Best Beaches in Kukljica, Croatia: Sandy Beaches in the Country

Kukljica Croatia is a picturesque tourist and fishing village on the Ugljan island, just couple of nautical miles from Zadar Croatia, the capital of Northern Dalmatia region.

It isn’t by chance that I have chosen this small settlement. It’s true that Croatian coast doesn’t abound in sandy beaches. But there are visitors that are just looking for nothing-but-sandy beach, who simply do not feel right without sand under your feet.

For them I propose Kukljica village, the most developed seaside resort on the island of Ugljan. Beautiful landscapes with thick pine forests, three lovely sandy beaches, crystal clear sea are just a part of its attractions.

Kukljica in its immediate vicinity, offers three sandy beaches, ideal for sand lovers and for families with children. There is no place along the Adriatic coast with so many sandy beaches!

Where is Kukljica Croatia?

Kukljica is a small picturesque tourist and fishing village in the far south of Ugljan island near Zdrelac bridge that connects Ugljan island with Pasman island. Go to the map !

Kukljica makes a part of Zadar region and Zadar archipelago islands. It’s located in front of Zadar town. Another advantage of Kukljica Croatia is its proximity to Zadar Zemunik airport that it is only 22 Km from Zadar Gazenica ferry port. Check yourself the distance from Zadar airport on this map and you’ll be enjoying Kukljica sandy beaches in less than three hours.

As you can see, Kukljica has all benefits of memorable holidays and if you are planing your vacations in Zadar district, this village deserves to be included.

Getting to Kukljica

The best and the quickest way to reach this small village is by sea. From Zadar there are two different connections to Kukljica:

  • For visitors traveling by car there is a ferry that leaves from (Gazenica) Zadar ferry port, located only 5 km from the Zadar city center. For more information, visit ferries from Zadar page ! Note : All ferries depart only from Gazenica port !
  • Car and passenger ferry from Zadar (Gazenica) to Preko (Uglan island) – Ferry N° 431 managed by Jadrolinija company. Arriving to Preko you have 19 km to Kukljica, taking road D110.
  • For foot passengers there is a ship to Preko that depart from Zadar city port. Take ship N° 431 A that takes 25 minutes to Preko. From here you can take a bus connection to Kukljica.
  • In alternative there is a ferry connection from Biograd na moru to Tkon (Pasman island) – ferry connection N° 432. From there you can proceed driving to Kukljica, over Zdrelac bridge. Distance is only 21 Km taking road D110. Check this road on the map !

Kukljica Croatia Sandy Beaches

As I’ve already mentioned, in the immediate vicinity of the village you can enjoy three sandy beaches:

Kostanj Beach

If you ask me which of three beaches is my favorite one, than this beautiful sandy beach, located north from Kukljica village, will be number one.

It’s less than 2 km distant from village center. You can reach this beach, walking (25 minutes along the coast line) or by car (5 minutes) following D 110 road. Check this map to reach this beach !

What makes this beach so special? First of all, the beach is sandy with shallow waters ideal for children and non swimmers. Secondly, this beach is shaded by centuries-old pines. In addition you can visit nearby historical monument, the renewed old church of St. Jerome from the 13th century.

The only disadvantage of this beach is a lack of any bar or restaurant so I recommend that you take food and drinks with you if you are planning to spend a day there.

Velika Sabusa beach

This beach is situated on the west coast of the island, looking on Dugi otok (Long island), about 15 minutes of walk from Kukljica. Check this beach on the map !

This beach paved and is ideal for sunbathing and walking. The sea bottom is sand and very shallow so it is ideal for children and non swimmers. Behind the beach there is a pine forest that will provide shade during the great heat of summer.

Ten minutes walking to the north of Velika (Great) Sabusa, there is a Mala (Small) Sabusa beach. It is a secluded sandy beach suitable for those who want a quiet place for swimming and sunbathing (It’s clothing optional beach).

Jelenica sandy beach

This beach is located in the silent and calm bay, 1,3 km south of Kukljuca, providing a great vacation for you and your friends or family. Jelenica is known as naturist or nudist beach. See this beach on google map !

This beach is made of rocks and pebbles, with sandy sea bottom surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation.

The beach can be reached on foot from Kukljica, but even better solution is to rent a small motor boat in Kukljica and drive yourself around the island.

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