em><b>this map</b></em></a> the distance from Zagreb to Novalja is 225 km (it will take you 3 hours and 40 minutes. Follow the signs indicating Novalja or Pag.

If you’re coming from Istria, you can take the A1 highway, but it’s better to follow the D8 (better known as Adriatic Highway and follow the sign to Pag (50 km after Senj). Here is <a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”><em><b>the map</b></em></a> if you are coming from Trieste (Italy). On this route you can also use a car ferry from <em><b>Prizna – Zigljen</b></em> (Pag).
<h4><em>From Novalja to Zrce beach
This popular party beach is only 3,5 km from Novalja town. I recommend to find a <em><b>private accommodation</b></em> in Novalja. From Novalja bus station there is a regular bus service every 20 minutes (10 Kuna – € 1.5) which keeps connection first to Gajac pebble beach and proceeds to Zrce.

If you are driving from Novalja to Zrce, there is a parking place (it’s very crowded) and it costs 5 Kuna (0,8 €) per hour, all day and night.

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