Best Beaches on Krk Island, Croatia

The most of island Krk beaches are located on island southern shore. This part abounds in beaches, particularly pebble ones. Along the coast between settlements Baska and Stara Baska towns, some thirty pebbled beaches are accessible to swimmers of all ages.

The island of Krk is the biggest Croatian island and is known as an all-round island for families with children.

While the northern and western parts of the island are high, barren and exposed to the winds, the sheltered areas of the southern coast covered with pine forests are the places of the best beaches.

The most of these are reachable only on foot or by boat. The most are pebble or combination of pebble and sand.

The island of Krk is the most accessible Croatian island. You can reach the island by car, by bus, by boat and by plane.

Krk is connected with the mainland by a spectacular long bridge and there is also international airport.

The Best Island Krk Beaches

I’ve selected two Krk beaches that stand out as the most attractive. Both are situated on the southern island coast between Baska and Stara Baska towns. The first one is Oprna beach and the second one is Vela plaza (Great Beach). Find them on map below!

The Great Beach (Vela plaza)

The Great beach is a town Baska beach. It’s a natural pebble beach, combination of pebbles and sand, and it is 1800 m long. It’s considered as one of the longest pebble beaches along the Croatian Adriatic coast.

It’s particularly suitable for children and non-swimmers. The beach has many facilities including water sport equipment, lifeguards, lifesaving equipment, first aid, facilities for disabled people, catering facilities.

Since 1999, the European Blue Flag has waved on Baska’s Great Beach. The Great Beach, is right in the center of town, surrounded by bars, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, hotels, private flats and other things making an integral part of the town’s attractions.

Alongside the beach is Baska promenade with restaurants, coffee bars and souvenir shops. Keep in mind that this beach could be very crowded during July and August. More info about Baska you can find on town’s official website!

Oprna beach – Stara Baska

Stara Baska lies on the south west part of the island. It’s 17 km from the town of Krk and 10 km from Punat. There are a lot of beaches around Stara Baska mostly pebbles and not too crowned even in high season.

The one I like best is a small pebble beach only 2 km from the village. The beach is mixture of tiny pebbles and sand and is accessible by a boat.

It’s also possible to reach this secluded beach by car. From Punat follow the signs to Stara Baska but you will have to park above the beach and take the narrow pathway down the slope by foot.

This wild beach is without any kind of equipment, so don’t forget to bring food and drinks with you. Nearby there is a camp and one little market.

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