Istria, Croatia Map

This map of Istria, Croatia will help you to get familiarized with this peninsula  situated only dozens of kilometers from Italy and bordering with the Republic of Slovenia.

Being very close to Italy, Istria has a strong Italian flavor. Most locals speak Italian fluently – all while Italian tourists love the area as well, coming in large numbers during the summer months.

The Istria peninsula is a cheap destination in Europe with low prices, like the generally low cost of living in Croatia.

But now let’s look at a map of the Istria peninsula below, with the main coastal cities and villages marked on it.

Istria is often called the green and blue peninsula. The Blue one is the part along the Adriatic coast from Umag to Pula.

The green one is the fraction of internal medieval cities where the mountain valleys appear light green and tan. It’s sometimes compared with the famous Italian Tuscany region.

The Blue Istria with its beautiful beaches is rather crowded during the summer months. However, it’s not just the seaside that is beautiful: the interior of the peninsula is great as well, with many breathtaking views for you.

If you want to take my advice and visit a bit more of the peninsula, from Pula, you should visit the small but charming town Vodnjan.

While in Pula, don’t miss to take a day trip to National Park of Brijuni Islands, pictured below:

From the beautiful Rovinj, take a day trip to Pazin and Buzet. Finally, while staying in Porec, take a short excursion to Motovun and Groznjan.

These are two charming, must see places in Croatia. Below you can see a bit of what Motovun has to offer:

Detailed Istrian Peninsular Map

Check out the map I created on Google Maps for easy viewing.

If you need a more detailed map, you can use the Google map of Istria above where you can find some of Istria’s highlights like:

  • Motovun – a small hilltop village sitting on a hill some 227m above sea level. If you visit, you’ll take a trip to the past, when it was a part of Venice.
  • Buzet – called the town of truffles and dating from the Middle Ages, it lies on a hilltop above a fertile valley of the longest Istria river – the Mirna.
  • Groznjan – the town of artists, this is a 14th century Venetian village located 15 km inland in North West Istria, 8km Southeast of Buje, and 26km Northeast of Porec.
  • Rovinj, Croatia – one of the most beautiful towns in Istria, situated on the west side of the peninsula, which is a favorite tourist destination.
  • Pula, capital of Istria – with the famous Roman Coliseum from the 3rd century, and the third largest still standing in the world, this city is a very underrated destination in Croatia.

Are you looking a way to get from Venice to Istria? Wouldn’t be nice to start in Venice and then take a day or two down the Istria coast?

Now you can take one of fast catamaran ferries service that have been connecting Venice to Istria for several years now. See below the Istria map with all catamaran connections.

There are a ton of amazing things you can do in Istria and these maps that we have shared, as well as all the extra details, will help you make the most out of your stay in this beautiful Croatian peninsula.

Don’t forget to always have a map close by – they will always come in handy. If you are using your smartphone for navigation (like Google Maps), also make sure that you download the maps and make them available for offline use, as you might not have mobile signal everywhere throughout Croatia.

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