Losinj Island, Croatia: Perfect Destination for a Relaxing Vacation

The reason I’ve selected Losinj island isn’t only because it’s a known summer destination but much more. Losinj is a historic health resort and an ideal place for people who have issues with their respiratory system.

Since 1892 when two respected doctors Dr. Conrad Clar and Prof. Ambroz Haracic have confirmed the favorable climate benefits of this island. This island has a century-long tradition in treatment of respiratory diseases, children asthma, allergies and skin as well as for physical therapy.

Since 1892 the entire island is recognized for its healing climate making Losinj a destination that provides a healthy holiday, natural recovery, quality treatment and rehabilitation with a rich cultural scene.

It is common that when talking about this island, it’s used the name Mali Losinj. Mali Losinj is undeniably the most important attraction of the island but two main villages Mali (small) and Veli (big) Losinj are extremely popular spots for a holiday combining beach, culture and various sport activities.

This island makes part of Kvarner bay islands or more precisely Cres-Losinj island group including Cres (409 square km), Losinj (75 ) and smaller islands of Unije (17 ), Ilovik (6 ), Susak (4 ), Vele Srakane (1 ) and a series of smaller uninhabited islands.

Losinj is 33 km long, with the width varying from 4,75 km in the north and middle of the island, to 0,25 km near the town of Mali Losinj. The total coastline of the island is 113 km. The whole coastline abounds in attractive bays and coves, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Losinj and Cres once were just one island. Probably in the Roman period it was escalated a narrow channel separating two islands. This passage called Osor channel is linked by small metal bridge. Something similar, you can see on Murter island.

This bridge opens twice a day at 09 AM and at 05 PM for 15 minutes to let pass only small boats at maximum speed of 5 knots. The peculiarity of of this bridge is that it’s fixed on the Losinj side and opens only the Cres island side.

Getting to Losinj island

This island has excellent connections with the mainland. You can reach the island by car, by fast catamaran from Rijeka and recently by seaplanes.

By car

  • There are two ways to get to this island driving. The first one is crossing the bridge from mainland to Krk island, proceeding to Valbiska where you have to take a car ferry to Merag on Cres island. From here you have to drive all the way to the southernmost point of Cres island, crossing the bridge over Osor channel to island of Losinj.
  • The second route (much shorter) is for travelers coming from Istria peninsula using the ferry line Brestova – Porozina. From here you have to cross the Cres island to Osor channel (as above).

By sea

If you prefer to use sea connections you can reach Losinj from:

  • From Zadar by ferry line N° 401 (car and passengers). This rather slow ferry takes almost six hours to Mali Losinj town, stopping on the way to Ist, Olib, Silba and Premuda islands.
  • Fast catamaran line N° 9308 (operated by Krilo company) runs in high season between Rijeka and Mal Losinj, docking on the way on islands Ilovik, Susak, Unije, Martinscica and Cres. The sailing time is more than 4 hours.
  • Jadrolinija ship line N° 310 is a local ship connections between all principal island around Losinj. It connects Mali Losinj with Srakane Vele, Unije and Susak with Mali Losinj town.
  • Fast ship connection from Venice to Mali Losinj is not active anymore!

What you need to know about Losinj island?

In the area of ​​the Cres-Losinj archipelago is about 1200 plant species. About 80 species, mostly exotic plants, brought by Losinj seamen from their voyages and planted them in the gardens around their houses.

This archipelago has no poisonous snakes. According to legend, he drove them away by St. Gaudentius, bishop and patron of Osor. There are only non-poisonous snakes and lizards and the legally-protected gecko.

Freshwater Lake Vrana on Cres Island is a unique natural phenomenon. With five square kilometers and 74 meters deep, providing drinking water to all villages on the island. Despite the centuries-old research, remains a puzzle how such a large amount of water can keep in a dry environment and the Karst terrain.

Adopt a bottle-nose dolphin. Only in the waters of Losinj island you can adopt their bottle-nose dolphin. It is estimated that the community has 180 individuals. While meeting with them in the sea around the islands, it will be an impressive and memorable experience. In recent years in the Losinj archipelago it was seen a unusual guest, a mysterious Mediterranean monk seal.

Where to stay?

Mali Losinj is the main port of entry to the island. The main center for hotels on Losinj Island is Cikat Bay in Mali Losinj which offers an range of holiday style hotels on Cikat peninsula plus the excellent and classy Hotel Apoksiomen on the port.

If you stay on the port you’re only a few minutes walk from the beaches of Cikat bay. There is also a good selection of private accommodation. Veli Losinj also has a few hotels and some private accommodation. Also consider Nerezine, a town and port on the north-eastern coast of Losinj Island, which offers the four-star Hotel Manora.

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