Gulet Against Villa Renting
In Croatia

Perhaps it may seem strange to compare gulet against villa rental if you decide to spend holidays in Croatia.  What is better? To rent a gulet or to rent a villa?

Many of you believe that renting a villa is the best solution for your holidays. This is a common opinion because few people think to charter a gulet to make their holidays in a different way.

It would be better to go step by step to explain what's villa renting looks like in Croatia, what are good sides, what are bad ones and how this can be compared to gulets. In the end, everyone will be curious to know what is the difference in price between villa and gulet renting.

Gulet Against Villa Renting

Villa renting

There are few huge online companies offering a large base of villas renting in Croatia. Actually  the possibilities are truly amazing. My favorite partner is HomeAway  with over 90.000 vacation rentals across Croatia.

When looking for a villa you will need this advice the most:

  • Which place is the best to visit in Croatia?
  • In which area is located?
  • How far from the city center?
  • How far is the beach? 
  • Is there a supermarket nearby?
  • Where's the nearest restaurant?
  • What to do and see close to villa?
  • Is the area safe?
Modern luxury 5 stars villa

What can you expect when renting a villa in Croatia? Concerning accommodation villas are very comfortable. Villas have more living space bigger bathrooms and bedrooms. Some have a nice terrace with beautiful view.

What about food when you rent a villa? You will eat what you buy. Either you cook “at home” what you buy or you go to a restaurant but this can be quite expensive. Many just do not want to prepare meals at home.

What about activities you can practice when renting a villa? Sometimes all depends on your imagination but it's important to know what to do and see to say 'we had a great time'.

Probably you will need to rent a car. You need to plan a day trip by yourself. I'm sure sooner or later you'll start to hate the 'rent a car' or looking for free parking spots. You may consider to take a local bus (cheap and interesting option) but soon you'll be fed up
with crowded buses and going all the time to the same place.......

Villas are cheaper than gulets but when you look at total costs it is not so much different. On villa, you pay only for a villa and then you pay for everything extra.

Gulet renting

Gulets are more expensive but they have also at charter price included crew, fuel for traveling and lots of other costs that come with having a ship.

At the end, villa will be cheaper, but the experience a gulet can give a lot you can not compare to a villa.

Every day you are in a different bay. No buses. No rent a car.  You do not have to cook and clean. You will visit a lot of different places and towns and you don't have worry about parking place as you captain will find a right place for you.

Gulet Against Villa Prices

The best way to demonstrate the advantages between gulet and villa renting, will be starting with an example. Suppose you are traveling with a group of 8 persons but you are in doubt which option would be best from an economic point of view.

Here are some villas renting examples in Makarska Riviera region:

Villa Palladium, new villa with penthouse, pool and Jacuzzi for 8 persons!

On the left you can see a new villa with penthouse, pool and Jacuzzi with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, for 8 persons.

Villa is only 5 minutes walk to the nearest beach. For your information villa is located in Makarska, 85 km from  Split and 115 km from Split airport .

This villa has a wide living space, indoor and outdoor dining areas, stylish bedrooms and gorgeous outdoor space designed to give unabated views that are just a stone's throw. A luxurious private pool and outdoor lounge chairs allow you to enjoy and relax.

Villa offers all facilities such as full air-conditioning, garage, fireplace, internet, full kitchen appliances. 

Rental price for 7 days (for 8 persons) in period July 2018 is  - 6200 $ (including all taxes and fees). Meals: self-catering.

Another example: Amazing Modern Villa , 2 Pools, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Billiard Room - Rental price for 7 days (for 8 persons) in period June 2018 is  - 7.865 $ (including all taxes and fees). Meals: self-catering.

To help you solve dilemma between gulet against villa renting below you'll find a complete cost breakdown (per person) of a gulet cruise holiday. This way you will know exactly costs of gulet against villa and what is included in the price.

The costs breakdown of gulet against villa renting:

  • Accommodation in double cabin with own private bathroom and air conditioning - from 314 – 687 € ( per person/week). Price depends on the quality of the vessel  3 to 5 star vessels.
  • Captain - he will safely lead you to visit amazing new destinations every single day. Price depends on the ship size and experience of the captain - from 62 – 82 € (per person/week).
  • Chef - he will prepare amazing new dishes every day, tailored to your own preferences - from 45 – 71 € (per person/week).
  • Hostess  - responsible to keep the cabin in perfect order. Price depends on the experience of the hostess - from 29 – 40 € (per person/week).
  • Food - you can expect only the best quality food served in the most stunning locations and bays. Always with a sea view. Prices are from 210 – 350 €  (per person/week) which depends of food you prefer.
  • Fees, Taxes, Port taxes  - gulet will go to different locations, where you will be able to go ashore. Price goes from 40 – 68 € (per person/week) which depends on your cruising itinerary.
  • Fuel for Cruising (usually 5 hours daily cruising) - Every day you will cruise to new bays, towns and amazing locations. Prices are from 99 – 133 € (per person/week) and depend on the size of the gulet and itinerary.

Total costs:  from 799 – 1486 € (per person/week). Stated prices are just a practical example of what to expect and vary regarding:

  • Cruise type -  If you book only one cabin or rent an entire gulet.
  • Travel dates - If you travel in high season (July, August) the price is highest. In middle season (June, September) and low season (May, October) prices are lower.
  • Vessel quality -  5 and 6 star vessels cost much more than 3 or 4 star vessels.

Here's an example: Gulet Vila Vrgade (3 stars vessels): 4 cabins for 8 persons, 7 days cruising from 28 July 2018 till 18 August 2018, departures on Saturday from Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik (on request).  Price per person 1.550 € (including food). Drinks are not included (according to consumption).

If you are still uncertain what to chose comparing gulet against villa, I'm sure renting a villa will be a positive experience in Croatia.

My personal opinion when comparing gulet against villa holidays, if you are looking for special experience of your life, whatever you choose (only cabin charter or entire vessel) choose a gulet – you will not be sorry.

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