Complete Guide to the Hvar Island Summer Events

A rich calendar of island Hvar events will certainly enrich your holidays on the island. All these happenings are closely related to the flora and fauna of the island and old historic traditions. Many of them are transmitted from one generation to another.

Every year these events usually take place in the period from June to August highlighting the local population customs and a natural environment of this typical Mediterranean island.

Nature has gifted this island with typical plants of the Mediterranean region. Some plants like lavender, honey, rosemary are typical for this island.

Honey production has a centuries-old tradition while high quality wine productions brought by Greeks in the 4. century BC, has become one of the most prestigious wines in Dalmatia.

Some of these products such as lavender, honey and wine have become the subject of local celebration and festivals.

In addition to these events related to local products, there are many cultural and music events which together with religious and sports events, offering a rich content of events for all ages and interests.

June Hvar Events

Lavender festival exhibition – End of June at Velo Grablje village

June is the month when the purple color covers slopes of the island of Hvar. The whole area from Stari Grad passing small villages Selca, Velo Grablje, Brusje up to the town of Hvar, fills with a particular scent and beautiful purple color field will surely leave you speechless.

Lavender festival takes place in Velo Grablje, a small village, only few miles from Hvar town on the road Hvar to Stari Grad.

Local association “Pjover” for the protection and revitalization of Velo Grablje decided to promote the event “lavender festival” which has become a traditional event in end of June.

The lavender festival is a real feast for the soul, a journey through a revived tradition, a walk through time, fragrance and color. During the event you can revel in a wide choice of lavender products as well as presentations about traditional lavender distillation, local cuisine, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and many other events.

Hvar Town Summer Festival (June)

This is one traditional Hvar Croatia events, that has reached its 54th performance. It takes place in Hvar town at old theater, the oldest European theater. The festival offers the whole month numerous concerts and theater plays.

July island Hvar Events

Hvar Town Summer Festival (July)

Hvar town summer festival will continue also in July with various performances. It’s one of the longest festivals on the island.

Ultra Beach music festival in Hvar town

It has become a tradition when the three-day Ultra Music festival Croatia from Split Poljud stadium, will move on July 14th to Hvar town the capital of the island.

The leading hotel chain Suncani Hvar (Sunny Hvar) will be hosting a VIP event on the waterfront at Hotel Amfora in Hvar town on July 14.

Stari Grad Honey Festival

This festival takes place since 2012 This honey fair and exhibition will be held in Stari Grad, Hvar island, from last week of July.

The three-day event, called Days of Hvar Honey is held in Ploca Square (Trg Ploca) in the old town, and will be organized by the beekeepers and lavender association. It will be a great pity, if you don’t buy a jar of this highly praised, lavender and rosemary honey.

Hvar Events In August

August seems to be dedicated to sport events but you shouldn’t miss the Hvar town summer festival that is still going on, continuously since June. Here are some sport Hvar events taking place in August each year:

Hvar International Half Marathon

It has only 6 years long tradition, but if you like running, you want miss this half Marathon from Hvar to Stari Grad. Not only atmosphere in which this marathon will take place, but also the race motto indicates, it will be a great fun.

Run for fun, and have fun doing it – because having fun is guaranteed on the island of Hvar. If you would like to run in this marathon be sure to get more info on their website.

Stari Grad International Long Distance Swimming

This is the oldest Hvar Croatia events that has reached its 40th edition. It’s the only competition that has been taking place without interruption, since I was twenty.

It’s a rather tough competition for well prepared swimmers as the swimming trail is almost 5 nautical miles long. This marathon is not for everyone.

The interesting fact of this swimming marathon is that it has never changed the date. The event takes place always on the last weekend in August. Visit this website for more info!

Jelsa Wine Fair

Every year during the last weekend in August a traditional Wine fair is organized in Jelsa. The best wines from Hvar are on display as well as a variety of local gastronomic specialties.

During the wine fair all hotels organize music for dancing, games and shows. There is a discotheque in the center of Jelsa. The town streets and squares serve as a stage for contemporary music concerts and popular ‘klape‘ group singers’.

If you are a wine lover, this fair is one of ‘must’ be present Hvar events.

Religious Hvar Events – Jelsa ‘Following the Cross’

One of the most important events whose backgrounds started back in 1658 is ‘Following the Cross’ procession during Holy Week in Jelsa an the surrounding villages. It starts in the early morning hours of Good Friday or just after midnight

Today the Procession starts at 10 PM on Maundy Thursday, lasts 8 hours, covers a distance of 22 km and includes six parishes: Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska.

‘Following the Cross’ Procession is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

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