Best FKK Naturist Resorts in Istria: Camping Sites and Beaches

The Istria nudist resorts have always been the most popular meeting points in central Europe for naturists all over the world.

This peninsula has been an attractive destination for the past five decades and in today’s article we’re going to find out why and, most importantly, what are the best beaches, resorts, and camping sites for nudists/naturists visiting Istria.

The good news is that there are many official naturist campsites, tourist villages, beaches, and even more unofficial naturist spots in the region, so it’s impossible not to find a place to fall in love with and truly enjoy nature.

Often, there is an entry fee associated, but since it’s Croatia that we’re talking about, the prices are usually low.

There are many beautiful wild beaches that you can find on the Istria peninsula.

We also have a lot of the so called free beaches, which are known to be naturist-friendly for many years, but they are not officially accepted as FKK places.

However, in reality, in most of these “unofficial” nudist beaches in Istria, clothing is optional.

Finally, there are wild beaches where one can freely choose to be bare or to keep swimming with a swimsuit on – usually, the golden rule of thumb here is that the first persons to reach these wild beaches are the ones deciding if they’re textile or naturist.

So the early bird catches the worm. Or sees it, if you allow me to make a tasteless joke.

The dedicated Istria peninsula nudist resorts or naturist beaches are marked with signs saying ‘FKK’ for ‘Freikorperkultur‘, (German word for Free Body Culture)

Unofficial beaches are sometimes called free beaches. Croatia’s naturist facilities often focus on different visitor categories, including families, adults and gay people where everyone is welcome.

Best Istria Nudist Resorts, Camping Sites & Beaches

You can check out this Google map that I have created to easily highlight some of the best spots for naturists.

Make sure to read on, though, for even more details about these places and find some real hidden gems!

Istria nudist resorts – Kazela Medulin camping

The Kazela resort is only 2 km from Medulin and 12 km south of Pula, covering an ample area with its own beach (1,5 km long) and separated nudist beach.

From Medulin, heading to the Kazela resort and you will find that the beach is on the right, just a short walk away from the last car parking spot near the hotel. Once on the beach, turn left and have a 5 min walk, until reaching the end of the path.

There, you will find the dedicated naturist beach, which is provided with modern sanitary facilities, electric connection points and camp refrigerators, restaurant, snack bars, sports grounds, dancing terrace, so you get the full package here and you’ll have no reasons to be disappointed.

The best accommodation can be found at the Kazela resort or for those traveling by car or just looking for a campsite, the Kazela campsite, one of the largest of Croatia’s camping sites, is also a great choice.

Istria nudist resorts – St. Nicholas island near Porec

On the small island of St. Nikolas (Nikola) just half a mile from Porec Riva, there is a small FKK beach you must visit.

There is a frequent free shuttle boat that connects the island with the Porec town, so you would have no trouble getting there and back to Porec fast, easy, and cheap.

When you get to the island, proceed left along the coast, past the textile beach and then you will find entrances to the FKK beach on the left side of the path.

The beach itself is marked as naturist only with large FKK signs written on the shore, so you really can’t miss it.

It is very small (no more than 100 meters in length), extremely rocky and hidden from sight. It has no facilities whatsoever and no shade, but it does have its charm without a doubt.

Istria Nudist Resorts – Zelena Lagoon Porec

The camping resort Zelena lagoon (aka “Green Lagoon”) is easily accessible by car, but there is also a regular boat transfer from Porec Riva to the camp which departs every hour.

Once you get off the boat, find the camp entrance (there are markings everywhere).

The entrance fee for non-camp residents is about 3 Euros, but make sure to double check as prices can always change.

At the camp entrance there is a ‘layout’ of the camp (wouldn’t really call it a map, although I am sure that’s what it’s intended to be) with the naturist area clearly marked. Simply proceed to the other end of the camp and you’ll find the dedicated beach.

Inside Zelena Lagoon there are several camping sites like the Naturist camping Ulika, Mobile-homes naturist Ulika camping and Caravan naturist Ulika Camping.

The whole area of the Green Lagoon offers more than 20 hotels – and you can find your best deals here.

The nudist beach is about 200 meters long and rocky, with some paved areas. There is also a considerable area covered with grass where you can find some welcomed shade under the trees.

The beach has its own showers, toilet and a small restaurant overlooking the sea, and it is also marked with a blue flag. In other words – it’ll feel like you’re in Paradise!

Istria Nudist Resorts – Polari camping near Rovinj

Polari Bay and Cape Eva or Punta Eva are 3 km away from the town center, located within the Camping Polari, and they stretch as far as 2 km to the south of Villas Rubin Resort.

