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About Gullets

Here are some information about Gullets, Gulet (used in UK) or Schooner, Italian 'caiacco' to the French 'golette'. This boat is a traditional Turkish broad-beamed wooden coastal sailing vessel with a raised bow, a broad flat stern, a main foremast and secondary mast aft. Read more about these boats history!

Is this a sailing ship? Wrong! It's not a sailing boat. Can it really sail? Some of them can sail very well. Some can not. Some do not even have sails. If so, what is at the end, this boat?

They are crewed motor sailing yachts. This means that they usually travel using engine (motor), but they also have sails and some of them also have really good sailing capabilities.

These ships are particularly good as pleasure sailing vessels because of their broad beam, which gives them lots of deck space, particularly at the back and plenty of rooms for spacious cabins below decks.

Gullets come in many sizes, from small 15-meter long boat with the necessary equipment to large, luxurious 33-meter air-conditioned vessels with every convenience and luxury.

They may have from 3 to 12 two-person cabins (for 6 to 24 people), but 5 and 6 cabin vessels capable of sleeping 10 to 12 voyagers are most common. The crew consists of 2 to 4 members that usually sleep in the cabins at the bow of the ship.

Gullets - Technical Description

Here are the main highlights:

  • Average size of this boat is from 20 and up to 30 meters in length
  • They usually have from 5 and up to 8 cabins
  • All have air condition and shower and toilet in every cabin
  • All have professional crew (skipper, chef, sailor/waiter)
  • They are mostly made out of wood (teak, mahogany, oak)

These boats have spacious deck space for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade. Meals are normally served one large table at the back of the boat outside while in case of bad weather guests are served in saloon.

These motor sailing yachts are subdivided in 3 main categories (Standard, Luxury and Deluxe).


Usually located below decks, cabins are light and airy, mainly have double or twin berths, some also have an upper single bunk. All cabins have opening port holes, and all boats  have air-conditioning. Each cabin has integral hot and cold shower, basin and WC.

Some cabins really look like the most luxurious hotels with Jacuzzi, plasma TV´s DVDs and huge space.


Out on deck, there's plenty of space for sunbathing, and to the rear of the boat, a covered dining and cushioned seating area. Most also have a spacious indoor saloon/dining area. The fore deck makes a large sun bathing area and the huge aft deck provides a shady cushioned area for relaxing and eating al fresco.

Things to do

It's almost impossible to get bored during the cruising on these boats. The possibilities what to do during the cruise are truly unlimited.

If you wish to swim and sunbathe all the time, it's easy, and not to mention diving, water sports, hiking, island hoping and much more.

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