Best Beaches in Mali Losinj, Croatia

It’s not wrong to call this island Mali Losinj, even though the official name is Losinj island, that makes the part of Kvarner region. If you do not remember where is Kvarner, give a quick glance at the map of Kvarner Bay.

Losinj island makes part of Kornati bay islands or more precisely Cres-Losinj island group including Cres (409 square km), Losinj (75 ) and smaller islands of Unije (17 ), Ilovik (6 ), Susak (4 ), Vele Srakane (1 ) and a series of smaller uninhabited islands.

Since 1892 the entire island is recognized for its healing climate making Losinj a destination that provides a healthy holiday, natural recovery, quality treatment and rehabilitation with a rich cultural scene.

The rush to visit Croatia takes place every summer but one island has been curiously ignored: Losinj. One of possible reasons for this is only on first sight a tough way to reach it.

It has no international airport, so you have to fly to Zagreb, drive 140 km, take a car ferry and then drive for another hour. To have a clear idea how to reach Mali Losinj, just explore Rijeka district ferry timetable, to find different solution that suits you best.

Mali Losinj Beaches

Like every island along the Croatia’s long and rugged coastline, this island isn’t in shortage of beaches. On the contrary it has them in abundance.

It is not my intention to enumerate all island’s beaches but only few which stand out by their beauty and not only. Some of them are very close to the main island’s towns like Mali (small) and Veli (big) Losinj towns, while others are hard to reach but for this more fascinating.

Veli Zal Beach In Sunny Bay

Veli Zal beach is located in Sunny Bay, located approximately 1,5 km from the center of the town. (Losinj Mali)

This beach is an obvious example of marine and coastal environments protection, awarded by prestigious Blue Flag , an international environmental program.This beach has everything you need!

It’s a typical pebble beach with shallow waters, easy to enter for all swimmers, particularly convenient for families with children and paying special consideration for for people with reduced mobility.

The cleanliness of the beach is given special attention. The beach offers showers, changing rooms, sun beds and umbrellas and maintained clean toilets.

On the beach are not neglected activities like water sports, aerobics, bowling alley and services of restaurant and coffee bar – Veli zal.

If you add the beautiful the promenade walkway in the shade of the trees that surround the beach, leading to two bays, Sunny and Cikat bay, enriched with two hotels, Wellness Hotel Aurora and Family Hotel Vespera, this beach makes one of the top picks for your holidays.

Plieski – Secluded Pebble Beach

There are numerous beaches and hidden coves in the paradisaical Losinj archipelago, hard to be reached. One of them is Plieski beach.

This is one of my favorite beaches on the island. It’s a pebble beach but when you get inside the sea soon you’ll feel beautiful soft white sand beneath. It’s the only sand sea bottom beach, south-east from Veli Losinj town.(see the map below)

It’s a typical secluded beach you can reach on foot if you are ready for 45 minutes walk. I assure you it’s worth of efforts once you get there. I’ve visited this beach using more romantic way , hiring a sailing boat.

If you really want to explore all beaches around Losin island, than Mali Losinj town is one of the best marinas where you can rent all type of boats, motor or sailing yachts, for everyone’s budget.

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