Hvar Town, Croatia Travel Guide: Everything about Visiting or Moving to Hvar

It’s not rare that sometimes travelers wrongly identify Hvar town Croatia with the Hvar island. This town is the top destination on the Hvar island for many reasons.

It’s considered the most fashionable and chic place after Dubrovnik. It’s a place to see and to be seen. It’s also the most expensive tourist destination, together with Dubrovnik.

Hvar town with its well protected harbor is a popular anchorage of rich yacht owners as well meeting point of many celebrities. Personalities like Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Malkovich, Brad Pitt, Jodie Foster, Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich or Chinese billionaire Jimmy Lee have visited this magic town.

Hvar has something for everyone. The young people are attracted by pulsating nightlife and daily beach parties, the most visitors enjoy visiting 16 idyllic Paklina islands (pine resin islands) a tiny Hvar’s archipelago with numerous coves.

Naturist will find their paradise on some of the most beautiful nudist beaches. Hvar town Croatia abounds with numerous beaches on Paklina archipelago as well many beautiful beaches in its vicinity particularly between Milna and Dubovica villages.

Hvar Town the new ‘St Tropez’

In last ten years Hvar town has been titled as the new Croatian Saint Tropez, a popular playground of celebrities and Europe’s elite. Each year more and more luxury yachts are mooring into its harbor.

Hvar Town is Croatia’s top party place, just an hour by fast catamaran from Split city, with the most vibrant nightlife from May to September, especially in first fifteen days of August, when the Italians arrive in hordes.

Bars and restaurants line the large town St. Stephan square and continue down the sea quay to the Carpe Diem club, probably its most famous club (and its most expensive one), the only club with its own exclusive beach bar 10 minutes by water-taxi from sister venue Carpe Diem Bar in Hvar Town.

Hula Hula beach Club is a place for the best after beach parties, about a 2 km walking distance west of Hvar Town along the coast. This is the most popular bar in Hvar town and every night will become a party night.

Kiva bar is the oldest bar in Hvar town Croatia. It stands at the same since 1970 but today has became too crowded with tourists for my taste. It used to be one of the last strongholds of good rock and pop music.

Kiva offers good old-fashioned fun, with affordable prices that still lower than any other place in the town. If you want to have a good time and feel the real atmosphere of Hvar, you shouldn’t miss this cult bar, despite it happens to be jam-packed and it takes too long to order a drink.

Veneranda club Hvar is another night club for a crazy summer night out. It’s located in just a short 2 minute walk from city center, within the walls of onetime monastery, with a pool and dance floor.

Set in a hillside Venetian fortress on the western side of Hvar town’s harbor, the Veneranda is an open-air disco with DJ. Keep in mind that this club charges the entrance fee ( from 120 Kuna – 16 € ) and drink prices are rather high.

Top Things To See In Hvar Town Croatia

Medieval Hvar is a small town that lies between protective pine-covered slopes and the azure Adriatic Sea. Hvar town will be a great discover for many visitors for its architecture and fascinating history where they’ll find some important sights.

  • aint Stephen /Sveti Stefan/ square and St.Stephen’s Cathedral
  • The Renaissance Municipal Theatre from 1612 – third oldest theatre in Europe
  • The Hektorovic Palace (Gothic style)
  • Spanish Fortress above Hvar Town
  • 15 the century Franciscan monastery
  • Benedictine Convent
  • Hvar town loggia and a clock tower
  • The Franciscan monastery museum

Where To Stay In Hvar Town Croatia

With 140 years old tourist history, Hvar town offers all types of accommodation properties from private apartments, B&B, guesthouses and villas. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten hotels.

The town’s dominant hotel chain, Suncanihvar (Sunny Hvar) has several elegant hotels that attract more high spenders.

Among them stand out, Riva a stylish four-star hotel, with sofas set under cream canopies dominating the harbor and Adriana marina spa hotel across the harbor, first class judging by the bar of classy chrome stools, black marble bar top and chic sofas.

– Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel, Hvar Town, Croatia
– Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel, Hvar Town, Croatia
– Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort, Hvar Town, Croatia
– The Palace Hvar Hotel, Hvar Town, Croatia
– Delfin Hvar Hotel, Hvar Town, Croatia
– Hotel Pharos Hvar, Hvar Town, Croatia
– Hotel Villa Dalmacija Hvar, Hvar Town, Croatia

Hvar Town Croatia Low Budget Accommodation

Looking for Hvar cheap accommodation? Don’t expect to find really low accommodation prices no matter when you go but still you can find few budget oriented accommodation in very center of Hvar town close to Hvar port and Hvar beaches.

They are all privately owned apartments. Read some customers reviews who have visited these small apartments and houses and find out why the young people highly recommend them.

Things to know about the Hvar Island

Hvar island has a special place among Croatian islands.It has been nominated for years among the world’s 10 top attractive islands mainly for its mild climate and hospitable people.

I have a special feelings with this island. My parents are born on the island (Stari Grad) and here I spent the best years of my youth.

Besides the fact of being the sunniest island with crystal clean sea, beautiful beaches, good food and wine, unspoiled environment with lavender scents everywhere, I am sure Hvar will satisfy the most demanding travelers.

Sometimes travelers wrongly identify the island with the same name Hvar town, but island hides some urban settlements worth visiting, like Stari Grad (Old town), the oldest island’s village or Jelsa, Vrboska (called a Little Venice) or Sucuraj, the easternmost settlement.

Crystal blue sea, marvelous bays, sandy and pebble beaches, mild climate, lush vegetation, vineyards, olive groves, endless fields of lavender, Mediterranean cuisine, historical and cultural sights, all this make the Island Hvar, undoubtedly, the most attractive destination

It’s hard to find anything missing to an island but Hvar has all you need to make you return again and again.

Hvar Island Map

In Zadar county there is a Dugi Otok (Long Island), but Hvar is the longest island along the Adriatic coast. It’s 50,95 miles (80,46 km) long.

Looking at the above map, you’ll notice the main road from Sucuraj to Hvar town about 77 km long, 60 km to Stari Grad or 50 km to Jelsa.

The road between Sucuraj and Hvar town is rather narrow and if you are coming from Makarska, don’t forget to fill up your car tank before you use the ferry connection, as the first fuel station on the island is in Jelsa, 50 km away.

What’s the weather like?

With almost 2800 hours of sunshine during the year, Hvar island is definitely the sunniest and warmest island. The island has mild winters, warm summers and high number of sunny days which allows bathing from May to October, and for the brave ones, even more.

The average annual temperature is about 16.5 C, with warmer autumns and springs, which extends the length of the vegetation. In January the approximate temperature is about 8,5 C (47,3 F).

Don’t be surprised to see offers like – from May to October, we offer 50% discount to accommodation prices on days when it rains over three hours! Some hotels during the winter offers 100 % discount if it snows!

Perhaps it will help to know:

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Top things to see and do: Tourist attractions on Hvar island are also numerous cultural and historical monuments, churches, town squares, local parks, caves, fortresses as a testimony of its glorious past. Read more here.

And this would conclude our complete travel guide to Hvar, Croatia.

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