Ferries from Italy to Split, Croatia

Taking a ferry from Italy to Split Croatia is your best way if you are traveling from Italian Adriatic coast. The major departure ports from Italy to the opposite shore of the Adriatic, are Ancona and Pescara.

When traveling by ferry from Italian ports to Split Croatia you will need updated ferry timetable schedule and all maritime companies that sail to and from all ports in Italy to Croatia.

Split port has very good ferry connections with Italian coast. In 2017 only three maritime companies will keep connections from Italy to Croatia but only one among them will   keep all year-round  regular connections to Split.

Take some useful information about Split port and how to find international ferry pier for all arrivals and departures from/to Italy.

Keep in mind that crossings from Italy to Split are strictly seasonal and only in high season there are 3 daily crossings with Blue Line, SNAV and Jadrolinija (Croatian company). The crossing time is around 11 hours.

The only international ferry connection to Split is from Ancona, Italy. Jadrolinija, Croatian maritime company  is the only one that connects both Adriatic shores all the year around.

Jadrolinija 2017 Italy to Split timetable

I've already mentioned that Jadrolinija is the only company that will connect Italian coastal city Ancona to Split the whole year from January 01 to December 31, 2017. Here is the timetable from Ancona to Split and Split to Ancona

  • Line 53 sails from Ancona to Split in period January 1st to March 31st, 2017 two times a week - On Sunday and Wednesday departing at 20,00 PM from Split and arriving in Ancona on Monday and Thursday at 07,00 AM.
  • The same Line 53 in the period from April 2 to July 27, 2017 and from  August 28 to October 27, 2017 - three times a week, on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday  departing at 20,00 PM from Split and arriving the day after at 07,00.
  • In the period from July 28 to August 27, 2017 Jadrolinija will connect also Stari Grad (Island Hvar) on the way to/back from/to Split/Ancona. This line will be active two times a week, On Saturday and on Sunday departing from Split at 21,30  PM arriving in Ancona next day at 09,45.
  • You can check this popular connection consulting 2017 timetable here or downloading this pdf.file.

International lines 2017 Croatia - Italy by Jadrolinija

SNAV 2017 Italy to Split timetable

SNAV are one of the largest ferry companies operating in Southern Europe with services crossing the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian sea.

The SNAV shipping company has decided to focus on Croatia for the season spring/ summer 2017. Croatia, has been for several years a favorite destination for Italian tourists, both family travelers but for young people seeking for resorts with a lively nightlife.

SNAV for 2017 relaunches the line for Croatia with several changes. From Italy to Split this company has announced to start with first crossing from April 5 until 7 October 2017. This year tourist will be able to enjoy the beauty of the mild climate in Croatia even in autumn.

In addition, during the months of July and August, every Friday, the SNAV Ferry Cruise will call at the island of Hvar, with arrival at the port of Stari Grad.

Blueline 2017 Italy to Split timetable

Blueline is third carrier that runs ferry services transporting passengers and vehicles between Croatia and Italy.

The Blue line ferry service will be active also between April 5 until 7 October 2017 with  connections between the Italian port of Ancona and the Croatian port of Split, as well as seasonal services to the Croatian ports of Stari Grad and Vis (this line isn't confirmed so far) .

SNAV and Blueline 2017 Timetable - click to enlarge!

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