On Cape Eve (Punta Eva) there is a naturist beach which stretches as far as to the end of the Camping site.

Punta Eva is not strictly a nudist beach, since it isn’t isolated from the other parts of the Camping so it wouldn’t be uncommon for people in bathing costumes to pass by or swim there – but that shouldn’t be a problem for anybody, right?

Nearby is the tourist resort Villas Rubin with a wide range of sports and leisure facilities available to the guests of the camping site – and a great place to book your stay if you want to be close by.

And if you want to spend some time in Rovinj too, make sure to check out my previous article listing the top things to do in the city.

Istria nudist resorts – Crveni otok Rovinj

Red Island (Crveni otok) is an uninhabited island in the Rovinj archipelago, located not far from Rovinj itself. There are actually two smaller islands connected here by an artificial embankment.

These islands are St. Andrew and Maskin. Lately, these have become the magnet and hotspot for nudists in the area.

The Maskin island is much smaller, spotted with rocky coves and paths that wind through the forest. You can reach the island thanks to the daily boat from the Rovinj town center, from a little dock called the Dolphin.

The boat sails every half an hour during the high season. It takes 20 minutes to reach the island and the trip itself is beautiful as well.

Boat transfer is free of charge for Hotel Istra guests during their whole stay, so it might prove to be a good idea to book your accommodation there if you’re planning to stay longer near the Red Island.

Istria nudist resorts – Valalta campsite Rovinj

The three stars campsite camp Valalta is about 7 kilometers away from the Rovinj center, situated by the sea, at the entrance to the picturesque 12 kilometers long nature reserve, the Lim Channel.

Exclusively for naturist family campers, the campsite can accommodate 7,200 guests and has a 5 kilometers long shoreline with mainly fine pebble beaches, though there is an area with a sandy beach especially suitable for children.

On the beach there are restaurants, bars, different water slides, pools with sea water and many other fun facilities.

Valalta has an on-site brewery as well! Naturist Camping Valalta is one of the best naturist campsites in Croatia, offering fully-equipped apartments, bungalows, luxury Mobile homes, luxury caravans and more simple caravans, camping with large shady pitches, all with electricity.

It has a 5 km long beach with sandy and stone bays where you can find your own bit of beach for rest and relaxation of your body.

It has the biggest (man-made) sand beach in Istria. The beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag, so you know it’s top quality! Make sure you also check out my article about the best beaches in Rovinj.

Istria nudist resorts – Koversada naturist resorts Vrsar

Among all the Istria peninsula nudist resorts, Koversada is probably the most famous naturist resort in Europe. It is one of the biggest too, founded in 1961.

Many naturists from all over the world come every year to this resort in search for a natural paradise, warm climate and crystal clear waters.

And they still get them after all these years, despite the growing popularity of the area and extensive development.

In 1972, Koversada hosted the Naturist World Congress. Inside this resort center, there are numerous restaurants and snack bars, a pizzeria, two mini-markets and various shops, post office, ambulance and gas filling station, laundry and other amenities.

It also offers some  very popular Koversada villas lodgings for your holidays. You can click here to book your stay now or at least check out this world famous resort.

With over 1,700 fully equipped pitches, Koversada can accommodate 5,000 guests per day with all the modern comforts and a variety of commercial facilities. It’s open from April 13th to October 1st.

Istria nudist resorts in Umag

istria nudist beaches featured

Umag is a small town on the border between Croatia and Slovenia. Umag is only 40 km away from Italy (check all the ways to get from Italy to Croatia here). There are two naturis resorts here, both very close to the city center.

1. Camping Kanegra Umag FKK – Situated almost on the Slovenian border, this could be said to be the first naturist campsite in Croatia.

The beach is covered by fine gravel and has an accessible entrance to the sea, which makes it ideal for families with little kids.

In the tourist resort Kanegra, 10 km from Umag in the Savudrija Bay you can find a naturist campsite and a naturist beach.

2. Katoro nudist beach – The village Katoro lies near the town of Umag with the famous apartment resort Sol Polynesia nearby. The beach is partly paved, and partly rocky.

On some spots, you can find shade from the big pine trees. A playground can be found for kids and tennis courts. It is an ideal choice for families with kids.

Wrapping up

This rounds up our guide to the top naturist resorts in the Istria peninsula and you know now about all the options in the area.

If you are planning to explore the country more, we have created other lists that you could find helpful, like this article about the naturist beaches in Central Dalmatia, or those in southern Croatia.

But sticking to Istria only should be enough and if you want to play it safe and make sure that you’re going to the most popular destinations here, pick any on our list and you’ll be fully satisfied!

Thanks for sharing this article!

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